Tuesday, June 14, 2011


You were my night and my light
You were my midnight star
You were my sweet, cooling, breeze on midsummer’s day
You were my chocolate lemonade
If I was a bird, you would be the branch upon the tree that I would sit
and sing my melody to the world
Lord knows that I have tried
Time has come and gone and similarly
We have passed each other by
Disconnected like smiles from children
Dysfunctional like wishes granted by a genie from a broken lamp

So we ciphered through the good and the bad
Weighed and re-weighed the pros and cons of experiences old and new
But Lord knows I have tried
As time went on
The only joy you would receive
Would be for me to deny my love for you
Just to keep you satisfied
It should have never ended this way others would say to us
I paid no attention to the opinions of the critics
But you did

How many more times must we repeat the process of drawing lines in the sand before we become one with the waves in the ocean
Fatalities of capsized pride
I wanted you to be the reason for the warmth of the cold space in my bed
I sought you to be the other of significance in my journey through life
I desired you to be the reason that I smile and would proudly represent you wherever in the world I would go

Until I realized that it is much too late for a you and I
Much too late and hopeless to even shed a tear
See I want you to be happy and I can love you better than any other man can
From a distance
Lord knows I have tried
But the fact remains
That I do love someone more than you…
And that person is me

I Love You But, God Loves You More!

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