Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: Year In Review!

I will not write too much but I can say that it has been an excellent year overall. I have been able to experience things I have never experienced previously and also learn a lot about who I am and what I allow myself to accept and vice versa.

For all of you that are reading this blog I hope that 2011 has brought you much more joy than pain, much more clarity than confusion, and much more love than dislike and hate. 2012 will be what you make it, although our steps are in divine order! Be safe and enjoy the rest of 2011 and the beginning of 2012!

I Love You But, God Love's You More!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Things A Black Woman Won't Do!! Volume 1

I was in Ocho Rios yesterday and decided to take a tour of the Dunn's River Falls and also snorkel. Being that I can not swim I must say it was an amazing experience! If it was not for Melissa(a cute life guard), I would probably still be floating in the Caribbean Sea starting from Ocho Rios to Montego Bay, in the stomach of a shark (insert Snickers Peanut Butter Squares commercial here...Clint was delicious) or would have assumed room temperature. I digress.

There were two guys from D.C. that I met as we were taking the tour bus there and oddly enough, we were the only Black males on the bus (minus the driver). In addition, minus the people working on the tour cruise ship, we were the only Blacks on the ship. I should be more specific and once again state we were the only Black Americans on the ship. Lamarr and I were chatting about the lack of Black American ladies on the ship and how odd it was. So I got to thinking.

Come along and think with me... a.) We(3 Black American men) were on this ship snorkeling, about to climb up a waterfall, and partying with plenty of Rum Punch flowing; on a sail boat that was swaying up and down like a lunatic woman with menopause and no Black American women were on any three of the Cool Runnings tour boats.
b.) Forget it being the Christmas holiday, what does this mean?
c.) I must reiterate that 3, single, heterosexual, Black American men were in Jamaica, on vacation.
d.) a.), b.), and c.)...should say enough right there.
e.) So I am now going to add the sauce... Out of the law of averages and numbers...NO BLACK AMERICAN WOMEN were on the boat.

This has led to the blog that you are reading now. Why is it that Black American women won't do these things as what were being offered on the tour?

Let's begin...

1. Snorkel

Is it that the hair must not get wet? The imagination goes toward a previous situation I was in... *I'm trying to take a shower with my lady as foreplay but she won't because her hair must not get wet, so the man's idea of freakiness has gone down the tubes because of hair!* I can not swim at all. I went out there and tried it and had fun. Most of the Black ladies I know would not have done it because of hair, or because they would be too scared, or just add whatever excuse you want to it. Where is the adventure and the fun? It is not that bad of a risk as long as someone is there to help you and to also make sure that you DON'T DIE!!!

2. Climb the Dunn's River Falls

I will admit, I did not participate in the "wet walk" to climb the falls. I had bought all of the materials to do it but I decided to take the "dry walk"! I wanted to catch the scenery with my camera and since it is not waterproof I did not experience the "wet walk"! Despite my decision, it was still spectacular and fun. Again I searched, and did not see and Black American women climbing and I know damn well that Black American women would cringe, run, and cuss me out to even suggest it. To climb the waterfall, you have to join hands as a group and help each other up, around, down, thru, across, every which direction. For the most part, you are not in total control. Swimming is not a requirement, but you will get wet, drenched, and super-soaked! Is it the hair issue again or is it the not having total control of where you go? It is still the same scenario...there are people there to help you and will not allow you to fall (no pun intended) to your demise.

I am going to stop right here because I am going to continue this list on other occasions and other blogs, I was just blown away at what I did not see there. What say you?

1. Why are Black women so worried about hair, when there are plenty of great and exciting things to experience that will require hair to get frazzled or undone?


2. Is a reason why a lot of Black women do not like White women dating Black men because White women are adventurous and willing to take risks?

What say you?

PLEASE NOTE...I am not generalizing, but it seems to be very common! I will not say ALL Black American women, I will say that most of the ones I have encountered will not do the aforementioned!

I Love You But, God Love's You More!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Princess And Her Pride!

She admits that she is tired
So tired of looking for love
Should a princess have it this bad?
Wanting to lay claim to a man who can
Genuinely love her

It's true that every princess has cried
Over the simple things
Those minute things they don't posses
In an already plentiful life
It's funny that a man can make her world change
Living life would be right

When will someone one ask...
Why did he mistreat her?
Why did he tell her the lies?
Why did he not speak his mind?
Why did he play the games?
With his actions and words of deception
It has tainted her view.

She would rather accept the new
As just a copy of the old
In her eyes every man is the same
No alterations to his script
The show ends with her having experiencing the same pain
And nursing a broken heart

But soon she will realize
She's got to let it go
Don't let him get you down
Let everybody know
She'll put on her crown

I Love You But, God Love's You More!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Hand Sanitizer Addiction Part 2 - Germs On A Plane!!

I do a lot of traveling. Most of it is by way of an airplane. Recently (as in yesterday) I was traveling to Jamaica and lo and behold on the plane there were some hackers by that I mean cough-ers and to accompany that action there were
sneeze-ers. In addition to those two sounds I heard the dreaded sniffing and nasal sounds that make me cringe. Being that I am a germ-o-phobe as discussed in the first edition of this blog, I have decided to write again about my experience and
introduce one and all to
"Germs On A Plane"!

I was in total fear once again of getting sick. The air on an airplane for the most part, and in my opinion, stagnant. When someone coughed or sneezed around me I held my breath and made sure that the vent to allow a sort of circulation was within reach. I must stress again how I am just annoyed with it all. Improperly coughing into the hand, and not the sleeve. The nerve of some people not even covering their mouth when they coughed.

One woman I was walking toward coughed without even covering her mouth as I was entering the gate. I quickly just turned around and went back into the waiting
area, acting as if I had forgotten one of my belongings. Truth be told, I just wanted to get away from her, and her nasty self. I am sure she was probably wondering why I did such an abrupt about face, but who cares, she can keep her thoughts and her germs on and to herself.

I don't know if this is an over compulsive, over analyzed, over(__________ fill in the blank)disposition in my part but it is just something I can not deal with., I once again implore you to never to take the Molecular Biology course I
took, it is frightening and I suppose I am once again a victim of it's grasp, it's images, and it's experiments.

What say you??

Have any of you done the same as I as far as attempting to protect yourself from germs that are potentially circulated on an airplane?

What do you do when you hear the coughing, sneezing, and sniffling when you are traveling via the air?

Do you have any tips to share that can help prevent someone from getting ill if ever in that situation?


I Love You But, God Loves You More!

Spontaneous Reactions - December 2011 Edition

I am really trying to see where my love life is right now. Don't get me wrong I am enjoying the ability to be single, sexy, and free and that is going to get really tiresome at some point, I just don't know when.

I am sitting in Jamaica as I write this and I am totally relaxed, so the thoughts coming from my head are not from any type of stress or any situation, they are coming from a state of mind in which I am totally relaxed and worry free. As I should be, and that is how a relationship should be...totally relaxed and stress free.

As I get older I know that my prospects of landing a lady with no children is going to be very difficult. I have met two ladies that are very attractive in the past few weeks and yes they have children. So I will give them names so we can keep track of this. "Lady T" has one child that is in high school and eventually to college very soon. I can deal with that. The other young lady has two children and she will be named "Red". She has two daughters, and yet she does fit the bill (both do to be complete) I am still not happy with the child thing. I am continuously baffled and wonder if this "childless woman syndrome" that I have is going to have to come down to me using the big word of..."SETTLING"!

We all know that is the number one cause (at least in my opinion) of the relationship ambulance coming and declaring a relationship DEAD ON SETTLEMENT (DOS). I have done it before, because it was someone to do. Yeah I have to admit it. I sometimes call or go out with ladies because it is someone to do. I am feeling Ladt T, I just don't know how to get over her having a son. I am not saying that I want to be a father to him, but I am saying that I do not want to accept the responsibility of the POSSIBILITY of being a person responsible to him. I feel that is a big step and I am not ready for that.

I am sure most of you are saying... "Is this guy selfish?" or "Why is he worried about a child that is not his?" I will answer, because I can not be naive of the responsibility to me. This is not a game and I come from a single parent household. I am not sure I am ready to take in account the attitude and dispositions of my mate, and add a child or maybe 2 children into the mix...that is asking a lot.

