Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tweetheart...Please Tweet Responsibly?

I don't have a quick or itchy Twitter finger to tweet something that I feel in the 140 characters allotted.

Let's say I did, and you know what? I would not give a damn who is offended (provided I am not threatening or trying to intentionally hurt someone) what someone might feel about it. It is my Twitter or social networking page and those that follow, follow for a reason. Maybe they agree with what I tweet. Or maybe they don't agree and love my handsome face. LOL Or maybe it is none of the above, I guess they would have their own reasons.

Much like I do on this blog (in more than 140 characters) is give you my opinion, share my poetry, and offer you my thoughts on particular topics. People may agree, disagree, or what have you, I can not control the way you feel about what I say. I can only control how I say and convey my thoughts to you. Remember the rule, you can only control what you do not what everyone else does. Words are powerful, but remember we are writing and there are no voice inflections or tone that we can see or hear. Yeah some folks use all caps to yell, but really that is not even the case. You still can not hear them.

I have seen many people get in trouble and hot water with the media because of what they tweeted. Is it really that serious? Please refer to the blog entitled What You Eat Don't Make Me Shyt! It is not that serious at all.

I often wonder why people try to test the waters of free speech and expression they way that they do. Some stuff is controversial when said and some stuff isn't. When it is not controversial people do not have any clue of the First Amendment, oh but when some shyt goes down, LOOK OUT...the memory of the First Amendment is ever present in the mind. GET OVER IT!

We are allowed to say what we like in this country. I would like to think that all individuals are allowed to say what we like anywhere in the world. There is no problem in speaking your mind. However, there is a consequence for what you say. That is what many people forget.

So I may some something wild in this blog or someone may tweet something weird and unruly to their "tweethearts" and well, that is when the consequences come into play. You may be able to predict them and some you may not, the point is that there is a reaction.

Before you hit that send to anyone whether you are tweeting your heart away, blogging, texting, e-mailing, writing, singing, farting, pooping, whatever it is...you are free to do it. Just beware of the consequences that follow.

I Love You But, God Loves You More!

So do we have to take responsibility in what we tweet. When did the world become so aware and needing people to tweet responsibly?

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