Friday, February 26, 2010

PISSITIVITY...3RD EDITION! (Tongue tricks!)

I have been holding my peace on this edition of "Pissitivity" for awhile and I guess I should let it out now before my head hurts and the pain becomes unbearable! LOL!
I am sick of people playing tongue tricks....(and you know who you are!) To those who are wondering what I mean by tongue tricks, it the ability to say something out of your mouth and then either...

1. Don't live up to what that person was going to say or already said!
2. Don't have the common courtesy to say they can't do something knowing that the other party has asked them to confirm or back out of the activity or whatever was planned.
3. Using a language that is filled heavily with semantics so they can never promise or own up to anything by using words like "might", "could", "possibly", "I guess", or by not saying anything at all.
4. Try to avoid the topic and never apologize for their mistake in you wasting your time and resources!

This of course leads to a lack of trust and yields into other things that I am sure you know what I am speaking of. When and if the individual or people who practice tongue tricks ever speak to you after they have screwed you over they will begin to combat you with a litany of stupidity and excuses to why they did not do what they said or agreed to...if you speak about it first! The combating has to be done carefully because the person who is using the tongue trick will try to turn the situation around and not accept any of the responsibility for their apathy of respect toward you. You might hear such phrases as...

1. "Why are you so bitter?" Bitter is a word they love to are not bitter at all, but you do feel wronged and have every right to let their trifling ass know!!
2. "Well I never said...(you fill in the blank)." Oh yeah they did say! How would you have reserved time and resources if they didn't...and when you tried to confirm...they are like a damn ghost or can't speak! They like to use semantics so look out for that!
3. "I never got your message." We know that one is a lie because the phone and voicemail was working all other times, but all of a sudden when it is time to live up to what you said you wanted to do or agree to...nothing works?
4. "I was going to call you but I got so caught up...". That's another lie! If you were so damn busy and caught up why did you accept the invitation in the first damn place?
5. "Why are you overreacting?" Now this is said when you have become irritated because they have not apologized or said a word to you and when you have had enough. Be very careful of never want to hear it said because that means you have overreacted and become a little hostile. To overcome this say something like..."You would be a little upset as well if someone cancelled on you or didn't follow through on what they said they would do. Moreover it is not acceptable when people do not acknowledge when they have shown themselves not to be trustworthy or hold up to their word!" They shut up usually after that is will hear nothing but crickets!

There might be countless other things that are said but just remember they are the person that wronged you! They may act like all is well in their lives but trust isn't! If they have the audacity to stand you up or lie to you without the courtesy of apologizing...they have a pretty fucked up life!

The smile that they exclaim to you is not a real smile and of course you can't trust them as far as they can breathe! I am sure others have been a victim of tongue tricks and burns you up! Just remember that if you do not say anything to them...they will not say anything to you! People who owe you money (in most instances) will not speak to you ever again or even ask you for more money because they owe you money!

These people know they have done you wrong and should give you an apology and a lot more for wasting your time. If you do decide to say something to them just tread lightly and see what they will say. These individuals won't say much, but when you are done saying what you have to say...cross them out, delete them, forget about them! If they were on the side of the road, and they were on fire, and no water was around, don't even waste your precious urine on their lying ass carcass!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

If you want to continue to live in America...You might want to read this!!

You work (hopefully you are employed if you are reading this), I work, most of us work in this country and as a result we pay income taxes, sales tax, gas tax, cell phone tax, property tax, land tax, and so on...and thus we are entitled something when you work...the ability to take care of ailments. Moreover, the ability to take care of nagging sickness that may come from time to time. I will add that the only exception to rule will be those who use their bodies to make a living such as professional wrestlers, football, basketball, baseball athletes, and etc. In the grand scheme of things they also work to make sure that their family will have the ability to have their nagging aches and pains, infections and colds, and God forbid diseases and detrimental illnesses. It is not just a privilege to work to receive medical insurance coverage for these ailments but it is a human right!

Today is a very important day in my eyes and possibly the basis for me either residing in this country or moving somewhere else (like Canada) that will actually take care and provide quality health care for ALL AMERICANS whether working or not...child or elderly...we have paid the price(in taxes) for years to have health care without question. I have paid taxes all of my working years and that alone should guarantee me health care coverage whether my condition is pre-existing or not. I am a diabetic and I try to take care of my diabetes...but when I was not employed and needed medicine to help control it, I was limited to options of getting those medicines and made a pre-existing condition worse. Think of the parents of children that do not have jobs, and Medicare and Medicaid (yeah those programs are a joke...remember I said QUALITY health care) will not pay for ALL of the bill... and as a result many parents do not even take their children to the doctor for check-ups because of that fact. They use the Emergency Room at a local hospital as the doctor's office and hope to get treatment for their suffering child.

