Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The End of An Era!!

I am getting ready to move pretty much around the corner...15 mins. maximum from where Ireside now. It seems like an end to an era. I remember when I first moved to the D.C. area...Northern Va. to be more exact, I thought of this place as a different world from home..the Tidewater area of Va.

I had a nice place when I moved here, which at that time I felt was so I am moving somewhere I don't think is as expensive...but yet it is almost double what I paid for my current place 4.5 years ago. When I initially moved to this area there was mad construction on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge,that work is all done, and now construction is all over the area where I reside. The Safeway supermarket did not exist in my it does and is bustling with business!

I started off making a measly $38,000 a I am making more than double that salary! I was teaching, now I don't! There are so many changes that have taken place in less than five years. I think that I have had a pretty good time in accomplishing goals while living at Mount Vernon Square! I have a goal for each year that I live, and that is to do better than I did the year before. I feel that I have already surpassed 2008 and about to reach new personal goals and achievements here in 2009. I digress!

I am going to miss my new old spot... which is for now my current dwelling. I can't complain I have had some good times there and I will miss it...but I have outgrown that place. I know the place too well...not just my apartment, but the immediate area where I live. I would like to get up in the morning and drive to a different metro station, walk to a different grocery store, be able to venture out and learn more about my immediate dwelling. Some people may say...didn't you a chance to do that already? Nope I can't say that I did. I was preoccupied in not getting lost in D.C. and all around this habitat...pre-GPS school and much that...those things consumed me. I am fine by that. I don't look at the immediate all of the time and say that I have to live in that spur of the moment...the spurs of the moments come just have to choose which one you want to live in.

I will sacrifice much to have a certain extent. I digress again! I am happy about my new loft...all increasing my sexiness...LOL!!! So I will say a hearty goodbye to my current place when I turn in the keys...I may even spray paint "One Love" like Martin did on his last episode! LOL!!

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