Monday, September 20, 2010

LADIES...Stop being stubborn and listen to your friends!!!

I wonder why many ladies put themselves through the B.S. they say they do not want to contend with with regards to relationships with men. Friends both male and female have advised a lady person to leave a no good man alone. They have advised that the man is not for her.

The man in question has told the woman that she is immature, silly, nosey (when asking about his discreet phone calls and whereabouts), bothersome, etc. She still calls him and answers his phone calls, asks her friends for advice and she gets pumped up with confidence and determined to leave the man alone...only to go right back into the same rut of messing with a man that has said and shown that he does not want her...(well maybe want her for sex and sex only)!

I do not understand when all of that has been presented and is plain to see, why a woman would continue to go forth and recycle the pain over and over again? Sooner or later the cycle will end in more pain and anguish than it was in the beginning.

So the question I ask is this...why do you do ladies (for the most part) discount the good and sound advice from friends and elect to endure the wrong doings of a man that ultimately has no concern for her?

I love You, But God Loves You More!

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  1. I am not this stubborn chick, but I have often been the ignored friend. The answer is 1 of 2 things:

    1) they are tricked by the sex and think that there is intimacy where none exists. He's nice (when he wants to be),funny, has "XYZ" off her list of perfect criteria and as such the fact that he doesn't love her is overlooked...because that's only "for now" (in her mind).

    2)She is over the age of 26 and has entered the realm of utter desperation. Anyone who on the surface seems eligible is HIRED for the job of boyfriend.