Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Lexus, baby you make me Saab
Even when you have you Ion me
I can’t seem to Escape your Shadow
Please Focus on the Prelude of our Accord
Let me be your Durango
And I will take out my Bronco…
No…my Excursion and be the Trailblazer of your Explorer
See, I’ll be the Trooper in your Expedition

But…no you want to trip out on me
You know damn well how Fiero my temper gets
When your head is up in the Stratus
Why do you want to believe what Sephia, Chevette, and Miata Echo’s
‘Cause she may be your Amigo, but Sonata makes it her Civic duty
To flip her shit like upside down port-a potties

So check this out…
Last night when we were standing in the Econoline trying to get into the Lumina
That Tahoe gathered up enough Esteem to try to do the Range Rover with my boy Hummer
So I know that is a Breeze you can’t Dodge

Tell me…
Why do you let your friends Eclipse our Sunfire?
Accent the positive and don’t let them Mirage you
Remember the time when we got our Passports
Bought tickets from Continental
‘Cause I couldn’t a Ford a Jetta to Montero
And opted to take the Concorde flight 626 to Malibu
Traveled to the beach feeling what the Sebring in Rio
Be Cirrus… it was the Altima when the Storm hit Metro and ruined the Festiva
We were stuck on Park Avenue in the Cavalier
So we got a little freaky and snuck on the Porshe and Probe all night long

See I’m trying to Navigator us to the Solara System
Chillin’ to Infiniti, doing our own Sundance
Sailing past Aerostars, from Mercury to Saturn
On our own Vigor(ous) Grand Prix
A Legacy of love must not make haste

But of course…you want to change the Tempo
Must you prove how independent you are?
You are my BMW (Black Man’s Woman) and it is about us!
We’ve got to be the Pathfinders of this Suburban Voyager
I’ll serve as your Escort on our Caravan to the Outback

But no!
Once again you must have the Maxima con-Fusion and tell me what your friends told you when you were on your Tercel phone!
How about my friends?
Bentley, Camry, Kia, and Corolla know that Mercedes Benz the truth!

That girl’s mouth runs faster than a Colt and we all know she is never Acura(te)!
Her Dynasty is known from here to Monte Carlo.
She has plenty of practice attempting to produce a Protégé!
How many Mustang’s has she taken the Liberty to Rodeo in her public X-Terra films?
Don’t Del Sol to her bullshit!

So can’t we be cool?
Can we step on the Sports Trac, be the 4-Runners, and set the Pacer of Jaguar and win this Grand Am of love?
I am sure we can be Galant in this Endeavor!
Let me be your Most Powerful Vehicle (MPV) and together
We can Escalade like an Eagle
We can soar like a Thunderbird and strike like a Viper
And then smile brighter than a Neon sign.
Come on,
Let’s Rolls Royce with Jimmy our Isuzu Pup and be Audi 5000

I Love You But, God Loves You More!

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