Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Princess And Her Pride!

She admits that she is tired
So tired of looking for love
Should a princess have it this bad?
Wanting to lay claim to a man who can
Genuinely love her

It's true that every princess has cried
Over the simple things
Those minute things they don't posses
In an already plentiful life
It's funny that a man can make her world change
Living life would be right

When will someone one ask...
Why did he mistreat her?
Why did he tell her the lies?
Why did he not speak his mind?
Why did he play the games?
With his actions and words of deception
It has tainted her view.

She would rather accept the new
As just a copy of the old
In her eyes every man is the same
No alterations to his script
The show ends with her having experiencing the same pain
And nursing a broken heart

But soon she will realize
She's got to let it go
Don't let him get you down
Let everybody know
She'll put on her crown

I Love You But, God Love's You More!

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