Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Digital Girl
What happens when I hit send?
What really went on when I heard that click to tickle you with silent gratification?
Touching your icon...sensations?
I think I might have missed your target
Did I initiate travel to your virtual world?
An adventure that I thought I could never transform into shame
Yet I explore your silent glare through books of faces
Joined at the hip with dead cells
That you tend to ignore
Make the interactions live and it's better

I played by your rules of planning and understanding
I didn't want to be a riddle intertwined in a riddle
I accepted my role and stepped back
Never tried to press the envelope in your digital mail
Electronic notes simply made to confirm your truthful uttering
Before you hit the send tab
Are you sure you want to send this message?
Are you sure you want to send this message with

I'll sit and watch the channels change
I'll just sit
Listen to the channels change
We just don't click

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