So there is the Crawley issue and well I don't want to touch too much on it. I have fun with Crawley, we like a lot of the same things and yet well, I don't know. Maybe we can get together and maybe we can't. We are just friends and that is how we can swing it at this time.

I will use Dizzy's nickname for Tonya which is "Sunshine", I am about to lay it on the I usually do and just anticipate rejection. I am really into the thought of her and I really being that power couple, but that remains to be determined. There is a sailboat waiting for me to go out into the Montego Bay and I will have to end this excursion of Spontaneous Reactions December 2011 edition! I'll Holla!!

I Love You But, God Loves You More!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

If there Wasn't A Christmas...

The distinction between rich and poor, the have and have nots would be unknown.

Children would not get their annual "feel sorry for me" festival or "I just received my toy like I do every year because I am not as fortunate as others" emotion.

No one would have to hear the sprinkled Christmas carols that are played along with the Top 40 on the radio.

Department stores would have reasonable prices for everyone to purchase goods for their loved one's since it is the "season for giving".

The airlines would not make so much of a profit since everyone wants to travel abroad to visit family all around the world.

I wonder how things would be if there wasn't a Christmas?

We wouldn't get the random text message from someone we do not know or have not spoken to in a long time.

The carbon footprint would be much less since trees would not be chopped down only to be thrown away in the trash.

Depression and anxiety would be down since others would not feel jealous about their family status.

People would net get into relationships that were false and under the preface of receiving s gift from someone they pretend they care about and/or love.

Credit Card companies would not try to give you rewards for spending money that many people have a hard time paying back or do not have at all.

Crime would not be a factor because people would not try to splurge on large ticket items.

I wonder how things would be if there wasn't a Christmas?

Christmas albums from random artists that no one has ever heard of and /or artists that have tons of original music, would not try to sell the same songs, with the same lyrics, with the same melody, with the same chord progression, just sung a different way to people.

Someone would get a bright idea that the kids do have a great memory and they remember that Santa last year does not look like the Santa from this year.

Someone would get the idea that the traditional Christmas colors are quite awful and someone should change them.

Whoever cooked Thanksgiving dinner can actually just cook the exact same thing for Christmas.

I wonder how things would be if there wasn't a Christmas?

There wouldn't have been a pretty cool dude named Jesus born! That's a reason to celebrate in itself!

I Love You But, God Loves You More!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Digital Girl
What happens when I hit send?
What really went on when I heard that click to tickle you with silent gratification?
Touching your icon...sensations?
I think I might have missed your target
Did I initiate travel to your virtual world?
An adventure that I thought I could never transform into shame
Yet I explore your silent glare through books of faces
Joined at the hip with dead cells
That you tend to ignore
Make the interactions live and it's better

I played by your rules of planning and understanding
I didn't want to be a riddle intertwined in a riddle
I accepted my role and stepped back
Never tried to press the envelope in your digital mail
Electronic notes simply made to confirm your truthful uttering
Before you hit the send tab
Are you sure you want to send this message?
Are you sure you want to send this message with

I'll sit and watch the channels change
I'll just sit
Listen to the channels change
We just don't click

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Peyton Manning Issue!

I live in the Washington D.C. area which is home to the NFL football team the Washington Redskins. I was listening to the sports radio program today and it was being said that if Peyton Manning was to be traded from the Indianapolis Colts, that the Redskins would be a great destination for him. Let me say this with the utmost respect to Redskins and Manning fans...


Thanks! by the way...GO 49ers!!!!

I Love You But, God Love's You More!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tweetheart...Please Tweet Responsibly?

I don't have a quick or itchy Twitter finger to tweet something that I feel in the 140 characters allotted.

Let's say I did, and you know what? I would not give a damn who is offended (provided I am not threatening or trying to intentionally hurt someone) what someone might feel about it. It is my Twitter or social networking page and those that follow, follow for a reason. Maybe they agree with what I tweet. Or maybe they don't agree and love my handsome face. LOL Or maybe it is none of the above, I guess they would have their own reasons.

Much like I do on this blog (in more than 140 characters) is give you my opinion, share my poetry, and offer you my thoughts on particular topics. People may agree, disagree, or what have you, I can not control the way you feel about what I say. I can only control how I say and convey my thoughts to you. Remember the rule, you can only control what you do not what everyone else does. Words are powerful, but remember we are writing and there are no voice inflections or tone that we can see or hear. Yeah some folks use all caps to yell, but really that is not even the case. You still can not hear them.

I have seen many people get in trouble and hot water with the media because of what they tweeted. Is it really that serious? Please refer to the blog entitled What You Eat Don't Make Me Shyt! It is not that serious at all.

I often wonder why people try to test the waters of free speech and expression they way that they do. Some stuff is controversial when said and some stuff isn't. When it is not controversial people do not have any clue of the First Amendment, oh but when some shyt goes down, LOOK OUT...the memory of the First Amendment is ever present in the mind. GET OVER IT!

We are allowed to say what we like in this country. I would like to think that all individuals are allowed to say what we like anywhere in the world. There is no problem in speaking your mind. However, there is a consequence for what you say. That is what many people forget.

So I may some something wild in this blog or someone may tweet something weird and unruly to their "tweethearts" and well, that is when the consequences come into play. You may be able to predict them and some you may not, the point is that there is a reaction.

Before you hit that send to anyone whether you are tweeting your heart away, blogging, texting, e-mailing, writing, singing, farting, pooping, whatever it are free to do it. Just beware of the consequences that follow.

I Love You But, God Loves You More!

So do we have to take responsibility in what we tweet. When did the world become so aware and needing people to tweet responsibly?

God Don't Like Ugly!!

Whenever you tell me no...
I don't like it
Yes I spite it
With every good reason...
The good Lord knows I don't like it
Free up some time for me
'Cause God don't like it
And you know
He don't like ugly

I invite you
I want to do
I beg of you
To do what you could do
And it's like I always compete
Your career versus me

I wonder if I give Father Time a sleeping pill
Would I be the first person you attempt to see?
I ask myself...
Why do you do this to me?
And I still wait patiently.

Whenever you tell me no...
I don't like it
Yes I spite it
With every good reason
The good Lord knows I don't like it
Free up some time for me
'Cause God don't like it
And you know
He don't like ugly

Will you please
If you please
Please could you please
Give yourself a chance
To stop running from what's supposed to be
Your future with me

You said that you are avoiding some decisions in your life
I'm not pushing you to go either way
Even though you left me to follow your dreams hundreds of miles away
I know you're going to have to stop and rest one day

And when you do...
You can call me
Or text me
And when you do...
E-mail me
Or Skype me
And when you do...
Tweet me
Or Inbox me
And when you do...
And when you do...
And when you do...

I Love You But, God Love You More!


I am a huge Amy Winhouse fan. I feel she had more talent than Beyonce', Alicia Keys, Keri Hilson, and some of the other female artists that are force fed to us to be main stream! I give her mad respect for also igniting Jazz classics that I used to perform into gems. In tribute to her, I will place this video of her singing a song I used to play with my band In addition, her tribute album releases today in stores!!

I Love You But, God Loves You More!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

This is dedicated to my future wife...

I want to post this as a tribute to the lady I marry...whomever that lady might be!

I Love You But, God Loves You More!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Forever Young (Dedeicated to my friend Leah for her 30th Birthday! 12/4/11)

What does it mean to be bound by the very things you accept, only to be told that you are wrong to live and abide by them?
It is no longer a journey to see who is the most popular.
It is no longer the willingness to adapt to what has been seen either in person or on a television screen.
It is the ability to believe in the real, have faith in what can not be seen, and frolic with the realization of my dreams.

I do not look like or emulate anyone else, nor do I want to.
I made my changes to help extend my life on the basis of good health, that being mental and physical.
Many might have passed me by because of aesthetics...
They passed by graciousness
They ran away from ambition
They looked past intelligence
They breezed by strength
They snubbed purity
They disqualified uniqueness
They ousted humbleness
They ignored non-traditional style
And rushed away from pure beauty.

