Monday, December 17, 2012

A Few Rules For Peace

Me mean? No! I just refuse to let MY peace be disrupted. How? Here you go...

1. I can forgive you and forget you! Real easy!
2. I speak my mind, and I am not a master of tact! No Camp Cupcake comments from me!
3. When I am continuously shunned, I'll never ask and you may never hear from me again!
4. I don't believe in burning bridges, but i'll make sure to end maintainence on my side!
5. What you eat don't make me shyt!
6. I know that people know right from wrong, excuses don't matter!

I WILL HAVE PEACE IN MY LIFE...If that means I am mean, make me a grouch!
I Love You But, God Loves You More!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Can't Believe She's Got Butter!

So I decided to try on-line dating.  Many of my friends were trying it and had some success so I posted my first profile.  I got a response.  From the photos and the profile I was impressed.  Several messages, responses, replies, and we finally exchange numbers to meet.  We talked over the phone for a week or two and agreed to meet in person.  We concur upon a date, but didn’t have solidified what we would do.  We met and had a drink and decided that since we have a mutual like in movies that we would go and watch one together. 
We head to the theater and I offer to buy some popcorn and a drink.  She obliged, and we head to the hall where the movie was showing. Before we get there I dress my popcorn with butter from the snack station and a little salt.  She waits and we choose our seats and sit down.  The lights were not dimmed yet, and we were still talking.  All of a sudden this young lady, without missing a verse in our conversation, whips out a bottle of “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” spray and sprays it on her popcorn!  I am sitting and trying to not stare in total and utter shock.  (I am from the South so I am used to and not surprised by hot sauce, or paprika. But spray-able butter in the purse?) I think I went blank for the rest of the date.  I didn’t know what to say.  Why not get the butter from the butter station?  Why did she have her own butter and we were not even set on going to the movies? 
After the movie she wanted to go to Wal-Mart.  I didn’t even care at that point because I knew there was not ever going to be another date.  What if we went out to dinner…would she bring her own silverware, condiments, and plates too?
I Love You ,But God Loves You More!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Common Denominator

The problem could be me, or it could be the choices I have made.  Yet, and still it brings me to the same point…single, and wondering why.  I can admit that I am picky, okay extremely picky, and if I had the chance to combine everything that I have dated into one woman that would seal the deal.  The only thing is…I would probably still not be satisfied.  Purchasing a home has brought me to a new level of what I want…and that also includes a woman in which I can look at and admire on a daily basis, and not have the urge to want to chat or try to get with another woman.  I am being honest.  I have been in a committed relationship, and as soon as it was over, I was fresh out on the scene wanting to venture and conquer new interests.  There are the times in which that one woman might do, but she really doesn’t and the search for my idea of perfection continues.

So is the problem me?  Is the realization that I may never be pleased with one woman and the excuse not to settle the reason?  Those are the questions that are hard to answer. I suppose it is hard to answer for anyone.  Yet, the desire does not change.  The yearning for a warm body of a woman in my bed, the kiss whether it is infatuated passion or not still remains, the feeling of counterfeit acceptance when having sex, it is still there.  Sufficed to say, I know I am not the only person who feels this way.  Besides, there has to be an answer, and I feel that it will reveal itself soon enough.

I can say one thing through the quest to find a lady that has been constant.  It has gotten me to express more about my relationship with God.  I have met a few ladies that have helped me to put Him at the forefront by doing simple and important acts… join my church, pray more often, have dialogue concerning issues that I wouldn’t have before.  I am certain that is a good thing.  I have a suspicion that it is going to lead me somewhere, and in point of fact as I write about it, this woman will probably remind me of my mother.  It is a blessing and also conviction to think this will happen.  Whoever the woman will be will have the same type of heart, and be able to put me in a place where I need to be to help me grow.  It is scary sometimes. My challenge is there for me to complete.  I need to realize that with all of the failed relationships, disses, bad dates, countless dates, text messages when not wanting to talk, excuses, little white lies, etc. that the common denominator is me.

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Realizations from Rome

I am sitting here in Rome, Italy...and I have had some time to reflect because of my current situation. I decided not to make this a spontaneous reaction blog, it is time for some changes in my life. Specifically, these changes are in the relationsips I choose to take part in, physical, emotional, or otherwise...they are not geting any better and I need to take a better inventory of the character of the ladies I am trying to court.  In addition, I need to set better goals about who and what it is that I want  The winds of change are beginning to take place and blow and take root in me.  This has happened because I , out of the blue, met a young lady that is with my travel group, who lives in D.C.   She is a different type that I have not dealt with and in the same respect, it is time to take a look at what it is that I am doing and be more responsible, not just for myself, but for a family I may have in the future. She is waiting for a husband, I am seeking a wife.  Plain and simple with no equivocation. I will write more later.  Just had to get this down in the blog.

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

Monday, October 1, 2012

October Is Here!!

I know I have been away for a bit, handling business, single again, home owner, all of that great stuff.  We all know how I feel about October so I am looking forward to all positive situations that's going to come to me in great expectation.  So I will be back soon with more posts and thoughts!!  Thanks!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Christmas in July...Throwing the Wrapping Paper Away!


In a few days (July 19th to be specific) my mother would have celebrated her 64th birthday, and as some of you know I was not able to see my mother on her birthday because of my work in New York at the lab. In addition, I would always try to purchase a gift for her that she did not already have. A couple of years ago (before her death) it was a spa treatment. Then it was 2 dozen long stem roses, some money, and a card. I was getting a little perplexed as to what I should give her. In 2009 I was going to get her tickets to see The Color Purple at the Kennedy Center, but since she was going to have surgery and the time of recovery was a slight issue, I still had that plan...and then the lab called and asked me to come, and well them mom died and thus we have what we have now.

I want to give her a gift that she didn't know too much about and that's my writing. I suppose she did know with all of the notebooks I had stacked on my desk in high school, but nevertheless... this year I will write something that is inspired by Eshe. She and my mother happen to have a great love for Christmas. I do hope you and mommy enjoy!!

Christmas in July...The Wrapping Paper

I can’t deny that I love to receive gifts. I am sure everyone does. In that appreciation of the gift we often times are in a rush to see what is inside and we tear away the wrapping paper rapidly and carefree to get to the goodies that might be inside. When we get to it, we feel one of two or disappointment. The individuals in our lives have become...either a joy or a disappointment.

While tearing open that gift we usually forget the way the wrapping paper looked that surrounded the present. The folds and tape are carefully hidden so that no flaws are noticed. Most do not care about how the wrapping paper was chosen to tantalize the eyes, to show the importance and possibility of beauty inside. The wrapping paper (whether chosen at random or specifically) for the special occasion to warrant the gift seems to be a non-concern considering that folks are yearning for the glorious present inside... we don’t view people in that fashion. If their wrapping paper is not up to par, they are discarded out of their lives, and their gift goes unnoticed.

We look for the wrapping paper that is easy on the eyes...the sight that would make the hormones jump and scream in our heads that we must have this person. Isn't it odd we ask about the appearance of the “wrapping paper” the looks of the individual, their aesthetics, body type, skin complexion…before we ask someone about their, humbleness, kind nature, good heart, honesty, values, morals, truthfulness, their “gifts”? We inquire about the “wrapping paper” on an individual before you really get to know them...on the inside. Isn’t that the objective?

Did you keep the “gift’ because the “wrapping paper” was attractive? If so, then why not keep the outside cover and throw the gift away?

All of us try to take care of our wrapping paper to the point that we go to the gym, the surgeon, the weight loss counter, dermatologist, nail salon, spa, health club, cosmetologist, barber, and so on and so forth to make sure that the wrapping paper is ready to go and be received like no other! In some respects there are very good reasons to do that. I am not harping on the reasons behind doing that, especially if it is an issue of health both mental and physical.

A great number of ladies reading this (and also those that have seen me either in person or with photos) may not like or be attracted to my outer wrapping. The nice and politically correct way that I have heard it said to me were such phrases as,

"I'm not attracted to you Clint”.


"You're not my type, Clint".


“Clint, I don’t think I can like you like that!”

