Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Holding Cell

I am an analytical thinker and I know what it means to keep your mouth shut and to speak when spoken to or when the time comes for a response. I also know the importance of understanding that I only have two ears and one mouth and that since that is the design of our bodies, that we should do twice as much listening than talking. In addition, I do know for a fact that the people that can tell you all that what you do obviously are not doing what they need to do for their own self and also that they must have a lot of free time to look at your every move and action and mention it to someone else.

In some instances, they will be alarmed that you own door is closed and ponder what you are doing behind that door. They ponder why you don't happen to comment on specific things and then say to others you are not engaged in the conversation or that you are aloof. They may add that you are not doing any work and even have the uncouth notion to say that there was no need for you to close your door! These individuals will also try to male accusations about who you may speak to and propose that you were being flirtatious when the person you are speaking with happens to know you very well, that they know you on a first name basis and that you have spent time with. All of these are examples of how your own "holding cell" is a blessing in disguise!

The been talk and playful mentioning of one's "haters" or people that are jealous of you has been common in many years...and although it is funny to hear how people are hated on...why be concerned with it...stay in your holding cell! I am in a situation at work that a person wants to know what's in and on my mind, why I am listening to what's being said and not speaking, what was I doing when my door was closed, who was the young lady I was chatting with at an event, where was I at specific times during the week, you left a meeting and was away for quite sometime...but I suppose the woman didn't see I was sweating...nor heard when I said I was not feeling well...all of these things lead me to believe that this person and people like them do not want to let a moment pass then by without trying to be oh so all knowing and then they have the nerve to go and run and tell someone...specifically your boss, family, brother, sister...the list can go on. When this happens I bring good news...stay in your holding cell!

I have been one that realizes that you will not please everyone and thus can't be concerned with what these folks say about what you are or are not doing, but that you are in a holding cell that protects you from the outside and also encloses you so that you can see what is going on. If your door is closed, you have put yourself in a position that you can't see or sometimes have trouble hearing what is going on in the outside world. Maybe you don't need to see or hear it for a reason...stay in your holding cell. It is a good thing that you don't know the details...because they do not involve you and that the drama or mess does not get into your keep is clean and neat anyway!

If the door to your holding cell is open and all you have are bars...that is good as well. You are able to see what is going on and observe...listen and interpret. Be quick to listen and slow to being exposed to the outside world will not damage you inside of your holding cell because you observe and see the things that go on and what could happen if you allow it to go on or transfer inside of your cell. People may watch you in your holding cell and wonder what goes on in there and try to be a part...if you know the tendencies of that person, you may want to not let them in or let them depends on what you observe, but for the most part...make sure that you keep people at a distance so they can be watched...for your own sanity and safety.

The holding cell is also a place for you to be protected...even in the presence of trouble or uncomfortable situations. I recall in the movie Saw V that the gentleman at the end of the movie was told to take refuge in the canister that was filled with glass...the man did not listen and the adversary happened to be thrown in the clear box of glass...he was protected from the mechanical walls crushing the man to death as his adversary that was in the clear box/canister of glass was protected and then got away.

The holding cell may have some discomfort, it may have some pain, it may even have some lonely times, but stay in your holding cell, you will escape those crushing walls that may cause your demise. Your job could be a holding cell...nothing but hell and high water...brimstone and fury...low wages and strenuous work...but just stay there and learn...observe and you will see that it is a refuge for better things to come your way. Sometimes a relationship might be a holding want to leave and you have the ability to, but you stay (as long as it is not physically or mentally abusive or cheating) to learn what you can. Is it really you that has the issue or the other person and why is it that you haven't thrown in the towel as soon as you would with others?

The holding cell is a place that many folks deem to be negative and non-sensible...but it is okay...just hold on...just my grand parents would say...hold your peace....hold your mule...remember that the empty wagon makes the most noise...and if you really understand what I am speaking about then you know about the empty wagon. Stay the course and be content in your holding cell...those that talk about you will soon be talked about...and it won't even have to be by you!

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  1. I needed to read that-!!! So thank you!