Though my life has been filled with tragedy and triumph, I relish my humble beginnings and appreciate them like no other.
I pass no judgement on those who can share the experiences or those who can not relate, we are all living and striving in this world together.
Some still wish to set themselves apart, feeling that they are much more prestigious doing that. That is not me, because I am and will always be me.

So, I have reached a milestone that I am thankful to see, and that others have not had an opportunity to.
I am more confident than ever in my life and bathe in the idea of simplicity.
The simple things is what happiness is all about.
From the crashing of waves on the banks of a river bed, to the crumbling of bark off an oak tree, I enjoy is simple and plain yet extraordinary to me!

I offer myself these few directives to stay Forever Young...

I Love You But, God Loves You More!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

BE-ITCH's Games!

I do not like Crawley's room mate. I do not like her with all of the fiber of being I have within me. Her room mate will be called for the purposes of this blog BE-ITCH! Notice the spelling and pronunciation of the name I have given to BE-ITCH. I have said to Crawley many times that BE-ITCH is a very rude and jealous specimen of life. Crawley of course being the person she is makes not an excuse, but more of a good omen and reason for BE-ITCH being the way she is. The topic of discussion changed from BE-ITCH into the living of that very fair thing called life.

I decided to expand upon this ideological explanation of using playing cards and the game of Poker. You are dealt the hand you have and in the process of living you have no choice but to play the hand in the game and hope that you can win that particular round. Notice I said particular round. I think that many people feel that they are not going to have another round to play the game OR that they must play the hand that has been dealt like it is their last. There isn't a problem with either choice, but I happen to choose the round system.

None of us can change the initial deal, the initial point of play, the family members you have, the mother, the father, the brother, the sister, and so on. What we can do is choose our friends wisely and that takes plenty of practice. The selection of friends however, is not just what you select, and also the selection of the other party. Can you play together with your friend, or not?

I think Crawley has played with BE-ITCH for years. I can only assume that she has been the one to change the cards that she has been dealt by trading some with the Dealer and keeping others. Is that a game of trading blessings? Just a thought and I digress. The one thing any of us can not do is complain about a hand that some one else has or fortunate enough to maintain and even given at times.

That's how I feel about BE-ITCH! She is immature and feels that the game and the Dealer owes her a good hand. She feels that she can cheat and look at the hands of others and criticize their selection of cards. BE-ITCH will also let others in their own games know what the people she knows and associates with is doing with their game cards. BE-ITCH will also back bite to get an advantage in the game.

I am not writing this because I am a bad person and I want to put BE-ITCH on blast, but there are people in the world that will suck you dry and then look at you from the corner of their eye and a snicker in their speech and tell you that you are to blame. Some will play the game against you and make you feel guilty for what they could control...(trading, picking new cards, or opting not to play that round, or even not to wager as high as someone else might) and only they could control it. There comes a time when individuals who are nice and respectful have to put their foot down and distance themselves from those hating people. Once again I am not trying to gossip...I am only worried about my friend.

Crawley sees the good and I worry that the good she sees is nothing but a bluff. I hope this is not true and that Crawley is not hurt or harmed in the process. They say that misery loves company, what do you do if the company is living with you?

I Love You But, God Loves You More!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Promiscuous Wisdom

Wisdom is gained by living. We don't think the way we used to think. I would hope that is the case, but there are some that don't mature in their state of mind. However, I feel that as technology advances, and emphasis is placed on what you have attained in life, people have become dumber...okay just plain damn stupid and of course petty. Here are a few examples:

Books vs. Nooks/E-Books - People have gone on and decided that turning pages is now obsolete because...they take too much room and can be burned easily. can burn a Nook or E-book as well. If your battery runs low and doesn't function, don't you wish you could then turn a page? Besides, they still sell books with wonderful crisp and printed pages in the book store...after all of these years!

Cell Phones vs. Land Line Phones - I can say that a cell phone is useful but the phones are too smart are doing too much. Playing music, taking pictures and videos, sending photos back and forth, tracking your position in the world, and so on. In addition, they have so many applications that the battery will die after a few uses away from the charger. I love my land line phone. I know that if the power goes out, no charge left on my cell phone, and the cell towers are experiencing interference, I will be able to still use my trusty land line phone. I remember when phones needed wires in the wall to work. Now that there are no wires for the phone to function we still have to pay for service? I am pissed about that.

Cable Box vs. TV Antenna - I do enjoy cable programming. I don't watch too much television, but I do like the channels that I watch that are not on basic network television. I also remember when we had rabbit ears and aluminium foil to place on the TV antenna for reception. Someone tell me this...why is it that we now have cable wires in our homes when we didn't need them to work before? Just like the damn phones, we are still paying for service.

Alcoholic Beverages, Clothing Lines, Jewelry Lines, Fragrance, etc. - Now I know there is a difference between top shelf liquor and all of the rest, but it seems now that everyone has a damn drink. Pharrel, Diddy, Jay-Z, and other Hip-Hop artists and Hip-Hop wanna Be's have some type of side hustle to make their name and/or brand more relevant. Is there any difference though from the newly made drinks and the top shelf regulars. All I can say is that if it is a new drink it has to work their way to the top shelf list. In addition, people quote their drink combinations like they are going to get some clout and an extra 50 cents in their paycheck for it. Some say with a snotty face...I only drink...Ciroc and cranberry, Parrot Bay and pineapple, Jack and Pepsi, Henny and kool-aid. Thanks for the info and stop shaking you head like a snob when you say it too! Justin Beiber, Michael Jordan, Atlanta Housewives, All VH1 reality television stars, Beyonce, Usher, Diddy, etc. please stick to your day jobs and leave the fragrances, clothing, shoes, etc. to those that went to school for it. Keep your name to yourself and in your own mouth.

Shoes - This is a big one. I remember going to a party recently and my friend had on an authentic pair of Christian Louboutin stiletto shoes. She pointed out to me the many ladies at the party that were wearing the fake red bottom shoes. I took her word for it because she is a shoe freak and used to work for a high-end shoe store. All I will say is that the trend to purchase brand names has not ever fallen down by the wayside nor has the amount of ladies buying the fake or knockoff brand. The point I am making is why even front like it is the real thing. The authentic has red bottoms and yours have pink. Don't say the designer did an exclusive line for breast cancer awareness when you know they are fake and no one can even verify the designer made a special pair for that cause. It is a damn shame!

This is just a partial list and I will add more as I see the need to or have the stuff on my mind. Feel free to add more as well.

I Love You But, God Loves You More!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Birthday Lessons

I am happy to be 34 years young and looking like it. I also feel like it as well. I will say that there is one thing that I have learned this year that will stick with me:


This goes for me as well. I did the same thing in my past and I have got to tell you i have learned from it and apologized to those that I have done that to. Now in a reversal of fortune i am being handed the same fate from others, and I am dealing with it in a different fashion. I deal with it!

So for this Mother's Day (since this is the day my mommy became one) I offer that lesson to all. Don't do it! Be happy with yourself before you go and try to take part in mess that you know you can not handle!!

I Love You But, God Love's You More!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Twilight vs.True Blood

I know there is a phenomenon these days with vampires and such, so please help me to understand the difference between the two: Twilight and True Blood.

Besides being vampire shows or movie, what are they dealing with? I may become a fan!

I Love You But, God Loves You More!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Where has good customer service gone?

For some reason when I go shopping, the music is so loud I can not hear myself think, nor hear a sales associate say hello or ask if I need any assistance (if they even speak or ask if you need assistance).

Recently, I went to the mall looking for a few clothing items, and although the stores I shop at may be trendy, it bothers me that the level of disrespect to a customer is instant and accepted by customers.

I remember when I worked retail in 1996 as an Undergrad in college. I was trained to greet the customer and stand a distance away from them, not to seem or look overbearing. I spoke to the customer and sometimes even had a conversation that was not related to the product the store was selling. In any event, I was taught to not look desperate to sell, but also not look aloof and unwilling to help the customer.