Senior citizens can hardly afford the medicines. I remember when my mother told me she got a cost of living increase in her retirement pension, only to find out later that the cost of her medication, co-pay for doctors visits, and visits to specialists would be increasing...again! This is totally outrageous and today, public officials will meet at the Blair House for a Health Care Summit.

I ask each of you that reads this blog to understand what this Summit means for the future for all Americans. This could be the small building block of either progress OR destruction of the basis of this country...which is CHARITY and yes ALL of our lives. We are always willing to help out others outside of our borders with medical aid, food, clothing, money, military service specialists, weaponry, and FAIL to take care of our OWN citizens! This is not a joke. Egos ought to be set aside in the discussion and think of the long term effects of passing EFFECTIVE health care legislation to take care of and help ALL Americans. I have never heard a Senator or Representative complain about their health care costs, quality of service, the ability to go to ANY hospital for treatment no matter where they might be, choosing a doctor or specialist that is in their insurance company "network", or the damn insurance companies and their pre-existing condition clauses and expensive medicines...especially when their doctors are en route to their offices!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Eggs and Clit

I have tried unsuccessfully to wish the morning away and bring back the night. Specifically last night, when all of the time and opportunities to feel each other were there and made…so…we did what we did.

Now the morning has come and it’s a new day, a new time, a new experience, but the same old horniness is there for me, and I can feel it coming from you too.

My doctor informed me that I should always indulge the mornings with a meal whether it is large or small……yes a breakfast…in the morning so it can regulate my blood sugar and well, keep me healthy. By the looks of things as I wake up with you next to me still holding my hand…still with a comforted smile…still panting in exhaustion with a slight snore…you want some more…and I want to give it to you…but I have to eat breakfast first!

Traditional cookbooks have always had pairings for breakfast entrees…pancakes and sausage…cereal and fruit…coffee and a danish…ham and cheese omelet…even biscuits and gravy, but as I look at you and the sunshine peeking through the window…I only think about the delicious pairing eggs and clit.

Whatever! Forget the damn eggs…how about I start off the morning with a nice, warm, creamy, clit for me to taste…I mean isn’t that the breakfast of champions?

Your honey brown thighs surrounding my neck as I gently lick for your movement of affirmation… only excites me. And as you awaken to me getting my treat… I can feel your exaltation as you are squeezing your thighs tighter and tighter as you moan louder and louder…and I can taste this butterscotch treat as it hits my pallet and coats my throat.

I continue in spite of your urges for me to stop because you have to go to work, and you know I won’t stop and don’t want to stop…even if I have to pay you a full day’s wage I don’t want you, nor your thighs, nor your taste, nor your hands that are grabbing my ears to go anywhere.

This is my all you can eat buffet and I will not cease until you can’t produce anymore food for me on the buffet line! And even then... I have a large spoon for well…you know what I mean!! But sadly I understand you have to go to work and you can’t call out ill …so I will reluctantly push my plate aside… unfortunately, until the next morning…my hunger for you… my favorite morning delight…my morning pair…my dream breakfast…eggs and clit… oh yeah, that’s right...forget the eggs!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sexual Maturity!

Remember when the acts of sex weren’t confusing? We have all had the conversations when we were advancing in age and then wanting to explore the experience of sex. Come on now I am sure you do have a recollection of what was said and often times done!

Remember when it was asked whether or not you have “done it”… and those who answered yes said, “Yes I have “done it”!” and that was all that was needed to be known. Then another instance you were asked could you “do it” and he or she said, “Yeah I can do it”. Then you would find a place (the dark creep spot… in school or out of school…when the ‘rents weren’t home…or in the movies, way in the back… meet up, and “do it”. Simple and easy right?

Then you and the sexual questions mature…he or she would ask, “Can you do it and do it good?”…he or she would say, “Yeah I can do it and do it good!”….then you would find a spot (any that were mentioned previously) meet up, and “do it and do it good!” Not too bad. That is still pretty simple and easy!