Some ladies might not say anything at all. That is fine with me. No harm done! In fact, I like that many women did not like my wrapping paper...because it is thrown away when you get your gifts right? Some of those same ladies would say, “You don't save the wrapping paper do you?” They are right. The paper-it gets doesn't look the same and perfect way after time goes on. The wrapping paper will not fit the gift anymore because it has been used, the tape doesn't stick like it used to. So knowing, me, we happen to throw the wrapping paper away...the same way judgmental people throw others away because someone wasn’t attractive, they were alright, but not their type, just didn't strike as someone to be interested in. I can hear some of those folks say (with an attitude), “pass on that one”!

That was the same and exact way many men treated my mother in her dating life. She wasn't the best looking woman. Some men made a mistake and passed her by because they looked at her wrapping paper and decided that they would rather pass on the gift inside because the paper wasn't the right look for them. I am sure she can admit that some mistakes and choices were made because she looked at the wrapping paper of the men in her past relationships. Sufficed to say, that my mom and I did not happen to be born with the most elegant wrapping paper that covers the outside of our gifts, but I am sure that what is inside will not disappoint.

To bring it to a more relevant level, I recall (from Biblical tales) that Jesus was wrapped in old clothes when he was born, but did that stop anyone from serving or praising Him? Acknowledging Him as the author and finisher of your faith? Did that stop judgmental individuals (that includes all of us) from thanking Him for what He has done and WILL continue to do? He does all this knowing that some of us have above par and gorgeous wrapping paper, but less than stellar gifts inside that disappoint and let down others as well as Him all of the time.

I am proud to say that my mother was a gift. She did finally find a man that loved her for her and not just for the features of her wrapping paper. Not for what she looked like on the outside, but the joy and comfort she brought to him and others on the inside. I might not be the best looking guy. Grant it that I have lost a lot of weight and more in shape that I was years ago, but that has not changed what I have inside of me. Mommy taught me what to do to make sure a woman feels like a queen! I can admit that I have made some mistakes along the way, but my gifts have always been inside of me, and waiting for one that finally recognizes it. My mother and I had/have gifts inside...that no one is able to throw away, that would not disappoint, that would make our mates happy, that make others happy, that made her happy, that made me happy...that is all that matters!

My mother shed her wrapping paper when she was called home to be with the that she could see His face and know that she might not have been able to see His wrapping paper...but the gift He gave to all of us fills us with joy and gladness...until we are able to hold the gift...I’ll see you again one day!!

Thanks mommy and happy birthday! I hope you enjoying your gift up there in heaven! I miss you... I really do!!! Please don't stop helping me work on my gifts!

I Love You...But God Loves You More!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Things A Black Woman Won't Do! Volume 7...Lose the Attitude!

It’s the look. it’s that stare. The look of shear fear that people get when they see the disdain upon the face and the look In the eyes. It’s that neck roll. The finger waving sassiness that can only be described as hers. She owns it. There is no doubting it. Something that is not funny gets the fake laugh, the sarcastic snicker, the rolling of the eyes. It the the enunciated tone of the curse words-if used, and the pronunciation of the terms used. In extreme cases it is the threat of violence…shoe whippin’s, ass kickin’s, smacks with snot flying, and the oh so famous "wishing that somebody would!". It has gotten to the point that many men (from various ethnic groups) will not even embark upon a relationship with the Black woman because of it. What is “it”? It is none other than a Black woman’s attitude.

If you have not experienced any facet or segment of a Black woman’s attitude, you may not be able to relate to this Volume. If you have, then I am sure that what you will read is nothing but the plain and
simple truth. Here are some of the most famous (or infamous) times in which a Black woman has an attitude.

Lack of food. If the Black woman has not eaten, please take her to get food quickly. She will make it clear to you in no uncertain terms, way ahead of time that she has not eaten...all day...or for several hours. Take that as a not a hint but, subtle warning that the activity or situation you are in with her must be interrupted with a food break. If you do not feed her in enough time, the Black woman will change her persona into a woman that has an unattractive name such as (and no offense), Beulah, Thomasina, Willie Mae, Aquanetta, Eugenia Rose, etc. Make sure you feed the Black woman when she tells you of her hunger. If you don’t you are risking an attitude that you will have to deal with, and sometimes your own death (figuratively of course).

Temperature. Make sure that wherever the Black woman is, that the temperature is that of a comfortable level. This is the reason that many Black churches have locked their thermostat. There is only one person (other than the custodian) that has possession of the key.  The reason is to make sure the Black woman is comfortable at all times.  It has nothing to do with anyone else! If she breaks out the fan at church…she is about to get hot or is already too hot. Turn the air conditioning on before she acts like she has not eaten! If the Black woman is too cold, she will also have an attitude as that of she can not do anything. She can not move, she can‘t turn, she can’t speak, she can't go anywhere, nothing can be done by her, until she warms up. She will complain about the temperature habitus of the room. She will make it clear and under no particular terms that she will never return somewhere because of the temperature. That also includes church. The Black woman will also get an attitude with the good Lord as to why He had to make it so hot and/or so cold wherever she is and she will pray to the Lord that He does something about it when He sees fit (and she also prays it won't take too long). AMEN!

Language. For the sake of your life and living the rest of your life in a healthy manner, know how to talk to a Black woman. The Black woman will warn you of your transgression ahead of time and tell you what you will not do, tell you what will be done if you continue to talk to her in a disrespectful manner, and her course of action after the violation is done. For example:

Ray Ray/Nee Nee starts…

Black woman – I’m going to tell you right now. You will not talk to me any kind of way. So I would suggest that you learn how to talk to me or we will not be talking.

Ray Ray/Nee Nee continues…

Black woman – I’m going to tell you one last time and I will not tell you again. I don’t know who you think you are talking to but I know you do not have a child named (insert Black woman’s name). You need to learn how to talk to me if you are going to continue to talk to me. If you don’t this conversation is over.

Ray Ray/Nee Nee contines…

Black woman – does one or all of the following:

1. Walks away without saying a word.

2. Hangs up the phone and deletes Ray Ray's/Nee Nee's number from her phone. Or blocks the number from being able to be received on her phone line.

3. Takes off her shoe and hits Ray Ray/Nee Nee in the throat, and then walks away.

4. Smacks Ray Ray/Nee Nee and says… (I told you that you will not talk to me any kind of mother f*&^%n’ way didn’t I? I don’t know who the f&$k you think you are talking to you triflin’ a%# ni%#a or b*^$h!))

5. Proceeds to cuss Ray Ray/Nee Nee out not using any profanity, but happens to make him/her feel low and embarrassed, as she rolls her neck and points her finger into his/her chest and/or face.

My advice is to make sure you know how to talk to a Black woman. If you don’t, you may end up in some horrible physical pain, both physically and mentally.

Towards other woman (Black or other ethnicity). This is a very touchy topic. Many Black women will not admit they have an attitude toward other women, but they do. It is not hard to see this as there are a few things the Black woman might have an attitude about when it comes to her girlfriends. Here's a sample:

1. Clothing. – If her friends (hell if anyone for that matter) is not presentable, or dressed correctly for the occasion, or dressed in clothes that don't fit, not color coordinated, another woman is wearing the same dress or purse (like the manufacturer only made one), looks a way in which would cause a people watcher to comment in a negative fashion, you can rest assured that the Black woman will exhibit an attitude. Women must consult with the Black woman so that the collective female group does not look foolish and out of place.

2. Hair. – If your hair looks a mess, weave is ashy, hair smells foul, wig is too worn, hairstyle is too outlandish, hair color looks like a poor excuse for a Woody Woodpecker impersonator, hair looks better than hers, expect for the Black woman to have a ‘tude. She will have a look on her face that may scare the daylights out of you, and what she will say…well she will try to say it in a tactful fashion, but whatever she will say there will be a sucking of the teeth, a long utterance (like ahhhhhhhhhhhhh), please just know the attitude is there.

3. Drunk – This is a tip toe dance on the tightest of tight ropes. The Black woman can be in a great sense of attitude or a bad sense of attitude when she is drunk. Be sure you are on the good side of her psyche when this happens. If she is in a great mood while she is enjoying her drink, all of what you might say will be funny. She may be attentive and add some pizazz to the conversation. Behold, if the drunk Black woman is in a bad sense of attitude-RUN, DON’T WALK, FAR FAR AWAY! Do not argue with her. The drunk and bad attitude Black woman in her drunken stupor may…

- pick a fight

-ask people who they are looking at (especially if she does not like the person, or if the person might not look attractive to her)

-tell someone how awful they look in their appearance or what they are wearing

-cuss someone out because...hell just because

-if something does not go her way-It might be rational to her, but makes no sense to anyone else.

