Friday, March 26, 2010

Fire It Up!

I think it is amazing how you realize how powerful you are. Not in a sense of muscle and strength, but from a standpoint of how your mind can transpose to someone else and what you can do to motivate others without even having the purpose to do so. I take pride in that. In a way, it is a very good quality to have. I don't ask why I have this ability to just fire others up to do what it is that they desire, but I will say that it is a joy to be able to take and apply your advice to someone else.

I Love You, But God Love's You More!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


It’s like watching Woodchuck playing with Snoopy. It’s looking at a van that is cruising on the road that reminds you of the Mystery Machine and Scooby Doo. It’s like looking at a toddler trying and waddling to take its first steps. It reminds me of a funny Looney Tune cartoon…it’s humorous to me.

It’s like that time that you trip over your own foot, and then you look around hoping that no one saw you, and then act like you didn’t trip. It’s like the time that you got caught coming in the house late and the look on your face when the light turns on catching you in mid-tip toe. It’s like messing up the lines of a song…out loud…so everyone can hear you…it’s humorous to me.

It’s like wearing purple Cross Color jeans from 1993 in 2010. It’s like wearing a Triple Fat Goose jacket in the summertime. It reminds me of the girls trying to bring back finger waves and french rolls in 2010! It’s the fellas sporting the Gumby haircut or the cut with the long ass part! It’s the moment a dude finds out he walked around the whole day with his zipper down or a lady had a button unbuttoned so people could see her bra…it’s humorous to me.

What do you find humorous?

I Love You, But God Love's You More!


INTEL you upload my download I guess I won't com

I am sure that my mouse is compatible with your zip drive

So no need for a password

I said Yahoo when you paged me with an instant message

Talking about you need a hot-mail to RAM his

Cursor into your Microsoft domain

When you said that I was ready to


Log in…

And CompuServe you

It is amazing the way you Web me into you internet

As we chat you are so WordPerfect

And that alone just turns me…on

Right now you can delete


Packard Bell

And Hewlett Packard from your memory

'Cause I want to be your Prodigy…Juno?

I want to assure you that you are the Apple of my I-Mac

So when I log-out to club Gateway-2000

You truly don't have to monitor my

Every move out of your Windows

I'm not taking my hard floppy

To Claris and working her C-drive

Come on now let's be FORTRAN

There is no need to reboot those

Thoughts of hacking into your Processor

Yes you are Pentium regardless of what I view on other screens

4.0, 5.0, I don't care…

You are my updated version of a (g)-URL

Until I turn 95 or 98 or 2000 you will always have the key to my pad

And on the real that you can print

Will you please stop going to the network

And realize you have mail

I Love You But God Love's You More!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Love's Hall Of Fame

I don't want to picture your picture but I do
It doesn't bring any tear stained tissues to my nightstand as they used to
It brings a smile to know that you are gone
and that you have found your happiness
Do I miss the things we used to do and say
The way we would talk and play...
I guess so but there is a time when you grow and become tired of that
I only picture you in a picture and nothing more
The usual questions the lovers in the past ask are
"Do I Miss You?" or "Do I Think About You?" and then the follow-up... "And How Much?"
I can honestly say that I don't miss it or I used to and never will.
I don't miss it anymore, and I won't miss it, because your frame has moved, your memories have moved, and I don't sift through them looking for pleasure...
they are just there as what bill collectors call "friendly reminders" that are not so friendly

There comes a point time when you stop making others happy and in order for you to be completely happy and over the past loves you must put them somewhere.
I place them in an area that can be on display to those who would like to have me as their future endeavor. I would also suggest you do the same. I plead that others who might be interested that they look at the photos of the busts and read their bylines in Love's Hall of Fame. Their purpose is only a reminder of what I have learned...and what I will not allow myself to do ever again. I truly think if you don't have a Hall of Fame on display that there is a problem.

