Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Elements Of Me!

As I come into the lab, I must say that I am not feeling all that great. No it is not the weather, I just have a few things on my mind. Of course I will explain the best way I can...using the elements!

Kr - Krypton; yes I do have some weaknesses. One of my biggest weaknesses is trust. I find it very difficult to trust anyone, whether it be in a relationship or not. I am working on it but it is a slow and steady process to get to the point of being a totally trusting person. I have been told the I am skeptical...which is quite true. I have seen that most people in the South are skeptical. We are cautious of people I guess because we kind of are suspicious anyway and not very easily fooled. It is not like the movies or television shows, most of us from the South have a sense about things and if it doesn't smell right we run far away.

I find myself letting my guard down in my personal life, but in my professional life...there is an armed guard with explosives and laser detection devices watching every move. I think it has something to do with how I have been done before and also knowing how people act like thieves in the night in the workplace. I leave my personal business where it belongs...on my person. I hope that I can get over this trust thing. I don't know...it seems that the longer I have been in this area...DMV that is... the less trusting of people I am. Very strange I would say!

H - Hydrogen; I chose Hydrogen because it is the most abundant element in the universe...and speaking of abundant...yes I am back on my weight again. I have gained in 6 months the 20 pounds I have lost. Now if I look at this empirically I have gone from 405 back in 2000 to 215 in 2008 and now I am back to 235. The weight is coming off,I have already lost about 15 pounds and I have much more to go. Now some people may be mad at the way I am going about my weight loss...but sorry. If I got to the well and to the water the way I did before...why can't I do it now? I feel much better and yeah I might be doing just a tiny bit of damage, but when I get to my weight and get it tight like it is supposed to be then I will be feeling much better. Think of it as taking out all of the stops to increase my sexiness...I will still be sexy!

Na - Sodium; Many people may not know this but Sodium exists in nature as a metal. This is not the Sodium or salt that you may find in food items..this is totally different from that kind of salt. That type is an ionic bond which is a bind between a metal and nonmetal...I am just talking pure Sodium. Sorry for the lesson!

In addition, if you take pure Sodium and throw it into a bucket of water, you will create a violent explosion. I have done that with some of my old students and scared the crap out of them. I mention sodium because I am feeling quite reactive at this time. I have this thinking and ideal that I want to have some stability, and I had it for about 2 months...and now all is haywire again. I do not get it but I am trying to roll with it. It is not that I am not thankful for all that is going on, but I don't know where this is going. I am good for moving with the winds of change, but this wind is a special one in which it's direction has no constant direction nor origin...I suppose this is what I get.

U - Uranium; Many folks know this element and yes it is a highly unstable and radioactive element. It's used in weaponry only if it is enriched. I will not go into how to do that for fear I may be taken into custody. I only use my powers for good. I have chosen this element to explain how I feel about these holidays like Mother's Day and Father's Day! I feel it is all good to have a holiday of the sort to celebrate the parents of those who have adopted children...it is cool to also have the holiday to remind us of those we have lost...but I am a believer that my mother became a mother when I was born...so that is Mother's Day for me. I get my Mommy a present on my day of birth...she didn't have to bring me into the world but she did. Hence, that is Mother's Day to me. I will also say the same for father's on their day. I don't really have a relationship with my father...which is all good. I am not even saying I want to be a Dad either...I am not real sure about that at all, it is a big responsibility, and I know I am no where mature to have a child now! Most of you all know that already. It is a real touchy and highly unstable topic for some. many women will not be with or marry a man that is nou 100% sure of an affirmed answer of yes to have a child. I don't know about that and I think it is fair to say what I have said. Should I be an outcast or not wanted by a lady if I say that?

In any event I got some of the stuff off of my chest. The glasses go back and the jacket on the hanger...I'll be back later!!


  1. I wrote this long azz comment and the doggone internet erased it, so I'll have to come back another time to comment! I'm pissed!


  3. I've never been one to be naturally untrusting of others. If I get that vibe or intuition not to, I won't, but I usually trust people until they give me a reason not to. The workplace is another story. You have to think of the game of chess when dealing with people at work. It's all about the strategy and who you have in your corner.

    Harming or damaging yourself, even just a little bit, to lose weight should never be the answer. Doing it because it worked the first time is not the right answer. IMO And if those who care about you are opposed to it, and say some things you may not like or even do some things you feel are unfair..sorry. You shouldn't expect them to watch you harm yourself when you don't have to. The gym is a great place to lose weight and burn off some steam...especially when you're not getting any, but I digress.

    Sometimes change is what we need. You've been blessed with some awesome opportunities that will possibly take you in a direction in which you're unsure of or don't want to go in. But that's the beauty of blessings. They are usually those you need as opposed to those you want. I guess the choice you have to make is whether or not you're going to roll with it or against it.

    Your ideal Mother's and Father's Day is awesome. And you have the choice to celebrate it how you want. As for not sure of wanting to be a father. That's your choice, but it's also a woman's choice to decide not to choose you because you're unsure. Most women want to be mother's, no matter how old they are, so they at least want the choice to do so. When you take that away, it means you don't want the same things. When choosing a life partner, I deciding to become parents is one of the major things a husband and wife should agree on, and if you don't, it will definitely cause some problems. So, if a woman doesn't choose you because of that, don't take it personal. She's actually doing you a favor. IMO It's all about choices.