Friday, December 2, 2011

BE-ITCH's Games!

I do not like Crawley's room mate. I do not like her with all of the fiber of being I have within me. Her room mate will be called for the purposes of this blog BE-ITCH! Notice the spelling and pronunciation of the name I have given to BE-ITCH. I have said to Crawley many times that BE-ITCH is a very rude and jealous specimen of life. Crawley of course being the person she is makes not an excuse, but more of a good omen and reason for BE-ITCH being the way she is. The topic of discussion changed from BE-ITCH into the living of that very fair thing called life.

I decided to expand upon this ideological explanation of using playing cards and the game of Poker. You are dealt the hand you have and in the process of living you have no choice but to play the hand in the game and hope that you can win that particular round. Notice I said particular round. I think that many people feel that they are not going to have another round to play the game OR that they must play the hand that has been dealt like it is their last. There isn't a problem with either choice, but I happen to choose the round system.

None of us can change the initial deal, the initial point of play, the family members you have, the mother, the father, the brother, the sister, and so on. What we can do is choose our friends wisely and that takes plenty of practice. The selection of friends however, is not just what you select, and also the selection of the other party. Can you play together with your friend, or not?

I think Crawley has played with BE-ITCH for years. I can only assume that she has been the one to change the cards that she has been dealt by trading some with the Dealer and keeping others. Is that a game of trading blessings? Just a thought and I digress. The one thing any of us can not do is complain about a hand that some one else has or fortunate enough to maintain and even given at times.

That's how I feel about BE-ITCH! She is immature and feels that the game and the Dealer owes her a good hand. She feels that she can cheat and look at the hands of others and criticize their selection of cards. BE-ITCH will also let others in their own games know what the people she knows and associates with is doing with their game cards. BE-ITCH will also back bite to get an advantage in the game.

I am not writing this because I am a bad person and I want to put BE-ITCH on blast, but there are people in the world that will suck you dry and then look at you from the corner of their eye and a snicker in their speech and tell you that you are to blame. Some will play the game against you and make you feel guilty for what they could control...(trading, picking new cards, or opting not to play that round, or even not to wager as high as someone else might) and only they could control it. There comes a time when individuals who are nice and respectful have to put their foot down and distance themselves from those hating people. Once again I am not trying to gossip...I am only worried about my friend.

Crawley sees the good and I worry that the good she sees is nothing but a bluff. I hope this is not true and that Crawley is not hurt or harmed in the process. They say that misery loves company, what do you do if the company is living with you?

I Love You But, God Loves You More!

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