Thursday, June 23, 2011

Don't date those native D.C. or DMV women!!!

I broke a rule that I said I would not break. I placed myself in the category of not trying to generalize before I knew the whole story or the woman I was trying to get to know...and yet I was foiled again.


I am not the only person that has attempted to begin a relationship or something meaningful as far as a romantic relationship with a native Washingtonian and maybe I am wrong for generalizing, but when asking if they were born and raised in the DMV (especially D.C.) I will walk away and be glad I did if the answer is yes. I am sure there is someone reading this blog that will also agree whether it be the men or the women in which they have had a several bad experiences with. I can not pinpoint exactly what the problem is, but DMV natives have no integrity, no humility, evasive, cunning, and the list goes on.

I recently had to let one young lady from the Upper Marlboro area know that her acting skills are horrible. She told me verbatim that she doesn't want anyone to get to know the REAL her. CRAZY!! Yet this lady is complaining about men lying to her in the past and presently. Yeah...if you weren't lying to them about who you are maybe they would not lie to you. So I decided to leave her alone. I do not like free drama. I would rather pay for it...that is why I go to the movies and have cable.

Another young lady I met in a club in January. We communicated via phone and text messaging and she always pulled out of the scheduled times we were supposed to meet.It is ridiculous to think that it would take that long to finally meet someone again and the list of stories could not be supported. I should have known something was up then, but I remained patient. We finally had a date to meet and did so in June.

On a side note... There comes a time when the man stops trying to plan and tells a woman that the opportunity is now hers if she wants to see him. She knew I was getting to that point. I had to tell her, look if you have no interest, just say so since she has not attempted to even rectify her missed opportunities. It makes things difficult when one person is solely trying to arrange times to see and spend time with another.

So back to the date. Her language was full of game and her answers were evasive when I would ask her particular questions. You know how first dates go, you try to see who and what you are dealing with. So finally she admitted that I was not the guy for isn't that difficult to know those things, she should have said something sooner.

So here it is people, if you want to take that risk of dating a DMV or D.C. native, DON'T! But if you do, let me be the first to tell you that you will be let down and frustrated. I hate to say it and generalize, but they are ALL the same.

What say you??

I Love You But, God Love's You More!

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