In any event, be careful of the drunk Black woman with the bad attitude. If you have told her a secret, make sure that she does not “tell the truth” about you! For some odd reason, alcohol in copious amounts is a truth serum for Black women.

4. Her man/boyfriend – You can beg and plead with the Black woman to see your opinion about their choice for a man/boyfriend, don’t expect for her opinion to change. When a Black woman has made her mind up about her man no one can change it. Female family members may try and they will fail. The Mother of the church she attends may try, and that advice will go into one ear and out of the other. The fact of the matter is that if anyone says something bad or unruly about the man she loves (either true or false), the Black woman will strike down upon her friend (with the audacity to present her negative view) with great vengeance and thus will be censored…until she can finally admit that that individual was/is correct.

In many cases, the Black woman might think that her girlfriend is trying to “steal” or “take” her man, and that is a “no-no” when it comes to a Black woman. She will do the following to make sure that will not happen:

1. The girlfriend will not meet her man.

2. She will not admit she has a boyfriend or is dating someone. She may just say it is just a sexual relationship to fend off any other questions or responses.

3. If the subject of a man comes up, she will say it is “nothing” and that they are “just doing them” when it is really something more.

4. She will say something untrue about the man like his sex is bad, his member is small, he has a low-paying job, he doesn’t look “all that”, he has “baby-momma drama”, she will present a conjured up falsehood.

5. If her girlfriend asks her if she is seeing someone she might say, “Girl no! You out of all people know I have taken a break from the bullshit. How about you tell me about your man!”. The other woman (especially if she is Black) will not say anything either and thus they change the entire topic to something else.

The Black woman and the protective attitude about her man has also sparked many inventions that will try to appease the Black woman’s attitude concerning him. This includes…

Caller ID

*69 feature

Facebook - “in a relationship”, “single”, “it’s complicated”, “married” profile status

Facebook – the “tagging” of photos

Facebook – the “who you are with”, “where you might be”, and "status update tagging” features

Text messaging

Voice mail


Car Pool – Some Black women do not want to drive anywhere and will not drive to a destination for various reasons that are only known by that Black woman.

It seems that Black women have used these tools to know what her man and/or her girlfriends might be up to regarding her relationship status.

5. Their own friends – This is interesting thing to me. Black women will get an attitude with their friends. This has been seen on many movies and television shows such as:

Basketball Wives

Love & Hip-Hop

Bad Girls Club

The Real World

Family Matters



The Player’s Club

You name it and no one knows why there is an attitude. It could be many factors that only they know. Some way and in some form or fashion, the attitude they have with their friends either ends the friendship, bring the friendship closer, makes the Black woman and her friends bitter enemies, promotes the Black woman to fight, allows the Black woman to speak badly about their friend, etc. Eventually, the bad omens are dropped and the relationship is sustained and is stronger than before. In some instances, the parties agree to not bother each other ever again in life. In any event, Black women are meticulous and picky about women entering and staying in their inner circle. If a Black woman does allow another into the latter and former, they are usually there for life.

Now that we have explored the issues and attitudes that Black women have with their lady friends there are a few more attitude issues I’d like to bring to light that are also of extreme importance.

Shoes. – No one told the Black woman to wear those wedge heels, stiletto heels, high heels, high heeled boots, hell heels period, to a place in which much walking and/or standing, would be taking place. Give the Black woman credit, she will attempt to keep the attitude sidelined when she can bear the pain. She will sit down for long periods of time and attempt to “play it off”. She will lean on something. She will take her foot out of the shoe and play with the shoe on her toes. She might even take the shoes off in a remote place and rub her feet for awhile. If the pain becomes unbearable, the attitude will come to the forefront.

The Black woman will complain about the event. There will be looks on her face that are not that of a person who is having a good time. She will tell you how much she can't wait to get to the car and put on her flat shoes. She will gladly let you know that when she gets home the shoes will be the first item she will take off. She will fight through the “beautiful walk” when she has her heels on, and then you will see that walk change to the “high heeled walk of pain”. Do not be surprised if she asks you to take her to a discount, grocery, drug, or convenient store to get her some flat shoes to ease the pain. The Black woman’s attitude is dependent on how quickly she can get to her flat shoes. I’d just advise you to let her know the extent of the event as far as the time spent standing and walking and advise the Black woman carry her large purse in which her flat shoes will be found, so that her attitude does not ruin the mood of the event.

Money. – If an item and/or bill costs too much, and it is something that can be found for cheaper, should not cost as much, has the wrong price listed, won’t go on sale anytime in the near future, can’t receive a discount for, bought it previously for full price and now is found discounted, someone else she knows bought it for cheaper than her, or can’t find the equivalent for a lower price, that Black woman will get an attitude.

This attitude is unlike most people and other women of different ethnicity's. For some reason, the Black woman will take it personal. They will receive this issue in their minds like someone did it to them on purpose.  The Black woman may say one or all of these phrases:

“I can get this cheaper somewhere else!”

“I could make this for the price these folks are selling it for!”

“They want (enter price) for this! They must be crazy!”

“This is on sale? Oh hell no! I bought this for (enter price) and that was just 2 weeks ago and now it is on sale? This is some bull shit!”

“I can’t use my (enter name of discount card or medium) discount for this? Let me speak to some one in charge. Better yet, let me speak to a Manager!”

The above is just an illustration. The Black woman will attempt to negotiate the cost to a lesser value. There might be a raising of the voice, there might be a rolling of the neck, a sucking of the teeth, some foul language, asking to speak to someone in a more authoritative position, etc., to be successful. If she does not get her way there is a great propensity that she will not patronize the business ever again unless she has no other alternative. When in this environment or these situations, please walk away!

NOTE: The particular company or business has now become a conversation (that will be told to anyone who will listen) of how good or bad  of a propriety they are. You can throw in the prices of the items in this conversation as well.

For No Reason. – This is a dangerous area. There will be those instances when a Black woman has an attitude for no reason at all. What do you do in these moments? I have no idea. I will say do what has been suggested…WALK AWAY and KEEP QUIET. You do not want to be the reason for her attitude, and thus the less ammunition you give her to be a problem, the better the outcome for you. Do not ever ask her what the attitude might be about, let her talk when she wants to talk. If not?-that is right, you will become the subject of her attitude.

Some people might think that I have taken this attitude reasoning a little too far. I will now prove to you that there is an overwhelming attitude that a Black woman has. Ask anyone from the following listing:


En Vogue

The Supremes


Destiny’s Child

Nuttin’ Nyce

The Pointer Sisters

The list could go on. We all know there was some attitude there somewhere, and for any kind of reason (based on attitude) they are no longer together!

This attitude a Black woman has is dangerous and beware of it. The Black woman is not necessarily temperamental, but there are some things (as listed above) that she WILL have an attitude about. There is another topic to be discussed in Volume 8 that will also concentrate on the Black woman’s attitude. It is much too long and complicated to expound upon in this Volume. I will say this…the attitude in Volume 8 is a warranted one and an attitude that the Black woman has greatly contributed to in her own right!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Things A Black Woman Won't Do! Volume 6...If He Won't Lick...She Won't Take That D%$k!

The time has come for it to happen. No holding back for the both of them. The date is over and she invites the man in for another after date drink. She knows what is on her mind and he has earned enough of her trust to be able to embark upon an exciting night that will now result into the releasing of lots of frisky tension. She is just making sure and hopes that he knows how to behave and bottle in the anticipation. He has to know how to play it cool.

He has a seat on the couch and she serves a very strong libation. She knows they both need something to loosen them up just a little bit more so that the experience from the box spring boogie is worth it –mutually satisfying. Suddenly, and with a subtle smoothness, he has to adjust his trousers because he realizes that she is sending a vibe that is making her see his thoughts and he is not ready for her to see the exhalation. Too late for him, she already knows it. If only he could see what was going on in between her thighs, the humidity has definitely increased. She leans into him. She wants to smell is fragrance again. The chills are visible upon her arms.