Essentially, their money pays my paycheck and all others that are employees of the establishment. Nowadays, the customer associates feel that they are the entitled ones and that
"They don't need to sell the clothes because the clothes sell themselves"!
" I have never seen a store in which the clothes become animated objects and ask customers to buy them. If anyone reading this has seen it and experienced it..please leave a comment and let me know where I can see this amazing feat!

Here are a few tips for those that work in the business of retail customer service:

1. Address others using a proper salutation...
What's up?
is not proper customer service verbiage.
2. Do not stalk the customer into making a sale...
Knowing some people (including me) I may fart in your general direction to get you to get the hell off of me.

3. When you swipe my credit card give it back afterward IMMEDIATELY...
Why are you holding on to it? You swiped it and it worked so gimme my shyt!!

4. Stay off of the phone. That includes cell phone and land line phones...
Pay attention to the customer. We are providing you with your paycheck. Not the person on the phone. If it is not business related to the store or an emergency...stay off the phone until there are no customers to be tended to.

5. Be gracious! Say please and thank you!
We didn't screw you last night, so have some respect! We owe you nothing!

6. Ask if we need assistance.
We as customers should not have to follow you around or wait for an associate to help us. Ask if we need help, and then if we need it we will tell you either right then or later.

7. Turn the damn music down!!
If we wanted to go to a concert we would have bought a ticket to go! We are in the store because you are selling and item, not selling tickets. Keep the music as a moderate level!!


If you have any other points to add to the list, please do! I just feel that since the Holiday season is approaching, someone needs to make the message clear!

I Love You But, God Loves You More!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cell Phone Ringback Tones!

If you dial my cell phone will hear a regular, tried and true, common ring. RIIIINNNGGGGG RIIINNGGGGGG RIIINNNNGGG Then either after that ring you will hear me speak to you live or hear a recored voice mail introduction.

These days you can be entertained with Bach and Mozart, Keri Hilson and Lil' Wayne, Shania Twain and Kenny Chesney, or by annoying sounds made by any cartoon character of your choosing (I prefer Stewie!)

I think it is very dumb. I don't know what else to do when I call a cell phone and the owner has music playing then when they recognize the phone is ringing they answer like it is nothing new just the same old regular RIIINNGGGG. They answer like it is some common form of communication. I suppose these people let the phone RIIINNGGGGG so that their ring tone plays for a while. I digress! I prefer the wonderful RIINNGGGGG that I spoke of before.

I also wonder if these people remember why folks call them or even the types of individuals and professional entities calling about important matters. To have a ridiculous ring back tone I feel would be embarrassing. We cal people to be entertained by their conversation not their ring back tone. I don't know, maybe it is my old fashioned nature!

I Love You But, God Loves You More!

Friday, November 4, 2011

(Herman) Cain is Able!!

Although I do not agree with all of Cain's views, I will say that from watching news reports, press conference, clips of his speeches, and town hall meetings, I feel that Herman Cain will be the 2012 Republican nominee for the 2012 United States Presidential election. Now this may rub some people the wrong way, but I feel that the Republicans will take the stance of...
"If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!"

I won't say that President Obama is not doing a good job, but there are some concerns of a personal nature. I will not get into the specifics, but I will say that one of the main points for the election will be job growth. Congress is to blame as well, not passing the job Bill that Pres. Obama has put into place for the country to spark job growth. People need to work, and all of these crazy line item disagreements are causing those who need jobs not to be able to have an opportunity to work. I digress.

Herman seems to be a candidate that will cause, to me, the biggest match between two Black men since, Ali and Frazier, Hagler and Leonard, Liston and Clay, hell King Kong and Godzilla 9Okay so their are not human nor Black, but you get my point). This will be an election that will polarize the country as well as the Black community.

I think those two in a debate would be like 2 gentlemen in the barber shop arguing passionately about something that is near and dear to their hearts. Let me tell you, I have seen some arguments in the barber shop that will amaze you. If you have been to a Black barber shop and seen fellows is comedic to say the least!

Imagine how a debate would be with Pres. Obama and Herman Cain? It will be funny! It will be highly contested, and the urge for those two to get loud and proud will be there! Those two are professionals and will keep the peace. I will say their arguments and election running points will be duly noted and argued at barber shops around the country. LOL

Of course there is a lot of time between now and the 2012 election (about a year) and much can happen in that period of time, but do not be surprised if Cain will be the nominee for the GOP!

What are your thoughts?

I Love You But, God Love's You More!

HeR StUpId QuEsTiOn...

Miss. Staley still owes me money!
She has broken her promise time and time again concerning paying me back!
I called to try to see when she would pay!
She gets an attitude, because I inform her that she has not kept her word!
Then she says...

Are you press for money or something?

My response should have been...

No! You must be pressed for money because you haven't paid me!

Such a shame!!

I Love You But, God Love's You More!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hand Sanitizer Addiction!

Yes it is true. Ever since I took Molecular Biology to earn my Master's degree a few years back, I have been obsessed with washing my hands and using hand sanitizer. I even hold my breath when walking past someone after they sneeze. It is that serious! Call me a germ-o-phobe, but I am just that! LOL! Look, I do not want to get sick and I know one of the main ways to get sick is from not washing or sanitizing your hands constantly. Here are a few things that I have become obsessive in doing:

1. I have a bottle of hand sanitizer in both of my cars.
2. I bring in sanitizer when I am going to the movies and out to eat with someone.
3. I try not to go to a buffet style meal because I do not know who has washed their hands, as many people grab the serving utensil at the buffet bar!
4. I wash my hands before and after using the bathroom and yes even the public bathroom.
5. I watch when someone is serving food to notice if their hands are touching it or if the food is near their mouth. I do not want any one's breath on my food but mine.
6. I constantly clean my phone and phone that I use in public, so that I will not encounter germs entering my ear or on my face.
7. Finally!!! Don't take that damn Molecular Biology course! It will scare the hell out of you!!

I know that there are some things that you can not help in life, and I just want to try to do the best I can to control what I can control for my sake, and maybe someone else. So yes I will continue to be that germ-o-phobe... and overly obsessive hand sanitizer (and clean) freak!

I Love You But, God Loves You More!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"If anybody asks you who I am..."

I was running on the treadmill when this song came on my IPOD. I remember that this particular got me through the Summer of 2003. Let me just add...I AM the world's greatest!!

I Love You But, God Loves You More!!

Why hide behind your truth??

A man did her wrong after 3 years of being in a relationship and/or marriage. On the same token, she is able to have meaningless sex with no strings attached, and she says, "I don't want to be loved!" she also says, "I'm a bitch!" Knowing damn well it is just and act! Another lady says that she is extremely busy and tied down with her job and that she is focused solely on her career. It is what she wants to do right now and that a man is not her objective. Yet and still when a good guy is staring her in the face, she runs away and talks about how her career is going and is so successful! To the man she says is great and be with someone else, when his eyes are on her! Another woman is prideful and is so stuck on the aroma of her pride that she will not even notice or recognize the scent of a man...even a good man! She is convinced that she is too independent and self-reliant to even have a thought about a gentleman in her life.

This blog is not to delve into the specifics of relationships with women or the lack thereof, this blog is to bring to light about what a lot of women (and men as well) do and that hide behind the truth.

All of us have various trials and tribulations that we have had to overcome. In addition, we speak honest and frank about these situations because for the most part we are over them, take a humble stance about how we got over them, and essentially made you a better person. That should be the end of it. That should be the point made when we are supposed to move on in our lives. That is the point when we do not look back and make reference to it like it is in the present. Yeah, supposed to..should be...could be...for the most part and for various ladies I have is not te case.

Why use the truth as your calling card (as Crawley would like for me to get..a calling card) as to why you are not able to do something. The truth is being used as a shield as to why your life will not progress or move in a direction forward. Not path of circumvention and askew points of direction that do not lead you to go forward, but you come back to the same point saying...
I can't...Because...I was and Still not able to..Because...and that is the truth!

I look at my past as my past. It did take awhile to get to that realization in my life, and I did it! I will not use the truth as a shield to live behind because no one can see you, all a person will see it a wall of truth...not you! I don't know why or how that has become a norm, but it has. It is just like people putting their insecurities on you and telling you to deal with it, when they are the one's with the problem. You have person that tells you the truth about their life and tell you the reason they can not __________ (fill in the blank) is because of someone or some mishap in the past. That's a damn shame!

