Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Where has good customer service gone?

For some reason when I go shopping, the music is so loud I can not hear myself think, nor hear a sales associate say hello or ask if I need any assistance (if they even speak or ask if you need assistance).

Recently, I went to the mall looking for a few clothing items, and although the stores I shop at may be trendy, it bothers me that the level of disrespect to a customer is instant and accepted by customers.

I remember when I worked retail in 1996 as an Undergrad in college. I was trained to greet the customer and stand a distance away from them, not to seem or look overbearing. I spoke to the customer and sometimes even had a conversation that was not related to the product the store was selling. In any event, I was taught to not look desperate to sell, but also not look aloof and unwilling to help the customer.

Essentially, their money pays my paycheck and all others that are employees of the establishment. Nowadays, the customer associates feel that they are the entitled ones and that
"They don't need to sell the clothes because the clothes sell themselves"!
" I have never seen a store in which the clothes become animated objects and ask customers to buy them. If anyone reading this has seen it and experienced it..please leave a comment and let me know where I can see this amazing feat!

Here are a few tips for those that work in the business of retail customer service:

1. Address others using a proper salutation...
What's up?
is not proper customer service verbiage.
2. Do not stalk the customer into making a sale...
Knowing some people (including me) I may fart in your general direction to get you to get the hell off of me.

3. When you swipe my credit card give it back afterward IMMEDIATELY...
Why are you holding on to it? You swiped it and it worked so gimme my shyt!!

4. Stay off of the phone. That includes cell phone and land line phones...
Pay attention to the customer. We are providing you with your paycheck. Not the person on the phone. If it is not business related to the store or an emergency...stay off the phone until there are no customers to be tended to.

5. Be gracious! Say please and thank you!
We didn't screw you last night, so have some respect! We owe you nothing!

6. Ask if we need assistance.
We as customers should not have to follow you around or wait for an associate to help us. Ask if we need help, and then if we need it we will tell you either right then or later.

7. Turn the damn music down!!
If we wanted to go to a concert we would have bought a ticket to go! We are in the store because you are selling and item, not selling tickets. Keep the music as a moderate level!!


If you have any other points to add to the list, please do! I just feel that since the Holiday season is approaching, someone needs to make the message clear!

I Love You But, God Loves You More!

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  1. I would like to say the fact I still work in Customer service for the last 10 years that it 50/50. When you offer good customer service most people don't appreciate it or say you are bugging them. Other times they treat the sales associate like they are 2nd class citizens. However, on the same note it really hard to train this generation to be gracious, friendly, polite and humble. I usually have many sales associates act as if me reminding the to smile and say pleasantries is beneath them. I have just came to the conclusion that people are becoming meaner and meaner. The few of "Us" (with social etiquette) are becoming extinct. Also Holding the card is to check ID or if its declined. If we have to manually input you number.