Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Things A Black Woman Won't Do!! Volume 1

I was in Ocho Rios yesterday and decided to take a tour of the Dunn's River Falls and also snorkel. Being that I can not swim I must say it was an amazing experience! If it was not for Melissa(a cute life guard), I would probably still be floating in the Caribbean Sea starting from Ocho Rios to Montego Bay, in the stomach of a shark (insert Snickers Peanut Butter Squares commercial here...Clint was delicious) or would have assumed room temperature. I digress.

There were two guys from D.C. that I met as we were taking the tour bus there and oddly enough, we were the only Black males on the bus (minus the driver). In addition, minus the people working on the tour cruise ship, we were the only Blacks on the ship. I should be more specific and once again state we were the only Black Americans on the ship. Lamarr and I were chatting about the lack of Black American ladies on the ship and how odd it was. So I got to thinking.

Come along and think with me... a.) We(3 Black American men) were on this ship snorkeling, about to climb up a waterfall, and partying with plenty of Rum Punch flowing; on a sail boat that was swaying up and down like a lunatic woman with menopause and no Black American women were on any three of the Cool Runnings tour boats.
b.) Forget it being the Christmas holiday, what does this mean?
c.) I must reiterate that 3, single, heterosexual, Black American men were in Jamaica, on vacation.
d.) a.), b.), and c.)...should say enough right there.
e.) So I am now going to add the sauce... Out of the law of averages and numbers...NO BLACK AMERICAN WOMEN were on the boat.

This has led to the blog that you are reading now. Why is it that Black American women won't do these things as what were being offered on the tour?

Let's begin...

1. Snorkel

Is it that the hair must not get wet? The imagination goes toward a previous situation I was in... *I'm trying to take a shower with my lady as foreplay but she won't because her hair must not get wet, so the man's idea of freakiness has gone down the tubes because of hair!* I can not swim at all. I went out there and tried it and had fun. Most of the Black ladies I know would not have done it because of hair, or because they would be too scared, or just add whatever excuse you want to it. Where is the adventure and the fun? It is not that bad of a risk as long as someone is there to help you and to also make sure that you DON'T DIE!!!

2. Climb the Dunn's River Falls

I will admit, I did not participate in the "wet walk" to climb the falls. I had bought all of the materials to do it but I decided to take the "dry walk"! I wanted to catch the scenery with my camera and since it is not waterproof I did not experience the "wet walk"! Despite my decision, it was still spectacular and fun. Again I searched, and did not see and Black American women climbing and I know damn well that Black American women would cringe, run, and cuss me out to even suggest it. To climb the waterfall, you have to join hands as a group and help each other up, around, down, thru, across, every which direction. For the most part, you are not in total control. Swimming is not a requirement, but you will get wet, drenched, and super-soaked! Is it the hair issue again or is it the not having total control of where you go? It is still the same scenario...there are people there to help you and will not allow you to fall (no pun intended) to your demise.

I am going to stop right here because I am going to continue this list on other occasions and other blogs, I was just blown away at what I did not see there. What say you?

1. Why are Black women so worried about hair, when there are plenty of great and exciting things to experience that will require hair to get frazzled or undone?


2. Is a reason why a lot of Black women do not like White women dating Black men because White women are adventurous and willing to take risks?

What say you?

PLEASE NOTE...I am not generalizing, but it seems to be very common! I will not say ALL Black American women, I will say that most of the ones I have encountered will not do the aforementioned!

I Love You But, God Love's You More!


  1. Am I allowed to comment as a white woman who dates black men?? Stereotypes exist for a REASON!!!! There are the few and far between but if 95% of the people you are talking about fit the catagory...uh, duh! I think part of it "may" be hair, but it takes someone being comfortable with THEMSELVES to be willing to be seen at their "worst"/most vulnerable one wants to be left vulnerable, whether by love, position, etc. So whether its the hair, make-up, nails, eyelashes, lack of shapewear - or any other part of the "fabricated-ness" that seems to have overtaken WOMEN (yes, all shades and colors), these all play a part in someone's acceptance and again, comfort level, with themselves and willingness to "put themselves out there" and yes, take risks!!!

  2. Clint: You probably went at the wrong time of the year--hence the Christmas holiday. I have traveled to Jamaica on several different occassions (and posted pictures via FB) of my various solos adventures to Jamaica and other places. I have met several Black Americans (including myself) on the Cool Cool Runnings boat, Dunn Rivers Fall and the like. If this was your first time I would suggest trying another time of the year. I'm prefer not to comment on the external circumstances as to why "women" of difficult ethnic backgrounds prefer not to get wet due to weaves, nails and the like. I have never been of those women that cared and I am all natural. :-) I hope you enjoyed your vacation nonetheless.

  3. Furthermore, I could care less who a Black man dates. Love is love (and/or experimental actvities goes beyond color). Do you and enjoy yourself. :-)