As I have said before and I will continue to exclaim...A jeweler will place a diamond behind the black or dark felt to make the diamond seem and appear brighter. The cloth serves as a symbol of that dark and opaque background hat symbolizes the truth, your obstacle you have overcome, that awful happenstance from previous destinations in your journey through life! That is what I suggest people who hide behind what ever your truth is... to do. Place it behind you so that everyone will see that you are shining bright. Remember this...Time heals all wounds, the object is to forget when and where the scars are!

I Love You But, God Loves You More!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Spontaneous Reactions... October 2011 Edition

So this month has not been what I expected it to be, but it was not totally bad. I guess I will use this forum to lay out some stuff and yes I will use names because I have no other alternative but to use them.

I am happy about my San Francisco 49ers and I can't wait to see them play live for 3 weeks in a row! Go 49ERS!!!

I am pretty surprised that I told Tonya how i feel and that I am so calm about it. Grant it she may not feel the same way i about me that I do about her but i am not really concerned as much as I was previously. I will say that I was in this position before with another famous deceased musician's daughter years ago. Who was also born in December and who also treated me the same as Tonya has. I am finding that people do repeat history and it is odd it has happened to me again.

Miss. Staley still owes me the money I have let her borrow. I find it odd that She mentioned it back in July, but still has not gotten back on schedule with the payment. Now it has become a principle thing with me. So she and i are not together and at first I was mad about it but now I am not/ I am glad she dumped me so I can see her true colors. She is not true to her word when she has to sacrifice. She can pay for trips to California, her new home, and her daughter's sweet 16 birthday party, but not for a debt that she promised to pay. How we learn in time and as the old folks say by and by!

The dating life I have to say is cool. I am not really tripping over the prospects but I do find myself being intuitive enough to know when something will work or not. There is a lot of time that ladies want a man to give to them, and yet and still they don't even know what they want. I suppose i shall continue to just chill and let it me. It has been working well when there are no expectations.

I completed the revamp of my cover letter with the help of Michelle (Cotton Candi) and Carita. I am very pleased to have 2 different cover letters that highlight my career in Chemistry and education. I look forward to the job offers that will soon follow. Maybe i will revamp my resume' too.

I am thinking about my surgery again and wonder what I will do when Friday gets here. Maybe I will have to go under the knife again..we will soon see.

I am excited about my trip to San Fran and also to Jamaica. I am just ready to relax and meet some new people. I am going to have fun!

Crawley is learning so much from me and also from the advice i have given her. I am glad about that! She is going to be alright and even better than ever when she gets through her rough time.

I am a little sad that my phone had to be reset. I lost some phone numbers and now have to go back and find them through the website. Oh well I guess it will do me well to do that and also backup my contacts on my SD disk.

This is all for now..but stay tuned...more will be coming!!

I Love You But, God Loves You More!1

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Reaping Rewards During the Recession!

In this time of economic depression and recession I have found that people can still be rewarded and be given the things that they desire. Money,a new job, new love, even a new car. It is quite easy to fall into the trap the media has set and all that the media will report using the agenda setting theory towards the economy and the amount of money lost in a particular company or bank, the amount of jobs lost per day in the country, how bad things are, and the long expected waiting time that any measurable change will be felt or seen.

Not I! I refuse to be sucked into the realm of hopelessness, despair, and utter humility that is obviously the way these folks want you and I to think and feel. Even in the times of recession I am quite sure…I am a living example of reaping rewards in times of having nothing!

Now the way to do this may be real easy in word…but difficult for some in deed. GIVE! Yes that is right GIVE! It is not a hard concept at all to be able to be successful in the times that we live that are supposed to be so bad!
I look at the greed that has plagued many of these bankers and CEO’s of these large corporations and all they did was take and take and not give any concern about from whom they were taking…okay let me be real…stealing from.

Now some of these wealth hungry individuals don’t know what to do because they have stolen so much and taken so much to the point that they may face jail time.…legal hearings….public embarrassment….beat-downs of the physical and mental sort.…and the list could go on for eternity. I have learned that you can give in this day and age and still reap the rewards.

It is sometimes as simple as smiling at someone, holding the elevator…even if the person is walking slower than black molasses out of the jar…allowing someone to fulfill what they would like to do in the office or elsewhere.

I can truly say that I try to give that gift of laughter...yeah I know I am crazy, corny, funny, weird, and all of the above! I hear you folks snickering over there…but it is truly a joy to be able to give. You will see when you do that…there is no recession…no news report that can get you down.

I will also say that I am a realist and that sometimes we need to receive what has been worked for…deserved…and so on and so forth. I am fully aware that people just don’t want jobs but need them…give to those folks as well. Give them tips and help them with their resume’. I can only imagine how valuable that is to those that need the assistance. We can all reap rewards during recession!

I Love You, But God Love's You More!

October 2011..Let's Do It Again!

It is October again and yes I am excited to whatever new adventures it will bring. I already see some changes that are happening in a positive fashion for me and it is really cool. A lot has changed and I have changed since October 2010 and one thing is for sure that this year will not disappoint. So October 2011 I am here and waiting for the new experiences!!

I Love You, But God Love's You More!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


I'll keep this very short. As certian as I am about things in my future I am very uncertain. All I know right now is that I have opportunities and am I going to take them. I know the woman I want to be with although she is in something with someone else...I really know from my mind and my heart being in sync that she is the "one". I know this is a big change from what I have written about in the past.

As far as my career, well I have many opportunities there...I know that I can do many jobs if I want and I am waiting to see what will happen. I also know that I can move from the DC area if I would liikw to as well. More on that in another blog to be written at some point in the future. So hey pray for me folks!!

I Love you But, God Love's You More!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011






I Love You, But God Love's You More!!

Freaky Songs To Initiate Good Sex!

I was driving home last night and I was enjoying the music coming from my Zune. It was just pumping... loud as I could have it going back home in traffic from 495! The random play list was spitting out jams that would cause anyone to groove and then it happened…two songs back to back…odd as can be...made me want to …well find me a lady…and have freaky, rug burn, circus sex...Please see the blog Box Spring Boogie! Now many of you have been in that mood with your mate, and may have had that song to set things off?

I can not den that if a lady wants to drive me nuts in a freaky and sexual fashion she can use particular songs played in a specific order along with some affectionate actions and she will get me harder than Differential Equations! LOL

So which tunes make it "happen" for you? Ladies...I am not going to keep a record, you already know I have other ways to cause sexual instability!! Ha ha ha ha!!!

I Love You But, God Love's You More!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Not Your Typical Love Poem

This isn’t your typical love poem
And knowing how sneaky this bitch is
I don’t want to speak too loud because she’s listening
I do love her, but I know with no doubt in my mind
That she doesn’t and will never love me

I don’t know how many men she has been with
She’s not your typical girl
I’m sure we all have experienced that moment
When you see the sexiest profile pic

Check out her stats…
She has got the body of a goddess
Curved and shapely
Got the right peaks and valleys you know?
She’s not that tall and has some wide ass hips
Like coast to coast
Then baby got that ripped flat interior section
I was so intrigued
Until I saw that face…
Face from hell!!
But I said to myself…
Ugliness can be fixed…I mean we do all have our faults

So I read her greeting
She says she is not shy
And her sex is irresistible
All you have to do is cum
She even went on to say that when her sexual faucet
Straight down the middle over flows…
Move away because she isn’t a squirter
She’s a gusher
So you know I had to save this profile as a favorite

Where does my love for her originate?
I guess it was the poems that she wrote
A piece about her finally being liberated and independent
Another about how men can do right about her
I loved her strength and confidence in the words she would display.
I loved her ideals
I loved the way I felt when I would explore her

Then I matured and saw more than I thought I would ever see
And understood that she may have matured
In her size
In her look
In her attributes
But mentally
Her ass is still a child!
She is pretty fucked up in the brain and I try not to fuck with her like that

I Googled her one night and I found out some interesting shit
Her fucked up ways started when she was born
She’s a bastard
Her relatives couldn’t agree on a name for her
They tried to bring some stability and a mother’s love to her young life
But all she ever saw and learned to do from a young age was how to fight, confuse, bicker, argue, gossip, gold dig
And of course…Fuck!

