Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Walk Around Heaven All Day!

That is what she is doing...she is walking around heaven all day and able to not have a care about what goes on down here on earth. I think that if our loved ones made it to heaven they might not have a clue (earthly clue) of what goes on down here...and why would they even care? I do know that our loved ones who are no longer with us miss us as well, but they have done a great job on Earth. They have fought the fight and were able to earn their long robe and get to hear stories straight from Jesus and meet Him...hug Him..say thank you to Him face to face for the sacrifice of His life for the sake of our own. I do not think there is a need to see the hurt, pain, and despair here. It is time to celebrate and see all of the others that they know or have heard of and share in a joy of talking about how they got over. I am sure they take glimpses of our lives to make sure we are doing well and to see only the good things that are occurring in our lives, but the bad...I doubt they see it. Why would you want to view negativity in paradise?

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

Today is not only my birthday...it's mother's day too!!

Me and my crazy mind always doing my own thing and not joining into the cliche'. I don't celebrate holidays when people want you to. For example, I am not one who celebrates Valentines Day when most of country (United States)does. That is too common and silly. Do what others do for the sake of doing it? Not me!

The specific case I will talk about is on this day! For me and many others today is Mother's Day! My mother gave birth to me on this day, so this is the day in which she became a mother. I feel that birthdays are also days that should be celebrated jointly with mothers because it is their day that they birthed a new person into the world. So Happy Birthday to me...and Happy Mother's Day to my mommy! I miss you and I love you!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Married...Part Time.

I have a couple of friends that are married...part time. In other words the ring of trust (wedding band) goes on the ring finger when it is necessary and then disappears into their pants pocket when it is advantageous. I am not one who supports this ridiculous crap. In addition, one of these people happens to have a wife that is over 9 months pregnant and tried to talk to one of my female friends...WHAT? I could not beleive it when it was brought to my attention and I was very upset and apologized to my female friend for that type of mess.

Another friend of mine...we have NEVER seen a photo nor has he ever brough his wife to any of the parties I have hosted or any of the happy hours we have gone to. He says that his wife is "not very social and does not like to go out a lot". So I guess that is the reason he slips the wedding band off and attempts to talk to some of the ladies in the bar....and probably does his thing on the side. Such a horrible thing!

I am quite upset concerning these dishonest and stupid actions. How can you go home to your wife (or husband) and wake up next to them when you are not satisfied with the decision that was made to wed them? Do not try to live like you are not married when you actually are, it is WRONG! You are married full time not when you want to be. It is not just men...it is women also. If you do not want a ring of trust then say NO or I DON'T at the alter!!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One more battle left...

It is true...I have one more battle left and that is all I need right now. I have finally sold my mother's house and it feels good. All of the drama I had with the real estate agents and title companies is done. I am glad of it. It took longer to close on the house that it took to sell it...GO FIGURE!! I can just lay my head on my pillow and say thank Jesus. I have one more battle left and Lord knows I am primed and ready for this one. There is nothing I will accept that is less than a win. My mother is gone and I have accepted that, but I am not going to accept the enablers of this tragedy not taking the responsibility of their lack and apathy of proper medical procedures and care! If you thought I have fought through other things before...wait til you see me fight now! No excuses, not personal, just plain and shrewd Clint!!

I Love You But, God Loves You More!

Live Music...The Brand New Heavies Edition!

I don't think I have ever been so excited as I have been when I went to see the Brand New Heavies. I remembering practicing Jan's drum syncopation's over and over of every album right down to to when he would hit the hi-hat to a fill. I patterned my style of play to his and also to that of drummers who played for James Brown. I am grateful that I was able to see them with the great seats I had.

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

Spontaneous Reactions...Part 3

This will probably be very random..and thus why this blog is entitled...the above.

I have to say that as far as my life is rolling right now I can't complain. I am out of debt and just taking care of business. I have to replenish my savings but hey I have more money to build with instead of paying bills.

I wish the 49ers would get it together...come on team let's do this. we can still win the NFC West and get into the playoffs!

I officially DO NOT have to go back to the 757 for anything unless I want to visit. This will be the first time in my life I will not have a place to stay. Wow, that is something.

I don't have a pace to go for the holidays..it is okay I guess...I will try to take a vacation or something...I am thinking of Vegas!

For some odd reason I am now attracting more women...I don't know why? I will admit that I do think about Bennett at times, but that is over and done..I wish stuff would have been different but oh well. I am enjoying the new attention, but I am still sticking by my guns and not going to entertain anything more that leads to me being in a relationship or the dreaded marriage word.

I am looking for more things to do now. I have been to some parties and concerts. I feel like I am having fun again. I don't know where this is coming from, but hey I am liking it.

My drastic weight loss has now made some people upset. I am like oh no...this must be done. I have to get back to the size I was last year. My method of doing this is working pretty well and not as volatile as it was a few years ago. I am very glad of that.

I suppose that overall I am getting happier as the days go by. I do think about mom and what the possibilities are for my life in the near future and in some respects I am excited and in others I am just scared to death...all in all I am getting prepared and I feel I will handle it well.

I need to make an appointment to get the rest of my things from the school. I will donate the computers to them..maybe take one ..and ask them to donate it in the name of my mother and ask for a tax write off paper...yeah that will work.

I am having a party this weekend..this has been a season of many parties at my house and I am finding it fun. I have not been one to have a lot of stuff at my house but hey since the crib is looking tight and I have the room I should go for it.

I am very happy that Alex had her own place and that her Poppa is doing great. I am also surprised that she stayed at my crib for a week and well...it wasn't too bad. I am not one who plays house or ever had a roommate but it was cool.

I can feel that old Clint coming back slowly but surely and that is something some people do not want to see. I am not concerned with the opinions of others and how they view me. I am that good and I am that great!!

Just for the hell of it I might add a picture to this blog..lol.

My birthday is in a week, and I must say I do still look younger than my age! I have noticed some people from high school and college and they look old and well they look old and like their life has been really really hard! God bless them though!

I listened to a tape of my radio show from some years back...wow I was good...I would love to do radio again!

I am also getting the urge to play again! Look out because this time the whole band will be back together!!

I need to go to Busboys and Poets sometime soon and spit some new poetry.

I am going to put that pic somewhere...well it is up at the top!

This is it for now!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!