Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Me Now... Me Tomorrow...Me Forever!!

I step in the lab with more pissitivity than ever. I will not call the name or names like I want to but someone has a problem with me just being me! I will call this person a person who used to roam where "Katrina" roamed!! It is amazing how some folks preach and try to teach others, but they are just as jaded and nasty and do not have any tolerance for those people who think, look, and act differently. On the surface, they can be so nice and sweet and respected by many...only in the cyber-world by my determination. On the other hand, in real life situations they are probably just as nasty as can be...and I am not that type of individual and never will be...two faced, and just plain bi-polar! I know darn well that people that have known me for the most of my life can say that I have not changed and that I am still the same Ole silly but yet intelligent person I have been all of my life. Respectful and humble! Intense but yet understanding! I do not put down others for being different...because being different is cool! Being different is fun...exotic...and just because I refuse to kiss ass and brown-nose others does not mean I am..."ridiculous" in this person's eyes! I do not write the same...because I do not conform to the rules...but I do know about them and will abide by them when I want to! I am that good, I can act the way I want to act because I am me and no one else can me. I am quite glad you moved your ass out of the way so that others who are more accepting of a different viewpoint....a zany one I will add, but still enjoy something that is different...and not the same crap all of the time!! Deal with it alone...and don't be fake. Join the club of many folks who can't handle the attitude and thoughts I have...I am glad! I will have to deal with your ass again at one point and that is cool...just understand that I will be me now...me tomorrow...and me forever!! If you don't like it...take a test tube and stuff it up your ass!!

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