Saturday, December 3, 2011

Forever Young (Dedeicated to my friend Leah for her 30th Birthday! 12/4/11)

What does it mean to be bound by the very things you accept, only to be told that you are wrong to live and abide by them?
It is no longer a journey to see who is the most popular.
It is no longer the willingness to adapt to what has been seen either in person or on a television screen.
It is the ability to believe in the real, have faith in what can not be seen, and frolic with the realization of my dreams.

I do not look like or emulate anyone else, nor do I want to.
I made my changes to help extend my life on the basis of good health, that being mental and physical.
Many might have passed me by because of aesthetics...
They passed by graciousness
They ran away from ambition
They looked past intelligence
They breezed by strength
They snubbed purity
They disqualified uniqueness
They ousted humbleness
They ignored non-traditional style
And rushed away from pure beauty.

Though my life has been filled with tragedy and triumph, I relish my humble beginnings and appreciate them like no other.
I pass no judgement on those who can share the experiences or those who can not relate, we are all living and striving in this world together.
Some still wish to set themselves apart, feeling that they are much more prestigious doing that. That is not me, because I am and will always be me.

So, I have reached a milestone that I am thankful to see, and that others have not had an opportunity to.
I am more confident than ever in my life and bathe in the idea of simplicity.
The simple things is what happiness is all about.
From the crashing of waves on the banks of a river bed, to the crumbling of bark off an oak tree, I enjoy is simple and plain yet extraordinary to me!

I offer myself these few directives to stay Forever Young...

I Love You But, God Loves You More!!

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