Friday, May 29, 2009

Momma's Waves

Baby, you know I ain’t ever complained about your style…just so damn beautiful and good to me. But I want to know since I seen those old photos of you and your family…they have that 1970’s burgundy tint….just how your really hair looks. I have seen it in the pony tail in the pictures with all of the barrettes and ribbons, the 3 pony or pig tails I don’t know the exact words for them, but it was cute when you were a child…I have seen the middle school pictures of you trying to look like Laura Winslow, MC Lyte, Salt, Pepa, and Spin…look like you are on Word Up magazine or an old copy of YSB, you should have been on Teen Summit. I suppose those were the experimental days…and if that is so then High School was the surgery! You had the Toni Braxton/Halle Berry cut, took it to the French Roll, you tried the semi-Jheri Curl/S-Curl relaxer thing. It was cute with your Cross Color Jeans and different color Reebok Princess Sneakers! College was all about the braids huh...had not time to do it I the morning unless it was club night and you might sneak a perm or something in. Box Braids like Janet, corn-rowed like Eve, micro-like Patra…but those days soon ended and that was a long time ago!

So please …take out those extra additives and preservatives…nowadays you just put in your weave…hopefully not the 5 for $8.00 packs at the dollar store…or where our cultural cousins sell it…yeah Sally, YoshiLee an’ ‘dem!…I want to see it all natural…remove the perm, I want to know if you’ve got it…your momma’s waves. I know you won’t let me down because I can imagine you back in the day sitting in between your momma’s legs with your head tilted to the side and her telling you to…”Be Still!” or “I know my child ain’t tender headed?” or “My baby got a good grade of hair!”

I am not too concerned with the toxic capabilities and dangers of hair products…I am a chemist you know. It don’t matter TCB, Pink Oil, Sulfur 8, Blue Magic (both colors)…and surely not Rio...take it back to the hot comb on the stove days. It’s only me, don’t be afraid of the perception, I just have to know…if you let me grease and massage your scalp one night would I see your momma’s waves? You have your daddy’s eyes, your uncle’s freakishness, your grand momma’s nose, your aunt’s attitude, your grand daddy’s feet...but I want to see it for myself when it comes to your hair…a testament to your strength and ever changing transformation of style! I’ve seen and experienced every part of you…every segment of your personality, each minuscule section of your spirit…I’ve seen you naked with nothing but a smile on…I have been inside of you…I have held you…I have tasted don’t be so hesitant for me to see you and your hair just natural…do you have your momma’s waves?

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