Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Walk like you are a man!

I know that I may not be the lot to every person. I recognize that I may not be the preference for some ladies as a mate or what have you, and I do discern that there is one thing that has by no means been questioned about me…that is my manhood. For all intensive purposes of this entry I will just articulate about one item…WALK LIKE A MAN!!
I do recall there is a song entitled “Walk Like a Man” and it is true. Show some confidence and do not slouch. Stand straight and know who you are and like it as well. Don’t ever cower in your posture to try to get what you wish for. Don’t ever alter the demeanor of your stroll and your stance to purge someone to agree with you or grant your request. I have seen it far too many times that so called “men” do the former and latter and feel that they have achieved because they recoiled to get what they wanted. It is gibberish.

Your stride is not related to your swagger. Some people join these two factors together and feel it is believed to be that way. Not in the least. Your swagger is not PRIMARILY defined by your saunter but rather how YOU present yourself to the world. My attitude can define my swagger. My way of dress can define my boastfulness. The list can go on and on.

Your walk is another item altogether. Your stroll is your main mode of transportation. You walk from one destination to the next. You are seen as you are walking and you are voluntarily opening yourself to scrutiny. Walk like you are a man! Pace like you know who you are and do not care what others think! Toddle with confidence, even if you do not have an ounce of it. Walk, and don’t open your mouth if you are afraid or do not know of what to say. Stride as if no one is watching. Remember why you are walking and not who you are walking with! Walk with pride and dignity. Saunter as if you own the street and the cars that drive about, to and fro! Walk as if you have conquered the world! March with determination and spirit. Walk like you have supreme self-esteem! Walk with you shoulders back, head held high, and with strong paces.

If you declare you are a man then walk like it! Swagger will appear later. If you don’t walk like you are a man…others including you will wonder in what manner are you walking …you might be on your feet, but you may really be crawling!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

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