Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Promiscuous Wisdom

Wisdom is gained by living. We don't think the way we used to think. I would hope that is the case, but there are some that don't mature in their state of mind. However, I feel that as technology advances, and emphasis is placed on what you have attained in life, people have become dumber...okay just plain damn stupid and of course petty. Here are a few examples:

Books vs. Nooks/E-Books - People have gone on and decided that turning pages is now obsolete because...they take too much room and can be burned easily. can burn a Nook or E-book as well. If your battery runs low and doesn't function, don't you wish you could then turn a page? Besides, they still sell books with wonderful crisp and printed pages in the book store...after all of these years!

Cell Phones vs. Land Line Phones - I can say that a cell phone is useful but the phones are too smart are doing too much. Playing music, taking pictures and videos, sending photos back and forth, tracking your position in the world, and so on. In addition, they have so many applications that the battery will die after a few uses away from the charger. I love my land line phone. I know that if the power goes out, no charge left on my cell phone, and the cell towers are experiencing interference, I will be able to still use my trusty land line phone. I remember when phones needed wires in the wall to work. Now that there are no wires for the phone to function we still have to pay for service? I am pissed about that.

Cable Box vs. TV Antenna - I do enjoy cable programming. I don't watch too much television, but I do like the channels that I watch that are not on basic network television. I also remember when we had rabbit ears and aluminium foil to place on the TV antenna for reception. Someone tell me this...why is it that we now have cable wires in our homes when we didn't need them to work before? Just like the damn phones, we are still paying for service.

Alcoholic Beverages, Clothing Lines, Jewelry Lines, Fragrance, etc. - Now I know there is a difference between top shelf liquor and all of the rest, but it seems now that everyone has a damn drink. Pharrel, Diddy, Jay-Z, and other Hip-Hop artists and Hip-Hop wanna Be's have some type of side hustle to make their name and/or brand more relevant. Is there any difference though from the newly made drinks and the top shelf regulars. All I can say is that if it is a new drink it has to work their way to the top shelf list. In addition, people quote their drink combinations like they are going to get some clout and an extra 50 cents in their paycheck for it. Some say with a snotty face...I only drink...Ciroc and cranberry, Parrot Bay and pineapple, Jack and Pepsi, Henny and kool-aid. Thanks for the info and stop shaking you head like a snob when you say it too! Justin Beiber, Michael Jordan, Atlanta Housewives, All VH1 reality television stars, Beyonce, Usher, Diddy, etc. please stick to your day jobs and leave the fragrances, clothing, shoes, etc. to those that went to school for it. Keep your name to yourself and in your own mouth.

Shoes - This is a big one. I remember going to a party recently and my friend had on an authentic pair of Christian Louboutin stiletto shoes. She pointed out to me the many ladies at the party that were wearing the fake red bottom shoes. I took her word for it because she is a shoe freak and used to work for a high-end shoe store. All I will say is that the trend to purchase brand names has not ever fallen down by the wayside nor has the amount of ladies buying the fake or knockoff brand. The point I am making is why even front like it is the real thing. The authentic has red bottoms and yours have pink. Don't say the designer did an exclusive line for breast cancer awareness when you know they are fake and no one can even verify the designer made a special pair for that cause. It is a damn shame!

This is just a partial list and I will add more as I see the need to or have the stuff on my mind. Feel free to add more as well.

I Love You But, God Loves You More!!

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