The father figures in her life helped to tarnish her
I guess if she would have had a mother, she wouldn’t walk around fuckin’ everyone and everything over, just for her own satisfaction
You know how us men are
We revel in what we can attain through any means…but not in a nurturing way

They did their best to give her a set of ideals and principles and made it plain and simple
Sort of like a set of rules
Laying down the law
Father’s with no help from Mother’s have their issues
This is the importance of a two parent household to keep one another in check
Children pay attention and will learn from your actions…
Just like she did

A father that helped to raise her was a great man and his legacy and achievements are known worldwide
But I remember my mother told me a long time ago
If it doesn’t come out in the wash?
It will come out in the rinse…
And when his closet full of secrets was opened and it was discovered the he had a weakness for the forbidden fruit of chocolate
All hell broke loose!
This secret was the subject of numerous arguments and long drawn out fights between her relatives punishable by humiliation and even death
All of her father’s were taking part in the same game!
It was kept on the down low…but everybody knew.
I feel sorry for the girl…
But I feel more sorry for me that I continue to love her

I’ll admit that she does have a soft place in her heart for those of her friends that are less fortunate and have fallen on hard times
But beware! Baby girl is gangsta if you dare to attempt to cross her
Check this out…

One brother was speaking sexy and soft love poems about his dreams of her
She got tired of hearing them since he wouldn’t let it be…
He got shot
Another brother was talking about her and what she did to him
I mean some real cold blooded shit that would make any woman mad
This chick went and got his brothers to terrorize him and get him to stop
Guess what?
He got shot
Now this one dude got done in real bad
He was protective of her, did all the right things and was a popular dude
Took an oath and vow of love and honor to her
For everyone to see
Then for some reason that no one knows
This bitch got mad at him and arranged a drive by shooting on him
She threatens to beat your ass in front of her friends…and threatens them too
If someone has the guts to attack her or throws a punch…she will fuck them up
And then fuck up someone else for general purposes
This bitch can take on many at one time…it’s a gang bang and she doin’ the fuckin’
She’s just a big booty bully ass bitch
Even with obvious proof and her prints on the gun…
Even with a written and recorded confession
The verdict is…

She is a cocky bitch and will sling her pussy out and beg you to fuck her
She’ll fuck and throw her cum and your cum in your face…
She’ll take your cash
And leave you without a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out of
Sing her praises, she’ll curse you
Try to reason with her, she’ll ignore you
Ask for her help, she’ll turn a blind eye
And will dare you to leave her arms, claiming that you don’t love her
Knowing you won’t ever find a bigger, badder, bitch than she is
That’s her
She will fuck you, ya momma, daddy, and ya baby
And then label you the whore

This is not your typical love poem
I love her and she will never love me
I don’t care to fight for her to love me
I know she won’t return the love.
This not so typical love poem is about you!

I Love You But, God Love's You More!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Don't date those native D.C. or DMV women!!!

I broke a rule that I said I would not break. I placed myself in the category of not trying to generalize before I knew the whole story or the woman I was trying to get to know...and yet I was foiled again.


I am not the only person that has attempted to begin a relationship or something meaningful as far as a romantic relationship with a native Washingtonian and maybe I am wrong for generalizing, but when asking if they were born and raised in the DMV (especially D.C.) I will walk away and be glad I did if the answer is yes. I am sure there is someone reading this blog that will also agree whether it be the men or the women in which they have had a several bad experiences with. I can not pinpoint exactly what the problem is, but DMV natives have no integrity, no humility, evasive, cunning, and the list goes on.

I recently had to let one young lady from the Upper Marlboro area know that her acting skills are horrible. She told me verbatim that she doesn't want anyone to get to know the REAL her. CRAZY!! Yet this lady is complaining about men lying to her in the past and presently. Yeah...if you weren't lying to them about who you are maybe they would not lie to you. So I decided to leave her alone. I do not like free drama. I would rather pay for it...that is why I go to the movies and have cable.

Another young lady I met in a club in January. We communicated via phone and text messaging and she always pulled out of the scheduled times we were supposed to meet.It is ridiculous to think that it would take that long to finally meet someone again and the list of stories could not be supported. I should have known something was up then, but I remained patient. We finally had a date to meet and did so in June.

On a side note... There comes a time when the man stops trying to plan and tells a woman that the opportunity is now hers if she wants to see him. She knew I was getting to that point. I had to tell her, look if you have no interest, just say so since she has not attempted to even rectify her missed opportunities. It makes things difficult when one person is solely trying to arrange times to see and spend time with another.

So back to the date. Her language was full of game and her answers were evasive when I would ask her particular questions. You know how first dates go, you try to see who and what you are dealing with. So finally she admitted that I was not the guy for isn't that difficult to know those things, she should have said something sooner.

So here it is people, if you want to take that risk of dating a DMV or D.C. native, DON'T! But if you do, let me be the first to tell you that you will be let down and frustrated. I hate to say it and generalize, but they are ALL the same.

What say you??

I Love You But, God Love's You More!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Lexus, baby you make me Saab
Even when you have you Ion me
I can’t seem to Escape your Shadow
Please Focus on the Prelude of our Accord
Let me be your Durango
And I will take out my Bronco…
No…my Excursion and be the Trailblazer of your Explorer
See, I’ll be the Trooper in your Expedition

But…no you want to trip out on me
You know damn well how Fiero my temper gets
When your head is up in the Stratus
Why do you want to believe what Sephia, Chevette, and Miata Echo’s
‘Cause she may be your Amigo, but Sonata makes it her Civic duty
To flip her shit like upside down port-a potties

So check this out…
Last night when we were standing in the Econoline trying to get into the Lumina
That Tahoe gathered up enough Esteem to try to do the Range Rover with my boy Hummer
So I know that is a Breeze you can’t Dodge

Tell me…
Why do you let your friends Eclipse our Sunfire?
Accent the positive and don’t let them Mirage you
Remember the time when we got our Passports
Bought tickets from Continental
‘Cause I couldn’t a Ford a Jetta to Montero
And opted to take the Concorde flight 626 to Malibu
Traveled to the beach feeling what the Sebring in Rio
Be Cirrus… it was the Altima when the Storm hit Metro and ruined the Festiva
We were stuck on Park Avenue in the Cavalier
So we got a little freaky and snuck on the Porshe and Probe all night long

See I’m trying to Navigator us to the Solara System
Chillin’ to Infiniti, doing our own Sundance
Sailing past Aerostars, from Mercury to Saturn
On our own Vigor(ous) Grand Prix
A Legacy of love must not make haste

But of course…you want to change the Tempo
Must you prove how independent you are?
You are my BMW (Black Man’s Woman) and it is about us!
We’ve got to be the Pathfinders of this Suburban Voyager
I’ll serve as your Escort on our Caravan to the Outback

But no!
Once again you must have the Maxima con-Fusion and tell me what your friends told you when you were on your Tercel phone!
How about my friends?
Bentley, Camry, Kia, and Corolla know that Mercedes Benz the truth!

That girl’s mouth runs faster than a Colt and we all know she is never Acura(te)!
Her Dynasty is known from here to Monte Carlo.
She has plenty of practice attempting to produce a Protégé!
How many Mustang’s has she taken the Liberty to Rodeo in her public X-Terra films?
Don’t Del Sol to her bullshit!

So can’t we be cool?
Can we step on the Sports Trac, be the 4-Runners, and set the Pacer of Jaguar and win this Grand Am of love?
I am sure we can be Galant in this Endeavor!
Let me be your Most Powerful Vehicle (MPV) and together
We can Escalade like an Eagle
We can soar like a Thunderbird and strike like a Viper
And then smile brighter than a Neon sign.
Come on,
Let’s Rolls Royce with Jimmy our Isuzu Pup and be Audi 5000

I Love You But, God Loves You More!


