Thursday, December 22, 2011

If there Wasn't A Christmas...

The distinction between rich and poor, the have and have nots would be unknown.

Children would not get their annual "feel sorry for me" festival or "I just received my toy like I do every year because I am not as fortunate as others" emotion.

No one would have to hear the sprinkled Christmas carols that are played along with the Top 40 on the radio.

Department stores would have reasonable prices for everyone to purchase goods for their loved one's since it is the "season for giving".

The airlines would not make so much of a profit since everyone wants to travel abroad to visit family all around the world.

I wonder how things would be if there wasn't a Christmas?

We wouldn't get the random text message from someone we do not know or have not spoken to in a long time.

The carbon footprint would be much less since trees would not be chopped down only to be thrown away in the trash.

Depression and anxiety would be down since others would not feel jealous about their family status.

People would net get into relationships that were false and under the preface of receiving s gift from someone they pretend they care about and/or love.

Credit Card companies would not try to give you rewards for spending money that many people have a hard time paying back or do not have at all.

Crime would not be a factor because people would not try to splurge on large ticket items.

I wonder how things would be if there wasn't a Christmas?

Christmas albums from random artists that no one has ever heard of and /or artists that have tons of original music, would not try to sell the same songs, with the same lyrics, with the same melody, with the same chord progression, just sung a different way to people.

Someone would get a bright idea that the kids do have a great memory and they remember that Santa last year does not look like the Santa from this year.

Someone would get the idea that the traditional Christmas colors are quite awful and someone should change them.

Whoever cooked Thanksgiving dinner can actually just cook the exact same thing for Christmas.

I wonder how things would be if there wasn't a Christmas?

There wouldn't have been a pretty cool dude named Jesus born! That's a reason to celebrate in itself!

I Love You But, God Loves You More!!

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