Thursday, November 18, 2010

Birthday and Mother's Day 2010!!

I am glad to have been born on this day and I thank God I am able to complete and begin another year! Today is Mother's Day to me and so Happy Mother's Day mommy! I miss you! Thanks to all of you for wishing me well on today!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Don't Spit Game, If You Don't Plan To Swallow!

It is fun to do at times when you are younger and immature…spitting game. The older you get the less tolerant you are of relinquishing your ignorance towards others…at least most of us who qualify as adults with good common sense! That is what “spitting game” is all about. There was a time (in my high school years) that it was cool and regarded highly to be a “player” or to parade around with many ladies/men because you could. You had it “going on” when you were able to gain another phone number for your cell phone (or pager codes for us 90’s people in the smart beep age) that you could call at your leisure. It is clear that the “player” is still “playing” and the “game” has not changed. I will say with confidence that the age of the “player” (by age I do mean numerical representation of years a person has lived on this Earth) continues to increase and the ignorance displayed does as well.

I would suggest that if the “player” is going to “spit game”, then the “player” should be prepared to swallow. I have a few rules for the “player” to live by, and if the “player” doesn’t abide by these rules, they should not “spit game” or ever attempt to “play”. You never see a wealthy man claim how rich he is, nor do you ever know the plays in the coach’s playbook…unless you are on the team!

A few rules…

1. In order to be a “player” you MUST tell the truth! “Spitting game” is not about lying and it is essential for the truth to be told. If you want the real sense of pride and grandeur, tell the truth…real certified pimps have no choice!

2. If you are going to “spit game” have a good memory! Most people who “spit game” have the lines down to a science and do not deviate. Say what you have said before since it works and make sure you remember the responses you receive, the names you are introduced to, and all information about that man/woman!

3. “Players” do not need one organ of the human body…a heart! Remember that the “game” is tough and not for those who have “feelings” and “emotions”…they get in the way. Do not “spit the game” and try to be a “player” if you have a heart. Having a heart that can be broken means that you will spend time on your knees, and every “player” can never be seen or imagined doing that!

4. “Spitting game” also means that you do not spread the “facts” about your life to those who do not need to know. I am sure the worse thing that could happen is that someone that knows you well can tell someone that you are “spitting game” to all about your past and your current dating situation. It will not make you look good and will diminish your status and fame as a “player”. The rule should be that if it does not help you, no one needs to know!

5. Make sure that you look good and have an enticing aesthetic appearance at all times. With the aforementioned in mind, you must be attractive and have impeccable hygiene. You can not have breath that stinks, hair that is not cut or styled. You have to be able to make sure that if a paparazzi or paparazzo in training is taking a photo (with an I-phone or digital camera) is in your path that you are ready to take that photo with ease. Those that are “players” know that it is important that your image is not tarnished by a picture that is unsightly and embarrassing. We all know that posting your photos on social networking sights like Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace makes you and automatic model. The more photos you have up there the better your modeling career and “player” status improves! In addition, make sure to take photos with ladies/men that you know are attractive. If you don’t, your rank to be able to “pull” the “fine’ ones will diminish incredibly!

If you have any rules or suggestions to add to this short list please do. Help the “player” in training…I think we all need to look out for them! I would rather someone to spit at me than to spit on me!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

Monday, November 8, 2010

How to receive love...

Much in my life has been taken away from me. All of my life I have given something up. I have had specific items tangible and those that are not stolen from me. Because of that, the empty space has been substituted. I feel like I am a repository of pain. I suppose that is the reason I can not take. That is the reason that that I would rather give to someone else than receive. There is a woman that loves me. I suppose she recognized the pain that I have inside and decided that her love would outweigh and replace my pain. When did I decide to let her love me? When did I decide that her love could erase hurting that has been built up for years? When did I decide that pushing the envelope and pushing just to push, might send her over the edge and for her to decide not to love me anymore? I can’t make the decision of whether or not someone can love me, but I can persuade them that their love can’t erase my agony. I realize that this is my mistake and my problem.

I have had so much snatched away from me, and the residual pride that has been instilled in me gets some sick joy or gratification that “this (fill in the blank) is just like the rest”. I will be the first to admit that it is not right. Unlike the others, I don’t want her to walk away. Unlike before, I know I need her to stay with me. Unlike before I can see. I can place my head on her chest and let it all out, like I did with my mother. I can trust her and not feel that I am going to lose. Why is it so difficult for me to take when someone is giving? I do not desire the “damn fool pride” to reside in me as it has taken root in my soul, to not allow anyone to see me in pain. If the truth be told, they can already see. If the truth be told, it is as apparent as the sun and the moon. It is as clear as the winter’s snow and the summer’s heat. Yet she decided that from what I have given to her, she would give to me as long as I understand that what she is giving is exclusive to me and as difficult for her to give as it is for me to be the recipient.

The only person I can blame is me, and the only person who needs to get it together is me. All that I ask from her is to know that I recognize all of what needs to be done for her to be with me. I don’t want her to hurt and I want to do the same for her as she has done for me, with nothing in return. I can not give to her without taking. It is a partnership and an affirmation of trust that should be guarded, respected, and never taken at face value. It is simply giving without expecting anything in return. It is the genuine preface of love.

I Love You, But God Loves You More!