Your happiness with the one you have now came through careful consideration and the mistakes that you made. Not only that but from the lies, unfulfilled promises, and utter disrespect the other party inflicted upon you and the goodness that you gave unselfishly to them, without hesitation or question.

Embrace the Hall of Fame and accept the good of it! If and when you find the one that you will spend the rest of your life with look back at the portal of your love and realize...maybe just maybe it was all worth it!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hey fellas...when it gets warm...the ladies....

Winter will be over soon and it brings forth one of the worst things that has ever happened to us men...women getting their feet and toes done...FINALLY! Now I like a lady with cute feet. I think all men do! But why do some women only get their toes and feet pedicures in the warmer months of Spring and Summer? I can't stand it. If ladies really are up on the game then ladies please get them done year round. Why wait until you can show them when it is all about taking care of yourself and your appearance? It is like your feet and toes have been suppressed and oppressed in the Fall and Winter and now all of a sudden you want to revitalize them. LOL! Do us men a favor just keep them pretty and tidy the whole year. Then us guys will be happy!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Making sense of God's nonsense!

There has been a large amount of conversation in the past several weeks about the many tragedies that occur in life. I can proclaim with vigor that have had my share of them. I do not believe that they will cease to exist or lighten in capacity, but honestly it is taking more of a toll on me than I thought or even expected! Whether they are personal and we feel them only in our hearts and minds...or those tragedies that are afar in places such as Chile and Haiti or near such as New Orleans and the flood plains of the United States...nevertheless there is a question that is asked that I will attempt with earnest dedication to answer..."God...why me?"

I can say that I have not asked that question, but I have (even as early as last night) thought about all that I have gone through in my life so far. Even 8 and a half months after the untimely death of my mother who was my all and my heart I can say that there have been several moments when I have wanted to ask God that question, but had sense enough not to. I looked at my reference point in my life's journey and figured that it was not my concern to question but surely a right to do so.

I will not ever believe and I implore you not to let anyone say or convince you that you can not question God! Or if you can not question if there is a God or not. And even to question why God would "allow" some of the most horrid and painful things to happen to you, others, and the world as a whole. With these pondering thoughts in mind we can say that there is a very important factor that is not represented with our questions and will.

Take any Biblical tale and study it. Take your life experiences and analyze it. You will often see that free will is not determined or touched by God. We have decisions that we make and NOT everything is God...nor is everything of the Devil. We do what we feel will either benefit us or what we think is right...later on and as we live on, we find out if those decisions were the best in the long run. But empirically...for that particular instant, the decision or decisions we make are the ones that best fit our frame of mind at that time! Free will has nothing to do with God!

Somehow and some way we find a way to make free will and make ALL of our struggles God's fault. If that is not the case then we are upset and angry when God does not do what WE want Him to do when WE want Him to do it! Furthermore, people cherry pick scriptures from the Bible to say that God is not supposed to allow us to go through pain or suffering and that He is the source of it.

For example, a person that is close to you dies at a specific point in time when you asked and prayed to God for that person to live, and you say to God... if you would have done such and so then that person would still be around today! NOT! That decision is not in our realm to make...thus we can not say that God had it out for you or that person.

Another example... A farmer loses all of his crops to a torrential rainstorm and loses his crops and ultimately can not feed or support his family. He then says, God why did you allow my farm to be overrun by the flood waters? This is your fault that I have lost these crops and not have to file for some kind of assistance to recoup the crops and money lost from this harvest! NOT! The farm may be lost but God did not have it in His mind for you to lose your crops and to make your farm desolate and not able to bring forth food. You can't control the weather and sorry it just happened that way.

There are many other examples I could name of death, floods, earthquakes, typhoons, wildfires, and so on and so forth. All of us could name from the broad and practical to the personal and unfathomable a wide portal of things to blame God for and hold Him responsible for your unhappiness with the situation.