Things from this point on would progress sexually. Now she would ask… “Can you do it, do it good, and lick downtown?” (I hate that SWV...Sistas With Vaginas…song called Downtown) and he would reply, “Yeah I can do it, do it good, and no I don't do that!” She would then say, “Well you not going to get any of this!” The dude would then tell the fellas, “Hey man she wants me to go down there and lick the la-la!” The fellas would then reply, “Naw man you can't do that. Go find a “do it’ or a “do it and do it good” chick!”

The girl would tell her girlfriends, “He won't go down and lick the la-la!” The girlfriends would reply, “Girl, you need to find you a “do it and do it good” dude who will lick the la-la!” So then finally after knowing that he will not get any sexual pleasure he concedes and finally licks down there.

The entire sexually maturity process does not end there! You then have a woman who asks, “Can you “do it and do it good” and can you “lick it and lick it good?” The guy responds, “I can “do it and do it good” and I do “lick it” but not that often. But hell yeah I can “lick it” good!” So you pick a spot, (as I mentioned before) meet up, and “do it”, “do it good”, “lick it” and “lick it good.”

Whoa what a change from the apathy of licking and tasting to the love of “doing it” and making one a novice to an expert in 1 episode. Now let’s take a look at how things get really crazy!

The men now ask the questions after the lady asks, “Can you “do it” and ‘do it good”, “lick it” and “lick it good?” He then replies, “Yeah! But do you “suck it”?” The lady has many options to answer that question…she either will say, “No I don't do that!” or “No I don't do that with a guy I just met…it has to be a long term relationship.” Or, “No I don't like doing that it makes me feel like I am a _______ !” (You fill in the blank!) or the wonderful, “Yes I do, but only after a guy licks my la-la!”

So then everything goes straight to confusion. People want to bring in toys, chains, whips, poop, pee, videos, clothing, food items, positions, medicines, places, things, people, money, I-pods, crutches, candy, paint, vegetable oil, bacon, I don't know all hell is loose I tell you. You really just grow up quick with the sexual participation process!

People what has happened to good, old fashioned, freaky, rug burn, circus sex? Man I tell you I love that old stuff! Sex so good makes ya leg quiver and shake when you think about it.

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Play...GOOGLE A CLUE!!

I am not a cliche' person and often rebuke the cliche's individuals use to try to make a point such as: "History repeats itself." wrong...people repeat history, or "Actions speak louder than words." wrong again...your actions and words should match! So here on Valentine's Play individuals come around and on this "holiday" okay "holiplay" and express to you how much they "love" you! Folks you have not heard from in ages, send you messages and e-mails claiming how much they "love" and "care" about you! Oh boy, now that is a problem for me!

Do I appreciate the "love"? If expressed and shown at other times of the year and not just today...sure! But to wait until EVERYBODY wants to express the risk of looking bad...or the risk of being thrown into the proverbial doghouse...or to tarnish their reputation if they don't...or to do it because of the "spirit" of the day...SPARE ME THE BULLSHIT!

You should express your love (or whatever you call it) ALL of the time (or as much as you can) and not base it's expression on a day...or base it upon what others are doing. I don't celebrate Valentine's Play...I might give a card...which I haven't this year...but I have never really had an interest in it. If you are celebrating the "play" today... and you are married...great for you! If you are celebrating it for your kids or for your family members...great for you too. Other than that is it really that serious? (Yeah I left out relationships/engaged people because if you are not married it is not "legal love"!)

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

Friday, February 12, 2010

First it was D' it is Sade!

It is funny how history repeats itself! I remember vividly it was February of 2000...on a Tuesday morning during my last semester of undergrad when my college roommate and I went after a snowstorm to purchase D'angelo's Voodoo CD. Yeah the roads were awful but I drove to the music shop and sure enough got that CD. I must say it was worth it because that CD is still in heavy rotation in my music collection.

Moving on 10 years later. I find myself on a Tuesday morning driving after a snowstorm...with the roads messy...full of snow and ice...going to Wally World to get another CD. Yes Sade's Solider of Love disc is all of that! It is a classic and I will be pretty upset if she doesn't not earn a Grammy for her work!

I guess in some ways it is worth putting my life on the line for music...hey it is my life you know!

I Love You But, God Love's You More!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Baby Clocks!

