Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Pink Panther

I know that I’m looking at you in our retrospect
Strangely these days
Please pardon my flabbergasted facial attitude
Sometimes I know you want to call
Other times I wish I could call as well
But to be realistic
I can’t control the head-prints of others on your pillow
I can only control mine
I continue constantly reminiscing about when you would whisper in my ear
Inviting me to take part in your honey tasting opportunities
Then our mutual taste testing episodes would proceed
So sweet, gentle, and satisfying every time you entered my domicile
Unfortunately those days and nights are gone
Dreaming that they were still around
Playful pleasing and tasteful teasing
Quenching our desire was always fun

Now I hear from some of our mutual friends…
So you 2 met at the party the other night
Now you have found someone new
I’m not hating, but I never thought that in the
Company of your girls you would ever feel this way
I thought that you only play with toys that don’t break
Do you remember me?
You never had to worry about changing or charging the batteries
The pulsation was never controlled by a calibrated setting
Your wrist won’t ever suffer carpel tunnel syndrome
Never will I be jealous, I know you love what I have
I’m much wider, longer, and stronger
Your artificial male, your pink panther
Could never replace me!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Straight nasty!

So the weather has warmed up considerably the past several days, and the folks are coming outside to relax and of course they are less dressed. (I do enjoy some of the sights that the ladies are presenting, but I digress!) Relaxation in the sun is a wonderful thing in some respects and in others it is quite sickening. Take for instance as I am walking to see about my transcript yesterday on the wonderful George Washington University campus and as I am walking by the student union building I see many folks laying in the grass reading, chatting, and surfing the net. Some are flat on their back taking in the rays of the sun and enjoying the weather. They are rolling in the grass hair all laying up in the weeds and grass blades.

I am laughing to myself because it is sickening to me. Why in the ham sandwich would you subject yourself to such foolishness? Hello folks don't you think the ants, pin worms, bugs, hell insects period feel like it is a nice day outside as well? Come on people that is straight nasty and they wonder why they have insect bites, scabs, tarnished is filthy to me. Look people sit on benches and chairs…please.That is what they are there for! That is disgusting. Remember if it is a nice day and warm and comfortable outside to you…then it is to the bugs as well!!! SOMEONE NEEDS TO CLEAN YOU WITH HOLY WATER AND SOME LYSOL!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

Just Call Her...SUGASNACKZ!!

Could you call my doctor because I think my blood sugar is high?

Please… To answer your question...Yeah it's going to be that way for awhile

Forever (maybe) I am sure of it

She is so damn sweet…not Frosted Flakes (of corn) sweet, not like the chocolaty, peanut buttery sweetness from a bag of Reese's Pieces

Nah...I mean the sweet like a sugar dumpling grandma made with left over dough

sweet like sucking the honey from those flowers that stink so damn much

I mean I am hooked I can't lie

Maybe even whipped…

Just call her Sugasnackz

I know I am not supposed to indulge in sweet things but I can't allow myself to be deprived of her

She is a butterscotch shake; tasty and filling...her calories to me are like an orgasm from a woman that hasn't had one…hmmm…since she first got some

{Sorry had to get a little ghetto…excuse me… urban}

But for real I can't allow myself to exist without trying to taste her...smell her…hear her…feel her

She is so warm like putting on a shirt freshly out of the's warm and it soothes

Sugasnackz has a fresh style all of her own…her process of getting dressed makes me…excitedly endowed and ready...if you check what I'm saying

From the colors of the attire, the perfection of manicured fingers and toes, from the shine from her teeth...the girl is sweet

Victoria has no secrets to hide and the rumors are true

Bath and body works has nothing in the catalog so sweet and smells so delectable

That's Sugasnackz

Cool and chill

Subtle and smooth

Just call her Sugasnackz

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Art of Sucking Up!

I do not give out very many compliments unless I really mean it. On the other hand, I do not receive very many compliments and if I do...yeah I question the motive behind it. I was told today that I was missed. You know I had to ask why because well, a person can miss a lot of things but if you don't ask what it is then you will not know. So I was told that my sense of humor and my warmth were missed. Doesn't that sound like a Hallmark card to you?

Well anyway I am very very hesitant of this response because I do not know where it is coming from and you know me, I ask. I was told that she thinks about me from time to time and then she asks why not? That doesn't answer the question. Well the whole point of it all is that I do question the kindness of others to actually see if it is kindness or an ulterior motive. In fact, in this particular situation I told her I was not interested and did not want to see her several months what's up with the sucking up? Time will soon tell but hell I refuse to let my guard down and especially not now!

I Love You, But God Love's You More!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Fukin' Wit Me!

Your momma got one mo' time
To call me out of my name
My whole reaction will change from respect
Into a murder suspect
If she keeps fukin' wit me
Keep on fukin' wit me
If they don't read the damn e-mail
I sent 3 times before
I ain't gonna send it no more
Take my shyt and walk out the door
They won't see me workin' here no more
If they keep fukin' wit me
Keep on fukin' wit me
Why is her drunk azz bumpin' into me
I know she got eyes to see
It won't take no time for my evil mind to think
Just let her make me spill my drink
If she keeps on fukin' wit me
Keep on fukin' wit me
I'm not gonna ask your brother any more times
I want back every last single dime
I done seen him wearin' a new gold chain
I might have to re-posses it as an even exchange
If he keeps on fukin' wit me
Keep fukin' wit me

Why y'all keep fukin' wit me?
Fukin' fukin' wit me?
What if I was fukin' wit you?
Just fukin' fukin' wit you?