With the trials that we endure in life there is a common theme...IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE! So since we know that..we can take the FREE WILL explanation and fit it into the aforementioned theme and also place blame and anger at God there as well! We have heard that... Bad things happen to good people. So? Don't you know that...Good things happen to bad people! Believe it or DOES makes sense.

God taking my mother back and allowing her to pass away...allowing her to be injured by the hands of a surgeon... a young girl being raped by their father...a child killed by a stray bullet...people born with no limbs...people born with limited mental capacities...people born blind...a woman who can not get pregnant...a man that is on disability to the point he can not work ever again...a President of a country that makes decisions that cause people to lose their jobs...con artists swindling the elderly...a criminal killed while in prison...a judge's decision that lets a murderer go earthquake that decimates homes and human lives...a hurricane that rages a land and it's people...a drought that causes disease and famine...not being able to pay your bills...being broke that you can not buy food...being alone with no family and friends..on and on and on!

In a personal sense, I have had to come to grips and once again ask is it ALL God? NO! Free will steps in again. I can explain by using my latest tragedy about my mother. Without telling the details of my mother's surgery I can say that the surgeon made some dumb choices and choices that led to my mother's death...BUT the surgeon does not have the power to give life or to impale death...only God does! I remember saying to God if you want to work a miracle please do, and if you want her back please take her. Whatever decision You want to make Lord, yo do it and I trust that you will take care of me. He made the decision and I have had to live with His decision.

God does have control over the storms, the earthquakes, the volcanic eruptions, the ability to give life and take it away...that does make sense. Why does he allow it knowing that it causes hurt and pain? Why does He allow others to have so much and some to have so little? Why does He say trust in Him and the more you trust the more it seems you keep getting lower and lower on the food chain of life? Why is it that people continue to tell you to pray and continue to tell you to read your Bible when you have already done that continuously with no change? Why is it that people say that God loves you and that God is love, when some of the actions that take place in life is full of evil and hate? BECAUSE IT MAKES SENSE!

Everyone it not going to live forever. If the rain does not fall how will the flowers and plants we need, grow? If some natural occurrences do not happen to can room be made for something new and sustainable to be brought into the world? If my mother would not have died, how would I grow to be better and more mature and to understand that these things are supposed to happen to bring you closer to God?

Good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people, but it will not always be that way! It is a cycle that we must know how to is a balancing act. We can not be given too much of a good thing because we will not respect and appreciate it and not take it for granted. On the other hand we can not be given too much of a bad thing for we will think that no good can ever happen and that life is all horrible and awful! You can be happy and smile that a child is born and cry not knowing what that child may have to endure in their life. We can bawl and be sad that a family member or loved one has passed away and then smile and be happy that they can be at home with the Lord because they did their work on this Earth and that God is granting them their life's reward and his promise to be fulfilled! How can you know the difference between good and bad, awful and grand, horrible and happy, if we are not shown all aspects and examples of it?

There is an understanding that is deeply fixed within all of these instances...YOU ARE ALIVE TO SEE IT! We are not owed a next day to live, nor to be able to use all of your faculties, limbs, eyesight, nor to have the funds to pay bills, nor to even have bills, and the list goes on. It makes sense! You do not have to be in the land of the living or as fortunate as you are to even survive, endure, overcome, triumph...which ever adjective you would like to describe your abilities. Look at where you were and where you are now.

Be glad that those who are dead and gone have the ability to revel and relish in the life they lived and are up in Heaven (most of them if they got there) having a good time with God! This blog may serve as a reminder to all of us that as much as it does not make makes a lot of sense. No need to be mad...although you have every right to be mad and upset with God for as long as you want to...but as upset as you are with Him and as mad as you can humanly be with Him...that will never surpass the amount that He loves you and I!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Imaginary Black Man!