She slides the hand that is free from holding the drink upon his thigh and slides it downward toward the area of the source of visual thought. He feels it and a slight brush of her hair upon his neck tickles him with delight. They slowly and finally with passion lean towards each other-embrace and engage in a passionate kiss. A few moments afterward they realize it might be time to put their drinks down to continue the exchange of passion. The view imagined can be documented in staccato scenes of a Viewmaster. Click! The desire behind and the meaning of the kisses shared simply…undeniable. Click! The unfastening of clothing! Click! Pants. Click! Dress. Click! Stilettos. Click! Shirt. Click!

Mouths open from heavy breathing, and then the instant when flesh finally touches flesh. She is curious and wants even more affection from him. Before the box spring boogie, she needs to know how bad he wants it. She lays her naked honey brown, chocolate body down parallel to the couch. He takes the cue and gently kisses and licks her neck, her breasts, her stomach, her thighs, her legs, her toes, and every part of her that he can see her squirm and exclaim in delight. Gently, she pulls him upward and whispers softly into his ear...”Baby, I want you to taste my love”! He moves towards her ear and whispers, “Baby, I don’t do that’! The delight upon her face transforms, contorts, transmogrifies, into shock, disdain, pissed-ness, disbelief, and utter disappointment.

She tells him with a smile as she is looking to find every stitch of her clothing…”I see. Well I think you should go. It was a mistake for us to go this far”. Sufficed to say, he is visibly shocked and tries to explain his way back into good graces with her. It is too late. When the slow jams have been turned off and the lighting has increased in illumination…yeah it is over! He should have known if you are interested in having a sexual need fulfilled with a Black woman that…If you are not lickin’, you will not be stickin’!

This is a controversial topic, and yet as this may not be true for all Black women, it is true for most. (Don’t ask me how I know…I just know!) Many men have an understanding that Black women will not allow a man to have relations of the sexual type unless he is willing to go as SWV would say “Downtown”! Notwithstanding the man’s ethnic origin, he knows this. (Don’t ask them how they know, they just know!) It is a privilege and honor to be in a glorious circumstance in which you are able to possibly make love to a Black woman. All of the usual things you may have done with other ladies of other ethnicities might not work for the Black woman! Black women do not take the ability for a man to eat her sweetness lightly and they want the most for their time. Many men will find that Black women have a sexual swagger that is unparallel. They mention their positive attitude about their sexual skills in songs, that you may hear them sing such as…

“My Neck, My Back, Eat my….”


“Put it in your mouth…”


“Giving him something he can feel…”


“Climb up on the ladder, honey… What I got is better than money…”

I could name more, but I am sure that the point has been made. Many Black women have this amazing mindset that when it is time to do the box spring boogie, the man that does his “job” and does it well, will be well compensated for "being a good boy” and delighting her erogenous zone with oral action. Those that do not even attempt to taste the “olive garden” will be presented (with a smile) to a one way trip to the door in which they entered. In some aspects, the woman will leave the place where the action was supposed to take pace and go to someone who will do his “job” and do it the way she likes it. This is not to say that all Black women want oral delight for every sexual encounter, but you can best believe that if the man does not attempt or exclaims that he does not venture to the “love packet of goodness and flavor” that he will not have the opportunity for any type of release with that Black woman or even Black women period.

There is the issue of what a woman can do for a man and I am not going to speak on that. I am not going to focus on it and we all know why. A woman does not actually have to do that action to please a man. However, if a man happens to do his duty with excellence and majesty, he just might get the excitement and release from oral pleasure via the Black woman. I could go many places with this topic, and I am tempted to but will not. Just keep in mind that the Black woman is adventurous and is arguably the most sexually adventurous of all women from any ethnic background, simply because of the following reasons:

1. The Black woman will reciprocate what is given to her.

2. The Black woman is willing to try something new, but not without being assured there is nothing too weird, too painful, too grotesque, too expensive, too nasty, too damaging to her hair (yeah I did add that) too disgusting, and too criminal.

3. The Black woman is a challenge to please and if you succeed in pleasing her, she will succeed in pleasing her man.

4. The Black woman is serious about her sex, and if she can’t make a man release his sexual frustration she will take it personal.

5. The Black woman knows what she has to give and what she can do, and will not stop until a man recognizes that what she has he can’t get from any other woman, that also includes other Black women!

So just make sure the next time you think you want to “get it on” with a Black woman that you had better have those taste buds ready! If not, the member in your jeans will stay there…if you want to have a sexual encounter with a Black woman!

I Love You But, God Loves You More!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Purpose of Prayer

I happen to speak to my friends quite often. Some friends more than others, but I try to keep in contact with all of them. Keep the communication lines open. See what is going on in their lives. Make sure they don’t need anything. Assure that they are not ill and to determine whether or not they need my assistance. In other instances you just miss your buddy and want to chat for awhile so that the longing is satisfied. All in all the relationship is sustained and people know what occurring in each other’s lives. It could be good, bad, tragic, triumph or indifferent. The end result is one of satisfaction most of the time that you were able to speak to your friend and get whatever that was needed out in the open notwithstanding if the contact was initiated by either person or individual. This is the purpose of prayer.

Some people have long conversations and some conduct small talk. I have heard many people in church pray in a fashion that is elaborate, and others that just say what is on their mind to the congregation. Some of my prayers have been long and drawn out. Other prayers have been as short as one sentence; the end result is some variety of satisfaction. I have whispered a prayer, said it aloud, and said it in the shower, lying in bed, on my knees, in the car while driving, at many different times and during many various activities. Once again the end result…satisfaction.

These conversations I have had with God are similar to the conversations that I have had with my friends. I do not call my friends EVERY TIME and ONLY when I want or desire something. On the same token, I do not pray to God EVERY TIME and ONLY when I want or need something. I am simply sustaining a relationship. I am letting Him know how I am doing. He is my friend, so why can’t I call Him and talk to Him whenever I need my friend? As I continue to impose, the purpose of prayer is simple and should end with the same result, although I have been in places and in situations when the result is clear, yet it is not accepted and acted upon.

For example, my good friend Sophia has had it rough the past couple of years. A lot of changes and hardships and let me tell you she is a praying woman, I just noticed that there was a reason that things would not change after she prayed. I had to look at myself and put myself in her situation (I have probably been in most of them myself) and wonder what the problem (that was still present) could be. Then I asked her…”What is the reason of you talking and praying to God when after you are finished, you still worry about the very thing you prayed about?” I let her know that she has to stop worrying after the “AMEN” is said and let Him handle it. I cited examples of things that she had a worry about in the past, finding a job, health, bad roommates, bills, getting a car, her living situation, etc. and when she stopped making it an overarching topic of her mind that things changed. My advice is the same to you… stop worrying about what you prayed about and for just let it go and He will make change come to pass. The end result …satisfaction.

The next time you call, text, e-mail, Facetime, Instant Message, your friends remember the purpose of prayers that you send up. Remind yourself of the feeling that you receive when you end those conversations. Some may say, “See ya!”, “Talk to you later!”, “I’ll holla!”, “Later!”, “Peace!”, “Good bye!”, etc. when then conversation has ended and all is said, done, and satisfied. Do the same after you say “Amen!” to complete your discussion with God. Be satisfied and stop worrying! That is the purpose of prayer!

I Love You But, God Loves You More!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Things A Black Woman Won't Do! Volume 5...Be Seen in Public Without the Hair Done!!

Locks, long, short, micro-braids, box braids, finger waves, Jheri curl, perm, corn rows, bob, shag, afro, French roll, etc. It is not a secret that Black women love to get their hair done. Whether they relax the hair, straighten the hair, get the hair washed, blown dry, weaved, extended, cut, flat ironed, shaved, etc. the hair is getting done. You can believe that…boo-boo!!

With that said, maybe you have said or heard some if not all of the following quotes:

"Girl where did you get your hair done? It looks fierce!"

(Don't expect an answer to this question. The more clients the stylist gets the less likely the woman being asked will be able to get an appointment.)


"I just paid $75.00 to get my hair done and it has to last until Saturday, so we are not doing anything tonight! So don't even try it!"