I know yo' daddy tends to be really rude
And he's got one mo' time
Before I commit a crime
And whoop his behind
If he keeps on fukin' wit me
Keep fukin' wit me
Yo' sista truly has some nerve
Tellin' you every rumor 'bout me
That she claims she has heard
Don't make me tell what I know
She been spreadin' her bony azz legs from coast to coast
If she keeps on fukin' wit me
Keep fukin' wit me
My nasty neighbors ain't got no pride
They keep dumpin' their nasty trash outside
Let that trash be in front of my door
Imma throw these people from the fourth floor
If they keeps on fukin' wit me
Keep fukin' wit me

Why y'all keep fukin' wit me?
Fukin' fukin' wit me
She keeps fukin' wit me
Fukin' fukin' wit me
He keeps fukin' wit me
Fukin' fukin' wit me
You keep fukin' wit me
Fukin' fukin' wit me
They keep fukin' wit me
Fukin' fukin' wit me

The express line don't want to move
Imma tell dis lady need to take her azz back to school
I know she can count and not guess
Ain't got no where near 15 items or less
If she keeps fukin' wit me
Keep on fukin' wit me
If this child don't stop runnin' 'round the room
Imma send his azz to heaven real soon
Gonna knock the hell out of him
His momma need her tubes rearranged in to a jungle gym
If he keeps fukin' wit me
Keep on fukin' wit me
If he don't stop switchin' from lane to lane
Ain't nobody movin', and the light ain't change
He might not make it to his life's next page
Cuz imma unleash some serious road rage
If he keeps fukin' wit me
Keep on fukin' wit me

Why y'all keep fukin' wit me?
Fukin' fukin' wit me?
What if I was fukin' wit you?
Just fukin' fukin' wit you?

I Love You, But God Love's You More!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Your Do Do!

Your sunshades poppin' in sync with the Spring sun
Smelling sweeter than a Cuban breeze
You could walk past me any day...any time...
In my every dream or in all thoughts of my mind
You make my heart thump louder than a bass drum
Baby keep doing your do do
Keep doing your do do
I'll just keep wishin' that I'm the one you do it to
Diva is a word that I'm sure will offend you
Egolicious attitude with a sexy walk that is too smooth
Sexy thighs and hips makin' my mind take erotic guilt trips
Until I see you pass by me again
Baby keep doing your do do
Keep doing your do do
I'll just keep wishin' that I'm the one you do it to
Call it an infatuated crush if you must
But I can't wait 'til you come by my way again
Walk alone or walk with a crew of your friends
And I'll be standing there
So don't be gone for to long
Baby keep doing your do do
Keep doing your do do
I'll keep wishin' that I'm the one you do it to

I Love You, But God Love's You More!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Overlooked Easter Story

Circumstances from the past several months have caused me to have some insight on the Easter holiday and the importance of a part of the passage concerning Easter that is often overlooked.
I was prompted to write this by what a friend had said to me and also from what God said to me. Thus, I will express my interpretation. I will say that God really pays attention to detail and as a Chemist, I understand the impact that details have upon the smallest of things.
For the record I know I am not a person of the “cloth” and that I am not one who writes sermons as a pastor would do, I just submit my thoughts on this one verse, and trust that you too will find delight in it as I did.
Easter is this weekend and most of us know the story about the resurrection of Jesus Christ on that day. But did you ever think of the importance of the following verse:
John 20:1 (New International Version)
The Empty Tomb
Early on the first day of the week, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and saw that the stone had been removed from the entrance.

I have to say that it may look like a simple verse of what was seen, but to me it is more than that. I have a tomb that I have enclosed things in my life that I need to set free. Some issues with my way of thinking that is different from most people, the difficulty I have trusting people, my reluctance to allow myself to get involved in romantic relationships, pain from lost friends and family, my health and the various occurrences I deal with regarding that, and yes how much I truly miss my mommy. But I look at this verse and Jesus was trapped in a tomb as well.

I suppose it is alright to be trapped in that tomb that some of us are trapped in. You can label the stone of that tomb JESUS because that is where he was. You can label tomb a ALCOHOLISM because some folks are dealing with that. Some people have had issues stemming from HORRIBLE CHILDHOOD, dealing and coping with those who have lost someone they love in a violent or even in a way that took their life in a shocking fashion. Label that tomb LOSS. I have a tomb that has stone labeled DIABETES. I have a tomb that has a stone label TRUST. Others have tombs that have stones labeled, FAILING MARRIAGE, NOT ENOUGH MONEY FOR BILLS, PARENTING PROBLEMS, HOMELESSNESS, GETTING THROUGH SCHOOL, RELATIONSHIPS, FINDING A JOB, CANCER, PREGNANCY, HUNGER, DRUGS… and the list can go on and on. But it says in the aforementioned verse that the stone had been removed. And when it was removed Jesus was set free and we know the rest of that story.

I know that I have some stones that have enclosed and shut in some issues in my life that I know I can't deal with by myself, Lord knows I have tried, but I know for a fact that the God that sits high and looks down low, the God the gives us tests that He knows we can pass and that has been good to us, has rolled stones away. I know that some of the stones I have may have put a strain on me and my actions…how I speak and how I live. Some are really hard to overcome, but the fact of the matter is that God is still rolling stones away to allow you and I to let it go and be free.

I can envision and hear the sounds of stones being rolled away from our own personal tombs with various labels allowing freedom and joy to overwhelm us. I know I have asked God to roll my stones away, and they have been slowly moving away to allow myself to regain the appetite that I have for life that grows each day.

Tears of joy and jubilation…and that dance that accompanies it (like they are David) will come when my friends and others that I know that are going through it finally get those large boulders away from their personal tombs. Take it from me that life can only get sweeter and sweeter when those labeled and unlabeled stones that plague your life are gone.

I would never want to have a life in which God did not roll that stone away that was labeled JESUS. God did it for His son; imagine what He will do for us! I thank God in advance for rolling my stones away!

I Love You, But God Love's You More!