I have encountered many ladies in the past few months that are in their 30's and do not have any children. In addition, they are single and looking for that "right man", but just the mention of them being single and without children is great for me...then the big bomb explodes...the rush to get married...and then have that first child! It seems that the biological clock is ticking and the rush to have that family is priority. It is frustrating to both men and women...I am not in a rush to get married (knowing that it is not meant for me anyway) plus most men that I know aren't in a rush either... and the child thing (will only happen if I get none for me). One the other hand a lady aspires to get married (I guess it is that one day that they feel like they are in a fairy tale and the prince will finally be hers) and to have a family as soon as possible because the biological clock is ticking to the point that it is almost a desperate attempt to hurry up and find that man before her ovaries disappear or no more eggs can be produced. I don't know maybe it is the non-emotional side to me, or that side that just really is indifferent about it either way...but that clock is ticking for many women and the closer the hour and minute hand get to that buzzer or expiration date...the more frantic the lady becomes. It is something to watch and ponder. Why is the need to have a child so paramount to a woman?

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Laughing to keep from crying!

I was thinking constantly about mommy yesterday and I figured out the gift that she gave to me, the gift that she had, and the gift she shared with others. LAUGHTER! I admit I am silly and I love to laugh. I do not let anyone know what I am thinking and play the stupid role most of the time. I suppose it is a defense mechanism but it works for me. Not everyone needs to know what is on mine (or your) is sometimes better to just listen and observe. Then think about your next action...and then act upon it. I think it is just fine to keep people (the right people) guessing. remember my trust issues...refer to that! If there is something that I have learned is that what you keep in your brain and hiding your tongue in your cheek is better than being stupid and telling all what you THINK you know.

Mom and I went through a lot together (and let me tell you it was more stuff than a child or teen should ever have to go through) but we had a way of laughing all of the time and having a good time. Most people feel I am jokester and just just to joke, be silly just to be silly, or rib just to rib. That I am a person who is not serious. That I am an individual that is goofy and very immature...boy are they wrong! If I am not laughing or having a good time alone or with friends then something is wrong. I have to laugh to keep from being depressed, sad, mad, angry, all emotions that are the antithesis of a smile on my face.

Don't get me wrong I do express those emotions that are of the pessimistic nature at times but with all that I have gone through...I know a smile, a laugh, something goofy or silly is a better reaction. With all that mom went through...a smile was soon to come. I guess I have figured out that gift, that ability, that some don't seem to know they have or have not tapped into. What makes you think a Comedian is all that happy and pleased with their past or present life? Because they can make you, and I smile and they smile along with you? Sometimes the jokes are a way to let out some of that uneasiness and sadness they may have...that's what makes them so funny. Taking those things in the world they have endured and saying to themselves, I have endured and triumphed through so much...all I can do is smile and live on. What might be next will not get me down...I have been challenged and was successful in the other horrible situations and instances in my life, why can I get through these? Thanks mom I understand it with more clarity one of the gifts you gave me...the ability to just laugh it make myself and others smile...and yet be wise enough to know myself and be comfortable in my own skin!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

Monday, February 1, 2010

What You Eat Don't Make Me Shyt!

I step in the lab and I am not mad, pissed, or upset. I just find that lately I am less tolerant...more apt to say how I feel at ALL costs. I have not had tact for a long time and I surely do not need it now. I find that I am less stressed than others and that I am stubborn enough to know that God will do what He wants to do and for me to understand that He will make sure it works out in my favor. That is a good kind of stubborn! I am amazed at how some folks are stressing over the little things that do not the thoughts and opinions of others. Who cares what they think. You keep living the best way you know how and have some ideals and morals.

For example, a female told me that I didn't make enough money for her...and her 2 kids...and she complains about her job everyday! She complains about how men are and how she will date people to fill a particular need and when they meet it she sticks around...if they don't she dips! That was all I needed to hear and I just made a mental note to say forget her! The number one reason I do not talk to her anymore is because of her greed, lack of ability to work for success and not receive a hand out, and of course...I don't make enough money for her and her 2 kids and since I only make enough for me I do not want to burden her with my chump change. I do not want to bother her at all...sure she is pretty, but hell looks are not everything. I'll let someone else make enough money for her! LOL!

I have been criticized for down sizing in automobiles, to the way I look, to what I say, how I dress, on and so forth and I do not care. It is a point I feel you have to reach, that point that with all I have endured (or anyone)...who the hell cares what others think or say? If they are not providing for you and if they are not someone who will provide for you...tell them to step and move the hell on! It is quite easy for me to do me...I guess because I am in my own world so much, those who enter it either fit or don't fit. Get in where you fit in...and if you don't fit in where I dwell...DEUCES!!!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!