(Don't expect to get you some lovin' fellas. She told you that the hair got done, the day in which the hair style must look fresh, and that you will not get any sexual activity and/or favors until after that day!)


"Those Dominican's sure do know how to do my hair right! Plus they are so cheap!"

(This is a controversial statement because many of the Black ladies that I know that frequent Dominican hair salons have their own hair (meaning it is long and grew from their scalp), or their hair is very difficult to straighten in the traditional Black hair salon, or their hair is extremely thick and the Dominican stylists have some magic potion (not Rio.. .some of you remember that "perm") to straighten their hair.


"Well, I am about to get off the phone because I am going to wash my hair so I will call you later!"

(Men know that when the latter is said by a Black woman that you will get a return call the next day. The washing of hair for Black women is a process in which extreme concentration is paramount and any distraction will not be tolerated!


"Hey I am going to have to call you back because I am sitting under the dryer at the salon!"

I never understood this one. Why answer the damn phone knowing you are under the hair dryer and can hardly hear me?


“Do you have a hat, shower cap, book, newspaper, or something? Because if my hair gets wet in this rain it will puff up like a blow fish and I am not having that!”

The note you should keep in mind when in this situation is that, you must have some type of item whether in your car or at home that will protect the woman’s hair if water is around. Don’t find yourself without it! The Black woman’s attitude will change to one of worry. Don’t be surprised if they are looking at their hair in the mirror, phone reflection from camera or screen, sunglasses, or some instrument that they can make sure their hair has not puffed up like a troll on their head.


"Hey, baby we should stay in and watch some movies tonight because I can’t go anywhere with my hair looking like this. I do not like being seen without my hair done. My hair is a mess right now. My stylist is out of town on vacation and (he or she) is the only one that I will let touch my hair. Shit, I would let Yolanda do it, but she...I don't even know! So are you coming over?"

I don't even think I need to explain the aforementioned!

If any of the previous has been heard whether you said it or someone else, then you know what is soon to follow afterwards...Do Rag, Hair Scarf, Rollers, Clips, Hair Barbie pins, you fill in the blank. It will even go as far as a Black woman dawning a wig to ensure that her own hair (that includes the sewn in weave) is unblemished.

I debated it and I am going to mention some experiences with a few ladies in my past and their hair. Have I given them any nicknames to protect them from any embarrassment? NOPE!!



Cornrows = PAIN

Candi had these nice, shiny scalp corn rows (thanks Eve from the Ruff Ryders for making these popular) on her head. She complained that she had a headache because of how tight the braids were. The next complaint was the amount of hair pomade that was staining her pillows and now a towel had to be placed on the pillow for her to sleep. She did not dare take that head scarf off of her head! I was also surprised she did not get a concussion from beating the hell out of her head because the damn corn rows were itching and the Barbie pins were stuck so far in her head it broke the skin of her scalp! That was epic!



Long and Silky Wig to Kinky, Dry, and Nappy Natural = AWFUL!

Natalie might remember as well as I do a training that was conducted for a job at a residential treatment center in the 757 portion of Virginia. I remember vividly a young lady that worked for Human Resources leading the charge in the training sessions for our job assignments. She was a light skinned, thick, pretty chick and I did flirt with her a little. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday her hair was middle of the shoulder length and very straight or what women would say permed or relaxed. Thursday and Friday I thought we had a different Black woman training us because the long and silky hair was gone. The hair the entire class saw those two days was blown out, thin, ashy, dry, and she looked like a damn troll. I couldn't believe that she would let the wig or whatever hair she had on the days prior go, and then come out of the door looking like her hair was some old ass carpet. One thing is for sure, I know she had a scarf on her head when she slept at night! Oh the traumatic sight I still remember!!!



Long and Silky to Natural Jheri Curl = AMAZING!

She would get her hair done every week with some lady named Susie. Guess where Susie was styling her client’s hair? That’s right at the Dominican hair salon. The funny thing about Simanco’s hair was that when it was not straight it was as curly as a Jheri curl. If her hair was wet, that is exactly what it resembled. Straight up 1980’s style all the way! It reminded me of one those girls that sang with the musical group called The Jets. If you put Simanco in the video or on the stage with them she would fit right in. There is a weakness with her hair and that weakness is moisture. I tell you, when the awful molecules of liquid in their gas or liquid form hit her hair, all bets are off. Her hair will tighten up, from its straightened stance. I have seen it in person. It is like Dr. Banner changing into the Incredible Hulk! It was always amazing to me how different the hair would be from the simple straight, silky, and long to the curly, tight, vice grip like curls that her hair would transform into. Wow!



Various natural hair styles

Main Style: The Afro = SIMPLY SEXY!

I am sucker for it. When she and I first met, the afro was my weakness. I don’t know what it is about a big, natural, freshly picked afro, but I love it. I kind of miss seeing it on Tomiko because she did a great job with her ‘fro! It was not the traditional tightly packed afro, it was a more of a free and loose afro, and it was simply gorgeous. Most people know I am a sucker for an afro, and I am looking forward to a specific person who will remain nameless to get her afro style on and poppin’! I digress. Tomiko had various hair styles going on for her when we would hang out. She did the flat iron natural long hair. She would place her hair in a pony tail at times. The main style she would rock (at least for the most part) was the afro. She knew I was a sucker for it and had no reservations in making sure it was something that would make me sweat.

It can be seen in various style and fashion couture magazines, on the street, on the subway, the bus, the mall, wherever you go. Black woman have an affinity to their hair to the point that it is a major factor in making life decisions. Some Black women will cut their hair to a short or shorter style after a hard and tumultuous relationship break-up. In addition, they will cut their hair because the hair is too hot upon their neck in the summer. Other Black women will add hair extensions or hair weave to speed up the process of their shortened hair to grow faster. Some Black women will switch their hair-do with the aid of a wig to help them feel more glamorous or to hide some imperfection that they do not want seen. Whatever the reason might be, I feel that Black women are beautiful when they keep it simple.

I would suggest to the sistahs that they find their signature style. It may take a long duration of time, trying out many styles, cutting and growing your hair, wearing long and shot haired wigs, enduring bad perms and split ends, the list can go on. Just find your style that you are the most comfortable with AND looks good on YOU! I would hate to have a portal of photos on my person just so I can figure out who you are because of the plethora of hair styles that can be produced in just a month, hell even a year that I could not recognize you! If you would not like to be characterized by your hair, then please for the sake of all that is good on earth, do not use your hair as a limitation to what you can and can’t do in your life.

I Love You, But Got Loves You More!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Soilder in The Army of Love

A common cliche' comes to mind...

All is fair in love and war!

It is true.  I sometimes find myself wondering if I am a casualty, prisoner of war, prisoner of love, missing in action, commander, general, petty officer, private, or even retired.  I don't know these days. 

We are all trying to get to the point in which we want to live our lives and enjoy it with someone in which we can not function without.  We yearn for that man/woman in which we love to lay with at all times of the day and night.  We wish to day and night dream about that individual that amazes us and yes, causes us to do some crazy and unimaginable things.  People desire to share their past, present, and future world with that someone who will take the chance and opportunity to understand them and love them under no particular rules and circumstances.  Since ancient volumes of fairy love tales have been written...the desire, want, and need for love has not changed.

Then, when an unknown time in your life appears, and you have gone through the battles, skirmishes, wars, conflicts, spats, affairs, dilemmas, and have either become a winner, a loser, or a no contest result, you want to retire and be in love. I find myself in the position of a 5-star general about to apply for disability...sometimes the heart and mind can't take anymore.

I am sure I am not the only one who has made a battle plan, only to change it when the person you are fighting for has decided that your territory is not the place to explore and lay claim.  I am sure that others, not only myself have exhausted all resources and have pulled out all of the creative tactics to garner the white flag of others in our conquest of the "land of emotions, desire, and the heart". How many have decided to lay down grenades and bombs of possible mistrust and disrespect to gain a response that will guide us in the direction we should go?  Recall the times in which you have had long conversations with your allies to develop a new plan of action or strategy, only to be blindsided by an attack that left you wounded and questioning rather or not you should go on.  I know I have been in situations in which the cost was too high and the reward was too low and I decided to pack up the camp and retreat, never to engage in a war with that person ever again.

