Sunday, October 2, 2011

Reaping Rewards During the Recession!

In this time of economic depression and recession I have found that people can still be rewarded and be given the things that they desire. Money,a new job, new love, even a new car. It is quite easy to fall into the trap the media has set and all that the media will report using the agenda setting theory towards the economy and the amount of money lost in a particular company or bank, the amount of jobs lost per day in the country, how bad things are, and the long expected waiting time that any measurable change will be felt or seen.

Not I! I refuse to be sucked into the realm of hopelessness, despair, and utter humility that is obviously the way these folks want you and I to think and feel. Even in the times of recession I am quite sure…I am a living example of reaping rewards in times of having nothing!

Now the way to do this may be real easy in word…but difficult for some in deed. GIVE! Yes that is right GIVE! It is not a hard concept at all to be able to be successful in the times that we live that are supposed to be so bad!
I look at the greed that has plagued many of these bankers and CEO’s of these large corporations and all they did was take and take and not give any concern about from whom they were taking…okay let me be real…stealing from.

Now some of these wealth hungry individuals don’t know what to do because they have stolen so much and taken so much to the point that they may face jail time.…legal hearings….public embarrassment….beat-downs of the physical and mental sort.…and the list could go on for eternity. I have learned that you can give in this day and age and still reap the rewards.

It is sometimes as simple as smiling at someone, holding the elevator…even if the person is walking slower than black molasses out of the jar…allowing someone to fulfill what they would like to do in the office or elsewhere.

I can truly say that I try to give that gift of laughter...yeah I know I am crazy, corny, funny, weird, and all of the above! I hear you folks snickering over there…but it is truly a joy to be able to give. You will see when you do that…there is no recession…no news report that can get you down.

I will also say that I am a realist and that sometimes we need to receive what has been worked for…deserved…and so on and so forth. I am fully aware that people just don’t want jobs but need them…give to those folks as well. Give them tips and help them with their resume’. I can only imagine how valuable that is to those that need the assistance. We can all reap rewards during recession!

I Love You, But God Love's You More!

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