Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why hide behind your truth??

A man did her wrong after 3 years of being in a relationship and/or marriage. On the same token, she is able to have meaningless sex with no strings attached, and she says, "I don't want to be loved!" she also says, "I'm a bitch!" Knowing damn well it is just and act! Another lady says that she is extremely busy and tied down with her job and that she is focused solely on her career. It is what she wants to do right now and that a man is not her objective. Yet and still when a good guy is staring her in the face, she runs away and talks about how her career is going and is so successful! To the man she says is great and be with someone else, when his eyes are on her! Another woman is prideful and is so stuck on the aroma of her pride that she will not even notice or recognize the scent of a man...even a good man! She is convinced that she is too independent and self-reliant to even have a thought about a gentleman in her life.

This blog is not to delve into the specifics of relationships with women or the lack thereof, this blog is to bring to light about what a lot of women (and men as well) do and that hide behind the truth.

All of us have various trials and tribulations that we have had to overcome. In addition, we speak honest and frank about these situations because for the most part we are over them, take a humble stance about how we got over them, and essentially made you a better person. That should be the end of it. That should be the point made when we are supposed to move on in our lives. That is the point when we do not look back and make reference to it like it is in the present. Yeah, supposed to..should be...could be...for the most part and for various ladies I have is not te case.

Why use the truth as your calling card (as Crawley would like for me to get..a calling card) as to why you are not able to do something. The truth is being used as a shield as to why your life will not progress or move in a direction forward. Not path of circumvention and askew points of direction that do not lead you to go forward, but you come back to the same point saying...
I can't...Because...I was and Still not able to..Because...and that is the truth!

I look at my past as my past. It did take awhile to get to that realization in my life, and I did it! I will not use the truth as a shield to live behind because no one can see you, all a person will see it a wall of truth...not you! I don't know why or how that has become a norm, but it has. It is just like people putting their insecurities on you and telling you to deal with it, when they are the one's with the problem. You have person that tells you the truth about their life and tell you the reason they can not __________ (fill in the blank) is because of someone or some mishap in the past. That's a damn shame!

As I have said before and I will continue to exclaim...A jeweler will place a diamond behind the black or dark felt to make the diamond seem and appear brighter. The cloth serves as a symbol of that dark and opaque background hat symbolizes the truth, your obstacle you have overcome, that awful happenstance from previous destinations in your journey through life! That is what I suggest people who hide behind what ever your truth is... to do. Place it behind you so that everyone will see that you are shining bright. Remember this...Time heals all wounds, the object is to forget when and where the scars are!

I Love You But, God Loves You More!!

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