There are many different outcomes and several ways and means to get to a desired and sometimes undesired result, the only thing I can say is ...Keep Fighting!  You have to believe in the future! The battleground can get cold, lonely, and treacherous.  There might be an "unfriendly" littered along the path to the person you desire, but you have to keep fighting.  If you have no one to fight for or to fight with, keep fighting anyway. There is always pain within your passion, and the desire to fulfill that passion is what blocks out the pain.

I know that things are changing as far as love is concerned in my own fight. If I can offer some advice, I would say to do the following:

1.  Pick your battles wisely!

 - Some people are not worth the resources, time, and energy to fight for.

2.  Never lose sight of your goal and who you are!

 - Never change the fiber of your being, your integrity, or your values to gain an advantage. In the end, you have only hurt yourself.

3.  Stand up for what is right! 

-Just because someone may look good, it may not be good for you.  Eliminate the wrong ones before your love camp is compromised.

4. Too much gathering of intelligence from outside sources can cause unwarranted controversy. 

-Your allies are YOUR allies and are not going to fight all of your battles or always have the correct information.  If it is "TOP SECRET" then it is for a reason.  Sometimes you may need to label your own files.

5.  Everything and everyone is not for everybody!

- Create your own tactics and strategy for your own battles.  What may work for one person may not work for you.

6.  It is okay to retreat and lose. 

-There is nothing wrong with attending to your wounds and realizing that some battles are not meant for you to win.  You are too tired and spent to continue waging a war you know you won't win.  Remember during those times that sometimes you have won...even when it appears you have lost!

I have not yet fully retired, and I do enjoy the opportunity of new conquests and lands to explore.  I am just doing it in a more intelligent way.  I know that one day in the future I shall have a great ceremony in which I am dressed to the nines with all of my allies around me watching the conquest end, my surrender, and the young lady to whom I have rendered my white flag to will retire this 5- star general as her "prisoner of love".  She will not only be my "medal", but my "lady of honor"!!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Humble Pie Is Not The Best Dessert!

I used to date a model and we got back in touch last year and decided to try the relationship "thing" again. When we initially met in 2006 I can honestly say that my confidence was not as high and assured as it is now. I was unsure of myself and also not very mature in my skin to actually recognize and embrace my worth. I suppose she saw that I was a very intelligent guy, but I was not someone she desired to date. Besides, she is/was a model at that point in time, I was not in her league. I was not her "pedigree". I was not someone that was as pleasing on her eyes as she was used to dating. Alright to make it more plain, I was not model I am now! LOL

The year 2011 comes along and the "model" and I meet up again. I am more confident and not as self conscious about my appearance as in the past. We were intimate and not to brag but I did put it down! There was no doubt that the guy from 2006 had seriously gone into hibernation, never to wake up and appear again. During this time frame I recall she and I had a conversation concerning money and love. When asked a question via e-mail... "What she would marry for?", she simply said... she would "marry for money because there is no one who would love her". Our last date occurred (when I returned from San Francisco) proved to me she was no longer the confident model I met, but more like a shell of a person, a mass of superficial values and shallow virtues I did not want to get to know anymore. I decided to move on and she was well aware of me doing so. I am not a cash register, I am a man and I know I am a damn good guy to be with and not for mere financial gain.


Last night I received a text message from the "model". She asked how I was doing and since I am recovering from surgery I told her what I was going through. I then asked how she was doing. She told me some shocking things...

1. She had just moved out of her apartment to one of her parent's houses.
2. She is playing catch up on her finances.
3. She admits that she did not do what she was supposed to do to sustain herself in a responsible adult fashion.
4. She is still single.

The conversation moved forward and I decided to ask her (out of pure curiosity) what she would do differently so that she would not be in the situation again. Her reply... "I will start to save more money in July". I could hear my mother speaking in my ear concerning this woman. I know for myself there will come a time in all of our lives, no matter how good looking you might be, how rich, how smart, how healthy, how affluent in any part of life you might be, that you WILL BE humbled! If you are not thankful and recognize WHO and HOW you were blessed, it can all fizzle away in just a matter of time. At any instant it can all be taken away. Then and only then does that memory come into mind to bring you back and place you back into the size that you know you are. "Humble Pie", might be a hello of a dish to eat, but it is a waste if it does not digest well.

I wish the model well in her attempt to become financially stable and have the ability to love herself because of who she is and not how she looks. I also hope that she will realize that money is not the source of finding lasting and loving relationships. Money is made to enjoy the things we need and want in life. In addition, I do hope she finds a man that will love her and that she will love him for who he is and not how she can benefit financially.

I Love You But, God Loves You More!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

If you really want to judge me...

For the past several years there has been a statement that many individuals have said and allowed it to flow from their tongues with no equivocation in a joking fashion, but yet they are serious ...
"Don't judge me!"
In contrast, I say...
Please do judge me!
It is no secret that I have done some pretty rotten things in my life. In addition, people as a whole have done some very nasty things to others and well, we all have to pay our dues and reap what we sow I feel that it is not wise to tell someone or give the directive to not to judge you, knowing that it is giong to be done anyway. I have worked hard not to judge anyone, and try to realize that people will be people and that we are all in this world trying to do the following: 1. Be happy! 2. Make a living to take care of ourselves and/or our family! 3. Have the maximum amount of benefit out of life for the minimum amount of sacrifice! 4. Make sure when we leave this life that we leave it in peace.
There might be more, but those are just a few off of the top of my head. I often wonder why there is so much emphasis on not being judged. What is it that we are afraid of? Condemnation from self or friends? Having to hear from someone how right they were and how wrong you were concerning a decision you made for your life and your choice not to take their advice? How others will look at us if the "skeletons" in our closet are revealed? Will we get funny looks from those and snickers from individuals that might have heard or know of our transgressions? What is it that makes us refrain from being a participant or the subject of open scrutiny? I don't have the answers to those questions. For the most part I doubt it will do any good or change the mindset of society if the answers were given, accepted, ratified, and posted on billboards and websites all over the world. All I can say is that I accept your judgments of me on an open platter. In point of fact, I ponder when I attend church (since every sinner has a past) that people are scared of what folks in the "Church" may think and/or say about them. If you were a:
Drug abuser, Sexually promiscuous man or woman, Thief, Criminal, Liar, Murderer, Adulterer, Abuser, A low down, dirty, conniving, evil, guttery, tramp, scoundrel, parasite, of an individual
Thank God you aren't one anymore and no need to be ashamed or be fearful of judgments from someone in the house of God or elsewhere! I do believe that God has used some of the aforementioned categories of persons to do great works despite the lives they led. People...If you want to judge me or others please do! It is an honor to be on your mind. It is deeply flattering that you think enough of me and other folks to say comments to those that have an ear to hear and eyes to see of what kind of person I am. I would only hope that when that day comes when standing in that line to determine from your life's work if you will be walking the road towards Heaven or Hell that you are standing next to me. I'd love to see how much talking you will be doing then, as you will be judged. I can only imagine if my name or the names of those you have condemned will be mentioned and a determining factor to where you will spend eternity. A quick solution would be to apply the rule has been said over and time again... IF YOU HAVE NOTHING GOOD TO SAY, (about a person) THEN SAY NOTHING AT ALL!!
I Love You, But God Loves You More!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Apologies Are Not Really Meant For You!

I received a series of text messages this afternoon from a young lady I had a liking for. We met at a roof top party in the Summer of 2011 and we hit it off very well. She is a native of Jacksonville, FL so for all intensive purposes of this blog her name will be "Jaguar"!

We went on a few dates and while I had and interest in progressing our friendship, I thought that feeling was mutual. The incident that turned me off was her attitude at a concert we attended many months ago and from that point on I decided to exit stage left and scale down my attempts to zero. My thought process was that if she wasn't going to show any interest in moving forward to something more, then I am not going to show any either. I didn't call that much if any after that concert. I text her seldom if at all. I moved on and knew it wasn't worth my time. I pretty much placed her in the, "hear nothing and know nothing" portion of my mind.

Today Jaguar decided to text me. The following are the text responses (in text short hand of course):

Jaguar - Hey Clint. How are you? Are u on facebook?

Clint - Sup stranger and yes I do.