You see the sista’s skin is smoother than silk
She has a flavor reminiscent of condensed milk
Queen has it going’ on I can’t deny
Her chest has this tat of a butterfly
You’ve got to admit that’s too fly
Baby girl even has the sweetest scent
Can’t tell if it’s
Hot Chocolate Delight
Butterscotch Caramel Cream
Pecan Rican Supreme
Or Mocha Mint
Playa’s would even stop creepin’
If they’re peepin’ what I’m peepin’
She’s the subject of my dreams when I’m sleepin’
I sometimes imagine being inside her thighs
Freakin’ her from the front, and the back
And I know baby girl has gots to ride
I try to not let my imagination run away
I’m just hoping that our eyes will meet in person…someday
I am just grateful that she’s my friend
A simple and humble lady that I can confide in
We talk about more than romance
Politics, world issues, health, and whatever topics come by chance
She’s real… and is what she seems
A once in a lifetime, certified, tried, and true…

I Love You But, God Loves You More!


You were my night and my light
You were my midnight star
You were my sweet, cooling, breeze on midsummer’s day
You were my chocolate lemonade
If I was a bird, you would be the branch upon the tree that I would sit
and sing my melody to the world
Lord knows that I have tried
Time has come and gone and similarly
We have passed each other by
Disconnected like smiles from children
Dysfunctional like wishes granted by a genie from a broken lamp

So we ciphered through the good and the bad
Weighed and re-weighed the pros and cons of experiences old and new
But Lord knows I have tried
As time went on
The only joy you would receive
Would be for me to deny my love for you
Just to keep you satisfied
It should have never ended this way others would say to us
I paid no attention to the opinions of the critics
But you did

How many more times must we repeat the process of drawing lines in the sand before we become one with the waves in the ocean
Fatalities of capsized pride
I wanted you to be the reason for the warmth of the cold space in my bed
I sought you to be the other of significance in my journey through life
I desired you to be the reason that I smile and would proudly represent you wherever in the world I would go

Until I realized that it is much too late for a you and I
Much too late and hopeless to even shed a tear
See I want you to be happy and I can love you better than any other man can
From a distance
Lord knows I have tried
But the fact remains
That I do love someone more than you…
And that person is me

I Love You But, God Loves You More!

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Pulpit Pimps!

Does thou know of the twelve?
That shall travel in the midst of night and even the day especially Sunday… they consider themselves to be soul controllers
Has thine eyes and ears mused upon their guise?
Has thine eyes seen the dreary architecture of their souls?
Verily I say unto you that their clay tablets have etched their words of salvation…
their Ten Demandments
Proven with the desire to inflict false hope, a doctrine of lies, and a multipurpose series of hand, cherry picked, Bible verses to slay upon the downtrodden who have been fooled to believe in them
They admit and discharge the inhabitants of their owned and operated Sick and Shut Inn
These false prophets that walk among you shall be known now and forever more as the Dirty Dozen

Thus they scowl for their prey in the midst of the night.
Devouring the multitude that end their late night escapades or were awakened in their slumber
Maybe thou has heard and seen them upon what they call the friendly airwaves as you are channel surfing among the late night infomercials and the bust your lust telephone chat lines.
Yea in those times of night, they hunt for the feeble minded that believe that their only fate is hell, fire, and brimstone
That they are broke, busted and disgusted
That their money is funny and their change is strange
And no hope of fixin’ their affliction
Humor me and journey through their corrupt land and revoke the validity of their demandments.

Enter into the dilapidated doors of the seven hundred club and behold Brother Pat within his crowd of hypocrites shouting:

Who needs a miracle?
Gawdt has a miracle with your name on it!
And for thine to receive it…
Call the prayer line and divulge thy personal information unto me,
Thou shalt receive numerous voice messages as I call unto you
To submit thou first fruits, thou tithes unto me and I shall render these miracles to you

Brother Creflo crept in the scene slick and smooth and said
Be obedient to the prophet of Gawdt and I can make you wealthy and healthy! Understand that if you don’t give no money, you won’t receive no money.

If thou shalt swiftly saunter to the registration table you will stumble upon Sister Joyce, Brother Peter, and Brother Benny beckoning you to:
Come to their hotel crusade at the Hilton or The Holiday Inn or at the Sheraton or at the Marriott to receive your supernatural healing and share your miracle testimony!
You will hear the naïve singing with glee and out of tune with Casio Keyboard Gospel Choir under the direction of sweet Brother Bobby singing the same hymns (H.Y.M.N. meaning Hustling Your Money Now) over and over and over as those that receive their so called miracles fall ever so gently to the floor and covered with a 250 thread count sheet from one of the hotel rooms shouting in tongues:

Momma Honda…Momma Honda…Momma Honda or

Sew let it Say Haiku… Sew let it say Haiku…Sew let it say Haiku or

Hyandai Toyota Subaru…Hyandai Toyota Subaru…Hyandai Toyota Subaru

A sloppily clothed man from the Dirty Dozen whose black Prada, styled cassock, featured a hand made white collar. It was simply a white Jordan head band with the Jumpman stretched and in view to make it appear as if it was the crucifix image of Jesus on the cross, screams another demandment:
I have been anointed by the almighty Gawdt to heal and grant miracles, because when I pray I get results... you see Gawdt always
Momma Honda
Momma Honda
Answers MY prayers!
I am not a prayer share-cropper, I will make sure that if you pay enough I will pray enough!
Touch your television screen RIGHT NOW as I pray and you will feel the power of the supernatural flow from me into you.

Brother Kerney is then conveniently interrupted by Brother Joel who speaks softly and appears as if he is on the verge of tears and says:

Put thy money in thy envelope
Place it in thy right hand
Hold up thy right hand and say it with me…
This envelope contains the seed
That Brother Joel has sown in your life
I will sew a seed in Brother Joel’s life
For his ministry
Of at least twenty-five dollars
I will place my seed in the collection plate
Or send my seed to the address posted on the television screen
So that Brother Joel’s Bentley may continue to sit next to his private chartered plane

Enter into one of the many telecast studios and you shalt see and hear Brother Robert being coached by Brother Jimmy. Who had a bottle spraying water onto his cheeks for the extra added tearful effect…
Thine eyes will also see…
Hold up…Brother
Naw Sister…
Okay, this is tricky, See what had happened was
See the make-up artist is in a little
Shall we say
legal mishap
Unfortunately, he was choking a cock okay a dick, that was not his own and when it crowed he could not deny it.
So he talked to the show’s director you know Brother Tyler and got his advice that if he dressed up as Francine (Madea’s long, long, long, lost sister) he would be able to escape the parishioners who had lost faith in him and caused several riots at his church.
So today…
Until further notice that is Brother Bishop Eddie
But I digresss…

Brother Robert had his lines down and with the facial expressions to boot he said:

Gawdt has commissioned me to open the closed doors that can not be opened and shut the doors that can not be shut and cause the miracles you need to happen in your life.
You see you may have tried it on your own and you see no change and that is why you are watching this telecast at this moment because I have the anointing.

Soon thereafter one of the Dirty Dozen’s prominent business men, Brother T.D. was seen signing autograph pictures from the Christian Freak-Nic’s wet choir robe contest and summoned parishioners to his table that was adorned with such miracle goodies like:
Miracle Oils
Miracle Soaps
Red Blood of Jesus Prayer Handkerchiefs
Anointed Stones of David
Miracle Spring Water
Money Green Prayer Cloths and
Anointed Faith Tools

As you embark upon leaving
Brother T.D. takes one more chance to once again harass you into purchasing
Books, DVD’s, CD’s, t-shirts,
Because this in his words…
This is just a business and business is booming!