One day removed after the United States designated black history month I feel more used, abused, and confused than before. It is not that I do not have pride in being a "black" person, a "black" man but I am more than that. We have studied for ages Malcolm, Martin, Medgar, Stokely, Jessie Jackson(he's full of crap and talks more crap than anyone), Benjamin, Sojourner, Harriet, Mary, Madame C.J., Charles, Paul, Booker, W.E.B., Langston, Tony Dungy, Jessie Owens, and so on and so forth and have said all that can be said. Even being a little more than a year removed from the first president to have darker skin than the other U.S. presidents (without a tan) I still feel empty inside, not as prideful as I should in my ethnic group as a whole, and that measurable improvements both tangible and otherwise have not been made!

SO what is the problem or the issue that I am having? It is the lack of understanding that still lingers and has nothing to do with the "dream", and nothing to do with the "history" of "Blacks"! I am still imaginary to you, to them, and sometimes to myself!

Where does this imaginary state of being and mindset come from? Well it is long as I am a "black" male I will always be a statistic in someones eyes. I am a "black" man in this age range to be this..., I am a "black" man that has not been to prison in this age range..., I am a "black" man to complete a graduate degree in this age range..., I am a "black" man who is unmarried with no children in this specific age range..., this specific part of the country..., not to have AIDS/HIV in this specific age range or this specific region of the country at a specified weather season....who the heck knows! It is a census that is embedded within a census... and the information garnered in this portal is to be used for what reason? Is it to be used as a census of the census to census those who happen to be "black" males and who do not fit into the "realistic" and "relativistic" domain that the "black" man is "supposed" the adhere to. Is it those statistics and facets of the census that make the "black" man real and relevant? Is that when he is of some use and applicable to society? It seems that way to me!

The fact of the matter is that these "alarming" statistics and ability for me to not fall in the negative categories and fall into the positive ones makes me imaginary. It also makes those who are like me imaginary and those who are the antithesis of the aforementioned just as real and ordinary as can be, based on the numbers!

Why do we celebrate those in the history books every damn year that have made wonderful contributions AND treat them as a myth? Why do we look back at history and wrap our brains, entangle our brain matter, with the concerns and accomplishments of a once alive and breathing myth? In addition, we should realize that we happen to be in the same mythical state of mind looking at those who are alive, wrapped up in the same myth that we have assigned them to be! It seems to me that a simple 41 (or so) years after the assination of Dr. King, and a simple 60 (take or leave a few) years of fighting for a change (in all aspects political and otherwise) in how "blacks" look at ourselves...hardly a damn thing has changed.

Yeah as a "black" person I have said it. What are "we" fighting for now? What is the focus of our "struggle" and how to get through or "overcome" it? Must I still be called an "African American" or "Black American"? I am plain and simple an American! When will we stop celebrating the history and legacies and focus on advancement, so that those who are trying to advance and figure out the agenda and what's next on it will be recognized? Having large NAACP and CBC parties and award shows is not going to do the trick! Begging President Obama and reminding him everyday to do something for "black" people is not the solution! Wearing t-shirts with famous "black" people on it is hardly a solution...but a great way to show what you think of that person! Money is great to have but the only thing money can do is pay the bills...and bills come in a variety of forms! Praying to the good Lord is a wonderful thing, but the Lord can give you insight, wisdom, and guidance but WE have to act upon it and actually get our asses out of the bed and DO SOME WORK!!!

Please don't give me the crap about ..."If you don't know your past you don't know your future!"...that is old and played! That mess is imaginary too...I was never a slave and thus I have no first hand idea the pain and disrespect those ancestors endured! I can look at that past aspect and accept it but does that mean slavery (in any form) will not come in the future? There is no there are volunteer slaves roaming this country with all sorts of tanned skin that doesn't peel or rub off...and you know who you are! We have looked at the history for years and I am confident that we know it. We might find new adventures in our history that we did not know, but shouldn't we make ourselves relevant and modern? We have delved in the past and divulged all we can from it! Let's move on! Let's look at the future. Can't we write a book that makes us real and living? It is very difficult to be imaginary these days...and it is alarming that the people making us "black" men that are not relativistic to the statistics imaginary!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!