Jaguar - Life is what's up! Ok I'm going to add u if I can find u lol.

Clint - Yes life is always changing.

Jaguar - Cool. Well I have to be honest with you. I've been self reflecting. I know that I kinda disappeared on you. The truth is...I want to apologize. I should have been honest like you asked. I felt that you may have wanted more than friendship and that's what I want. So I didn't want you to get the wrong impression. I really do feel like I want to apologize for the way it happened. That's all.

Clint - Before I respond. R u sure of what you wrote. It kind of confuses me.

Jaguar - What r u confused abt? It makes sense to me but that doesn't mean u get it lol.

Clint - You said that I may have wanted more than a friendship and that's what you want. Does that mean you wanted more or you just wanted a friendship?

Jaguar - I just wanted a friendship but thought u wanted more.

Clint - Ok. Well I accept your apology. I figured you had no interest in me after awhile so its cool.

Jaguar - Glad u accept. I don't see u on fb tho.

Clint - Doesn't mean I am not still pissed about it. Wow u can't find it?

Jaguar - I don't expect you not to be pissed. You're human. I just kno that I could've clearly handled it better and I am woman enuff to say so

Clint - Well i hope no one does that to you.

Jaguar - Point taken

To be plain and simple, an apology is not for you to see that a person is admitting that they have done you wrong. The apology is for the other person to feel better and make amends to their own self-conscious to what they have done to someone else. The willingness so tell someone that you are wrong and that you are sorry for what you have done is cleansing and beneficial for the one giving the apology and that individual only. Many people have done pitiful and hurtful things to me and vice versa. We all are persons that can be liars, wrongful, rude, and full of shit to others. You, as a reader of this blog know exactly what I am speaking of. The prerequisite of being honest starts with being honest with yourself. For some reason many feel that since they have apologized to you, that things are all swell and dandy. Next, the recipient of the apology should be ready and able to let person rendering the apology back into their lives and continue life as if nothing has happened. NOPE!!

If I would have responded to Jaguar with the anger and mean spirited attitude that I might have deep within, that would have made me look like the person who was immature and had the problem. It is always better to let the person know that it would be a shame if someone did the same mess they did to you, to them. People really do not like fairness of life and do not want Karma's stunt double to be on stage, dancing in front of them as she/he is sliding up and down the pole, mesmerizing you, only for his/her to strike you from behind. Can't act like she/he isn't coming, we all know Karma is!

In addition, as I have written time and time again in this blog and in my dating life, I ask for two things...time and honesty! Another lady proves that what I ask for might seem simple, but difficult to act upon.

By the way, the reason that Jaguar could not find me on Facebook is because, I have made it so that I can not be found by essentially searching for my name or e-mail address. HA HA HA!!! I wonder if she is ever going to figure that out!!

I Love You But, God Loves You More!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So Disrespectful!!!

I have a vast knowledge of how to approach women. I have done it since I have been in the realm of dating. There is one question that both men and women ask at the outset of getting to know someone. Moreover, in befriending people there is a question that is asked not only for the sake of general knowledge, but also for the sake of seeing if you and this particular individual may have something in common. Here is the question...

Where are you originally from?

Everyone asks that question, I am pretty sure! The tricky part of this question is actually REMEMBERING, where the person is from. I can pretty much tell you where folks are from. Here are some examples:

T.J. - Chesapeake
Sandra - New York
Joe - Alabama
Crystal - South Carolina
Sunshine - Detroit
Mimi - Va. Beach
My mommy - North Carolina
Katheryne - Maine
Dizzy - Virginia
Leah - Pittsburgh
Duddy - Roanoke
Koko - Philadelphia
Lauren - New York
Adonia - Oakland
George - D.C.
Keith - Alexandria, VA
*Madison - Pittsburgh

It is pretty simple to know and remember this one portion of an individuals life. In addition, some of the people I have named I may have known for less than a year and some for more than 4 or 5 years.

This brings me to the person that has an asterisk. Madison has done the unthinkable. She has known me for over a year. She has slept with me. She has had dinner with me. She has slept in my bed, drank, and got drunk with me. She's been in my car. I've been to her house. We've stayed in a hotel overnight and...wait for it...wait for it...does not know where I am from originally! She claims that she wants to start a relationship with me and she doesn't even know where I call home? She has lost her chance PERIOD!

Furthermore, she states that I never told her where I was from? I know I asked her and I know she asked me. Such a shame. Do you know what else I find it? I find that... let me see here hmmmmm...


I Love You But, God Loves You More!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Things A Black Woman Won't Do! Volume 4...Accept Interracial Relationships!

What would make a Black woman utter the words...

"There are no good Black men!?"

What would make a Black woman exclaim...

"Black men are low down and dirty scum of the Earth!"?

What makes a Black woman convinced when she says...

"I am done with Black men! They are all the same!"?

I suppose it could be one or all of the following scenarios.

Scenario One:

The Black man that has impregnated the Black woman, does not honor his end of the relationship with the child that is finally born and becomes an absent father, both in financial and parental support.

Scenario Two:

The Black man thought to be fond of or in love with the Black woman abuses her physically and verbally.

Scenario Three:

The Black woman has provided and contributed more in a financial sense because of her education and lucrative employment in the household than the Black man despite his lack of education and lack of a well paying job. He isn't grateful and is wasteful with the funds he earns and does not care or wish to place money into the household for his own selfish reasons.

I have experienced all three of the former scenarios, which led my mother to speak the words mentioned in the latter. I replied...

Aren't you raising your son to be "good", to be "honorable", and to be "different" than the Black men that you have dealt with?

My mother never said another word that was negative about Black men from that point on. It is sad to say that other Black women that have dealt with various gruesome situations with Black men. Their displeasure and disgust has transcended into a hatred to the point that they refuse to date Black men anymore and have turned to dating men of another ethnicity. That is not the purpose of this blog. The point of this blog is to make light of the near hatred that Black women display on their faces and in their heart when they see a Black man dating, married to, or have a child with a woman of another ethnicity or race. This topic is a horse of a different color (No pun intended...or maybe it is?).

I had a conversation with a Black young lady I will name "V-Love" and her tone and disposition changed when the topic of interracial dating was brought up. She has extreme frustration when she considers herself to be a "good" Black woman that has "put up" with a lot of B.S. from Black men and for some reason, these Black men have decided to test the waters of love with a woman of a different ethnic background. She in a way feels abandoned and distraught that here she is, all a Black man could ever need and want, and a Black man decides to choose someone that isn't her, nor have any racial relation to her via skin color or otherwise. I will even go further and say that my ex-girlfriend (who is a single mother of a teenage daughter) did not like when her sister married and had a child with a White man. She also said in our conversations that she would be disappointed if her daughter dated a man that was of another ethnic background. I was taken aback by that, but nevertheless she and "V-Love" share that same disdain and frustration.

In addition, I have spoken to a plethora of Black women that despise and hate the thought that since they are "good" (I will also include my ex as being good because she was a great girlfriend when we were getting along) that a Black man would over look them for someone of a different race. It displays that Black women are somewhat naive when it comes to the root of the problem and the solution. Before someone gets upset and says that I do not have the ability to be unbiased, I will also include my beloved mother in this grouping of naive Black women.

Here are a few solutions in helping Black women to deal with the realization of interracial relationships...

1. Everything ISN'T for everybody! - Not every Black man on the planet is supposed to be with a Black woman. If that was the case then there would be no combined colors to beautify the Earth. There would be no pink flowers because the combination of white and red produce pink. There would be no green flowers because when combined, yellow and blue make green. With all of the colors on this Earth that are produced and can be adored, not every color is mixed with their own and not every mixed color has combined with another mixed color. If nature can deal with it and produce a beautiful array of visual expressions, then why can't a Black woman do the same thing?

2. Make BETTER choices in the men that you date! - A lot of the stigma that Black women have for Black men can be changed with a simple inventory of what you find important in a Black man. If he does not posses it then move on. Leave him alone! Stop making excuses for him!

There are many ways to do this. Consider the following, if ALL women would only date men that have college degrees, then ALL men would be busting their tail to get college degrees. Ladies have that unspoken power over men knowing how competitive we are to fight to acquire and run through the fire to get what we desire. (I like that it rhymes!) When you ask the question about his education you can rest assured that he would have gone on and made sure he had his college degree. You and other women set a standard that NO man will ever get a chance with you UNLESS he had attained this goal.