I would have to say that he is absolutely correct. Pulpit pimps will have wonderful business…IN HELL!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

Monday, May 23, 2011


How do you react when the man who is responsible for the death of the most important person in your life stands before you?
The man who is responsible for the pain that seems like it will never end.
The image in your mind that doesn’t seem to fade away of your own flesh and blood, the person who brought you into the world, now has a crimsoned stained white sheet covering a nude body that has assumed room temperature.
The emotions felt and seen by all that are in disbelief that something that was so routine, that statistically is unfathomable, went entirely wrong.
What do you do?
How do you react when the man that has stolen the beat from your heart and the warmth from your breath stands in front of you?
It was him that caused you to…
Call all of her friends and the rest of the family repeating…
She’s gone…She’s gone
To have to say the word that you never wanted to say to her electric, mortgage, and telephone companies
The word that chokes up in your throat and makes you skip a breath
Constructing obituary paragraphs, funeral arrangements that you never thought you would have to do this early, and trying to find the perfect picture that encompasses the spirit of your mother so that everyone knows how much she meant to you and how she helped to make the world a more pleasant place.
What do you say to the man that has signed his name on the death certificate underneath the blank entitled cause of death?
He is the individual that has led you to embark upon staring at pictures of those happy moments in child and adulthood.
Forced to save the last voice mail message she ever sent to you.
Imagining and wondering if you can still recognize her voice if she were to call out your name from her heavenly home.
What do you say to the person that has now allowed you only to dream dreams when your body and mind are finally able to sleep?
Understanding that a nightmare is also dream as you slumber in a bed littered with surgical documentation and various depositions as to what the hell went wrong!
The man that’s standing in plain view, not event a foot away from you, is the cause of your therapy sessions, your thoughts of ending it all.
Nights to mornings to days to afternoons of trying not to cry and trying not to be angry, and sometimes wanting to lash out at everything in the world…
Just for an opportunity to touch her hand or to hold her and let her know how proud you are of her as your mother and how much of a great mother she was.
Your thoughts will always dwell on what you were taught and that her legacy will never be tarnished or shamed!
To apologize for past and future mistakes and to get her blessing for the feats you will accomplish that she won’t ever see in person.
This man who now sits in front of you, and smiles in your face as you look him in his eyes, is the reason why you truly feel alone in the world.
But you remember what you were told
What you read
That God will never leave you nor forsake you.
So then you desperately ask God…
Didn’t you know when, where, and how your Son would die?
If I would have known what you knew God…
Maybe I could have prepared?
Maybe I could have made all of the arrangements both mentally and physically?
Or maybe I would still feel alone!
How do you hold back all sense, right, and rage when the man that treated your mother like she was a mass of nothingness can actually look you in the eye?
The man that she trusted with her life…
The thoughts and questions that run amok in your head
Where is your shame sir?
Sir, where is your regret?
Where the hell is your remorse?
Did I bury all of that with my mother as well?
How do you react?
What do you do?
I gave that man the gift that I never thought I would ever give another human being whose mistake and gross misjudgment will affect me for the rest of my life.
I stuck out my hand, smiled, and I said…
I forgive you!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

Monday, May 16, 2011


We can sit in the dark
In the back
Of a matinée
Create our own plot structure
In the freaky type way
I can’t deny
It has been my fantasy for years
I’ve searched for the lady that has no fears
Of displaying this bad guy, good girl twist of fate
By only paying a twenty-two dollar and fifty cent gate
We can scream when they scream in the scene on the screen
I’ll play your Denzel, Boris, Morris, and Shemar
You can be my Sanaa’, Nia, Angelina, and Jada
Sitting in the dark
In the back
Of a matinée
We’re playing while the movie plays
Getting frisky in the theater night light
Fulfilling wishes, as we perform our own Oscar winning roles
That the Academy has never seen
Such sweet speech and rhyme
Within this picture show of love, in two hours time
Imma make sure you get yours
‘Cause you know imma get mine
At the matinée
In the dark
In the back
Where we sat

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Coochie Control

Since the year 2011 began, there have been resolutions stated to ensure that the weight is lost and the body looks right for the Spring and Summer months. It is the same routine that many ladies (and men) fall into. The start of the New Year dawns fitness clubs and weight loss contests at work. Weight Watchers commercials and work out video sales increase. Doctor's that specialize in weight loss surgeries are in a boom and health food stores are raving over the profits that they make during this season. Plastic surgeons and body sculptors know that it is prime season to make a buck! I am truly proud of those that have stuck with and achieved their weight loss goals and healthy lifestyle changes. You are to be praised.

With the changes that have come to your body and improvements you have made, come the spoils that many women receive from us men. We men are (supposed to be) more visually inclined ladies and when we get a hold of the transformation of tight abs, plump, and firm booty... shapely thighs and slender facial tones and neck lines, we turn into sexual animals looking for that nourishment we call coochie. Ladies know this because the opposite happens when a man makes the same comparative improvements to our body...but I shall only focus on the latter. (Ladies, if you want to respond about us men, then by all means leave a comment!) Ladies understand that their sexual control over a man will increase because of these wonderful changes...I WILL BE THE FIRST TO SAY...NOPE!!

Many men may get upset over me writing this but, I will take that risk. Someone needs to say it and that person will be least I'd like to think I am not the first to put this information out there, but digress! Ladies, your coochie control over a man will not change because of your "new" body. You see, real men do not try or attempt to get you in bed on the first night after a date or after the third month of dating you. We do not change up our attitudes and habits when we have gotten to know you as many other males may do. We do not want your coochie that bad to pressure you for it...that is not how REAL MEN will treat you.

However, we will marvel and talk with our boys about how banging' your body is. We will discuss with our male friends how good you look. We will discuss with our boys the before and after photos you like to show us or even place on social networking websites. (I am not trying to call anyone out that does that! Keep doing it to inspire others.) We men just understand that the more we get to know about you, the more time we spend with you, the more we talk and understand you, the more we connect, and no matter how long it takes...the more trust that is built, the OPTION...of having sex with you will always increase.

REAL men are not concerned with the fluff, and we do not need to use lines to get the coochie. We don't run game and have a plan in place to get the coochie; we just know that it is more advantageous to have the option of getting sex than the guarantee of getting it. The option is more important because it turns into the guarantee. So when many ladies inform their lady friends that the man has not pressured them into sex, please believe that your coochie is not in control of a damn thing. Your body improvements have done nothing to enhance your coochie powers.

There are those "boys" that will feed your head and ego with a bunch of bullshit! They wine and dine you and try to impress you and show you off because of your physical improvements. Example...The family Summer time BBQ! You can bet that you will be complimented every other minute and many ladies eat it up and can't get enough of it because their new body is causing the attention that some of them have been seeking to become a reality. These "boys" will fill your mind with words and thoughts that you have been wanting to hear! Example...the shopping trips that they accompany you to the mall and seem to be so patient with you trying on the new clothes for your new wardrobe for your new body! Even as dumb as these boys are they are able to get over on many ladies because then sense and feed off of the insecurities that are still within your now new and improved tight and fit body! You fall victim to this silly game and eventually, many women end up losing their coochie control and sleep with them. Then the astonishment that follows when it is revealed this boy is not looking for anything that is sustainable, because with all of the coochie control you thought you had, you were used, and yes you were used the same way that you would have been used if you had not made those physical and health lifestyle changes. Unfortunately, the thoughts of appreciation for who and what you are and not your body are not there with that boy that you slept with, so maybe the body improvements are not all that must be made!

If you sleep with a ramped dog that has not been to the vet...If you allow a dog to frolic in your bed that has not been groomed...If you take pleasure in not knowing where that dog winds up when you are not in it's presence...please believe that the fleas and other critters that are in your bed are of your own fault! It is not your coochie control and body changes that should only be made...strengthen your mind! Take pride in the fact that while you are on the workout bike that you have strengthen your mind to recognize who you are and what you will and will not take from a man. When you are in your Zumba class, gain more self esteem not in your sculptured thighs, but in the fitness of your sense of being and sense of understanding who you are. When in kick-boxing sessions, know that a MAN will accept you at any weight and with any look and that your mind makes you beautiful and fit. As you take that run outside in the elements or on that treadmill, know without a shadow of a doubt that you are losing weight and gaining in your physical abilities, not to gain more coochie control over a man, but for YOUR own life and for YOU only. I was a very large man many years ago and I learned that before any pounds dropped off of my body, that I had to know my worth and it starts in the mind. I wish good luck to those ladies and gentlemen who continue their quest for their health goals. Ladies, remember that coochie control does not begin with a membership to a health club; it starts with being a lifetime member to you!

I Love You But, God Love's You More!