Tuesday, June 14, 2011


You see the sista’s skin is smoother than silk
She has a flavor reminiscent of condensed milk
Queen has it going’ on I can’t deny
Her chest has this tat of a butterfly
You’ve got to admit that’s too fly
Baby girl even has the sweetest scent
Can’t tell if it’s
Hot Chocolate Delight
Butterscotch Caramel Cream
Pecan Rican Supreme
Or Mocha Mint
Playa’s would even stop creepin’
If they’re peepin’ what I’m peepin’
She’s the subject of my dreams when I’m sleepin’
I sometimes imagine being inside her thighs
Freakin’ her from the front, and the back
And I know baby girl has gots to ride
I try to not let my imagination run away
I’m just hoping that our eyes will meet in person…someday
I am just grateful that she’s my friend
A simple and humble lady that I can confide in
We talk about more than romance
Politics, world issues, health, and whatever topics come by chance
She’s real… and is what she seems
A once in a lifetime, certified, tried, and true…

I Love You But, God Loves You More!

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