So let me tie in solution one with the aforementioned thought. Since everything isn't for everybody, and college isn't for everyone, and attaining a college degree is not the goal for many for their life to be complete, and that some women may not even care if a man has a college degree or not, then making better choices weeds out those that may cause you to have second thoughts about a particular trait that they have.

It seems that just by allowing yourself not to budge on one issue that the selection process has gotten easier. Sure there are exceptions that we make for everyone that we encounter, just think about WHEN those exceptions are made not WHY the exceptions and overlooking has been done. If he is not meeting AND exceeding the personal parameters set for your dating life then DON'T CHOOSE HIM! Stop trying to change a man into what you want him to be, if he isn't on par with you, then stroll on to the next one!

3. Be more confident in who you are! - Many Black women will not admit it, but having a problem with the color of the woman that a Black man has chosen makes YOU look insecure about who you are! It is not that serious to "grit" or "mean-mug" an interracial couple. What does that make you look like? You guessed it, the one with the problem. I have written a blog on this site entitled, What You Eat Don't, Make Me Shyt! this should be your thinking when you see a couple of this nature. Their choice of who to love, who to have sex with, who to kiss, who to have a date with, who to endear the rest of their life to should have no effect on you.

For instance...There are a lot of "church goin'", "hand clappin'", "tambourine shakin'", Black women. I see them on Sunday morning having a good time in church. Take them out of the church setting and into a situation in which they see an interracial couple and it seems that the ugly personality comes out of them and the dirty looks and snickers are sure to accompany. The odd thing is that the same "church goin'", "hand clappin'", "tambourine shakin'", Black women have never seen Jesus Christ or God and worship Him without knowing His color, but would have a problem with His creations loving one another. Why? Because the colors aren't the same! Why? Because the "church goin'", "hand clappin'", "tambourine shakin'" Black woman would say, "Hey, that Black man is meant to be with a Black woman like me...Praise Moses!" That is totally wrong and childish.

I mentioned to my ex the same thought and she was silent afterwards. It was even quieter when I supported the fact that her Black sister MARRIED a White man and they produced a child. As we all know children are BLESSINGS from God Almighty! Should my ex then look at her own nephew with disdain and disgust because of the choice her sister made to marry and create a beautiful child that was a blessing from the good Lord? I seriously doubt it! Of course she wanted to change the subject!

4. Stop making the relevant men relevant! I have said it time and time again that since I am a Black man that is not in the news or a negative statistic that I am not relevant. I am a man with higher education, a man that is heterosexual, a man who has never been involved in the criminal justice system, a man who is childless, a man who is STD free, a man who is financially stable, and a man who is living in his own home; yet and still ladies go and want to date the "bad boy" and date the men that cause the headlines on the radio and television air waves. These Black women say there are NO GOOD BLACK MEN, when I know plenty of Black men that are like myself who would love to be with a lady OF ANY COLOR! I know there are plenty of GOOD BLACK WOMEN because they are always made relevant in the media. It is rare that Black men are thought of in this fashion ESPECIALLY when many Black women are making reference to those men that are the antithesis of what I am and many of my Black male friends are. YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS AND STRADDLE BOTH SIDES OF THE FENCE!

The more that Black women claim that there are NO GOOD Black men, the less likely they are to find those GOOD Black men and consequently...they just might consider dating or date a man of a different race! How silly would it then be to receive the same scowls and mean looks that these same Black women gave others who decided to date individuals from another ethnic background? Very silly indeed!

I am sure that the debate can go on for years about this topic, and I am sure that it will. The one thing to notice is that the interracial dating issue will not go away because love will not go away. Love will not die and love will not choose to be with couples that only exist of the same ethnic background. I have dated many women from different races and they are all the same to me. I have been criticized and told hurtful things from all races that know that I have done this, but I don't really care. The world would be boring knowing that the only colors that exist are those that do not mix. If that was the case then ask yourself a serious question that happen to be lyrics to a song by Curtis Mayfield...

If you had a choice of color
Which one would you choose my brothers
If there was no day or night
Which would you prefer to be right
How long have you hated your white teacher
Who told you, you love your black preacher
Do you respect your brother's woman friend
And share with black folks not of kin

I Love You But, God Loves You More!

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Things A Black Woman Won't Do! Volume 3...Have a "CAN DO" attitude!

I am a positive person, or at least I try to be. In the life of a Black man that has mostly dated Black women, I have heard many things that will deny me (or any man) the ability or the propensity to get to know more about a lady. We ALL have our preferences and concentrations on what we find attractive and have defined our point of non-compromise. Men and women of all ethnicities, and especially my "sistas" talk about their "deal breakers".

For the sake of completeness and clarity a "deal breaker" is defined as:
An issue/occurrence(whether tangible, or superficial) that would stop an individual from starting and/or continuing the process of courting with the opposite sex.

Some examples of "deal breakers" are:

Lack of a job
Lack of a car
An abundance of children (one child can be too many for some)
Gold teeth...well bad dental aesthetics period
A cornucopia of friends of the opposite sex
Lack of a degree
Financial stability
A plethora of tattoos

I have have had conversations and been on plenty of dates and situations in which a Black woman will tell me her "deal breakers". Naturally one will take a mental inventory and see that they do fit the portal of preferences that will keep your chances of moving forward and progressing sustainable. Unfortunately after awhile it becomes more annoying hearing what a Black woman "can't do" rather than what she "can do"?

Maybe it is human nature as a whole about what a person will not accept and their willingness and boldness to share it to anyone who will listen. I feel there comes a time that you have to realize your abilities both mental and physical in a relationship as opposed to your difficulties to starting or continuing one. Many Black women seem to lack this ability, UNLESS it is brought to their attention.

I was in a situation in which a Black woman who we will name "Duddy" would tell me many of the "deal breakers" she had. Here are a few of Duddy's "deal Breakers"

Distance (out of state)
No education
Not financially stable
Having more than 1 child
Not having pretty teeth
No automobile

All of that was well and good with me. I suppose I was able to move to the next step of courting her since I was not in the categories previously mentioned. The problem came when there were no more conversations about what Duddy CAN'T do, and what Duddy CAN do! I asked her specifically and she could not answer the question. I can say that is where the courting stopped. I was not willing to move further with a person that is not willing to look within herself and find the things she CAN do. In point of fact, I suppose Duddy did not want to progress with me because I was someone she COULDN'T do (no pun intended)!

This seems to be a problem not only for Duddy, but for my good buddy...Tonya aka "Sunshine" (as Dizzy would call her). Tonya would be quick to tell me the things that she could not achieve with me and dodge plans we made for us to hang out. Her difficulties in doing things and hooking up. The apathy of ability to make plans with me in the long term. How she CAN NOT deal with issues that will put her on the spot and make definitive decisions that require conviction and a test of integrity. I caught on to that vibe. So I simply asked her one night to tell me what she can do and give me the things that she has the ability to do. The plans she can make. The time she can give and spare. The abilities that can come to fruition. To this day, those questions and requests have fell on deaf ears!

I am aware that I would be a fool to ask a Black woman or any woman for that matter what she CAN NOT do, put up with, compromise, accept, look the other way, give a person a pass, allow a mulligan, etc. Here is the irony of the situation that I find peculiar. With ALL that the Black woman has endured, triumphed, overcame, and so on, why can't many of them speak about what it is they CAN DO? I have heard the negativity with the name "boo-boo" at the end of their phrase and I can't hear anything that is positive. Why? Because nothing positive and optimistic is ever uttered.

There have to be some Black women out there that can tell us men some encouraging words and some gospel. There have got to be some Black women with good vibes and energy that strive to talk about their aptitude and not their incapability's. I like those aspects. So until that time, I'll just wait and see. There are some out there...maybe they will comment on this blog.

Before I am criticized about this blog, I do have some proof.

Remember this...

Philippians 4:13
King James Version (KJV)
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

What are your "deal makers" instead of your "deal breakers"?
What is it that you CAN do or your CAPABILITIES in a relationship rather than what you CAN'T do or INCOMPETENCE'S?

I Love You But, God Love's You More!