Monday, July 11, 2011

Not Your Typical Love Poem

This isn’t your typical love poem
And knowing how sneaky this bitch is
I don’t want to speak too loud because she’s listening
I do love her, but I know with no doubt in my mind
That she doesn’t and will never love me

I don’t know how many men she has been with
She’s not your typical girl
I’m sure we all have experienced that moment
When you see the sexiest profile pic

Check out her stats…
She has got the body of a goddess
Curved and shapely
Got the right peaks and valleys you know?
She’s not that tall and has some wide ass hips
Like coast to coast
Then baby got that ripped flat interior section
I was so intrigued
Until I saw that face…
Face from hell!!
But I said to myself…
Ugliness can be fixed…I mean we do all have our faults

So I read her greeting
She says she is not shy
And her sex is irresistible
All you have to do is cum
She even went on to say that when her sexual faucet
Straight down the middle over flows…
Move away because she isn’t a squirter
She’s a gusher
So you know I had to save this profile as a favorite

Where does my love for her originate?
I guess it was the poems that she wrote
A piece about her finally being liberated and independent
Another about how men can do right about her
I loved her strength and confidence in the words she would display.
I loved her ideals
I loved the way I felt when I would explore her

Then I matured and saw more than I thought I would ever see
And understood that she may have matured
In her size
In her look
In her attributes
But mentally
Her ass is still a child!
She is pretty fucked up in the brain and I try not to fuck with her like that

I Googled her one night and I found out some interesting shit
Her fucked up ways started when she was born
She’s a bastard
Her relatives couldn’t agree on a name for her
They tried to bring some stability and a mother’s love to her young life
But all she ever saw and learned to do from a young age was how to fight, confuse, bicker, argue, gossip, gold dig
And of course…Fuck!

The father figures in her life helped to tarnish her
I guess if she would have had a mother, she wouldn’t walk around fuckin’ everyone and everything over, just for her own satisfaction
You know how us men are
We revel in what we can attain through any means…but not in a nurturing way

They did their best to give her a set of ideals and principles and made it plain and simple
Sort of like a set of rules
Laying down the law
Father’s with no help from Mother’s have their issues
This is the importance of a two parent household to keep one another in check
Children pay attention and will learn from your actions…
Just like she did

A father that helped to raise her was a great man and his legacy and achievements are known worldwide
But I remember my mother told me a long time ago
If it doesn’t come out in the wash?
It will come out in the rinse…
And when his closet full of secrets was opened and it was discovered the he had a weakness for the forbidden fruit of chocolate
All hell broke loose!
This secret was the subject of numerous arguments and long drawn out fights between her relatives punishable by humiliation and even death
All of her father’s were taking part in the same game!
It was kept on the down low…but everybody knew.
I feel sorry for the girl…
But I feel more sorry for me that I continue to love her

I’ll admit that she does have a soft place in her heart for those of her friends that are less fortunate and have fallen on hard times
But beware! Baby girl is gangsta if you dare to attempt to cross her
Check this out…

One brother was speaking sexy and soft love poems about his dreams of her
She got tired of hearing them since he wouldn’t let it be…
He got shot
Another brother was talking about her and what she did to him
I mean some real cold blooded shit that would make any woman mad
This chick went and got his brothers to terrorize him and get him to stop
Guess what?
He got shot
Now this one dude got done in real bad
He was protective of her, did all the right things and was a popular dude
Took an oath and vow of love and honor to her
For everyone to see
Then for some reason that no one knows
This bitch got mad at him and arranged a drive by shooting on him
She threatens to beat your ass in front of her friends…and threatens them too
If someone has the guts to attack her or throws a punch…she will fuck them up
And then fuck up someone else for general purposes
This bitch can take on many at one time…it’s a gang bang and she doin’ the fuckin’
She’s just a big booty bully ass bitch
Even with obvious proof and her prints on the gun…
Even with a written and recorded confession
The verdict is…

She is a cocky bitch and will sling her pussy out and beg you to fuck her
She’ll fuck and throw her cum and your cum in your face…
She’ll take your cash
And leave you without a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out of
Sing her praises, she’ll curse you
Try to reason with her, she’ll ignore you
Ask for her help, she’ll turn a blind eye
And will dare you to leave her arms, claiming that you don’t love her
Knowing you won’t ever find a bigger, badder, bitch than she is
That’s her
She will fuck you, ya momma, daddy, and ya baby
And then label you the whore

This is not your typical love poem
I love her and she will never love me
I don’t care to fight for her to love me
I know she won’t return the love.
This not so typical love poem is about you!

I Love You But, God Love's You More!

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  1. Its very Long. But iNteresting I am still trying to digest it! Overall its a really cool poem.