Friday, May 15, 2009

JUST F*&K IT!!!!

In the lab once again and this time I have a little pep in my step! No! Not because it is Friday, I guess it is because I have made some decisions. I am going to say just fuck it! Yeah I know, the person that is careful and calculates all of his risks and moves is in the... fuck it mood. That only comes when I have thought about situations over and over in my sought after brain and can only see there is no loss in the risk or decisions I make. I suppose I always look at the things that could happen that I lose sight of what is happening...THAT IS ONLY SOMETIMES! I WILL NOT CHANGE WHAT HAS WORKED FOR ME, BUT I CAN VARY THE PROCESS! I do not know how I came to this conclusion, remember I am stubborn and not a conformist. I am also determined to stand where I want to stand and do what I want to do...yeah that's the Harris everyone knows...the dude that is able to stand up and say...fuck it!

Some people have wondered why I talk about myself in the 3rd person..where has all of that confidence and arrogance come has always been there I just never expressed it..and well here it is in full force...once again...fuck it! LOL!

On another note, I am ready to move and very excited about my new place. I am going to have more fun in this dwelling. The 4 years I have lived in this area I haven't had too many people at my spot at one time...well that will change. I have been persuaded to have a little get together and by the size and layout of the new apartment, it is good for entertainment...I will not have to worry about "2 tons of fun" making all of that damn noise above me like it is at my old fuck it...(and well...I will not say what I want to say about that lady...night and day she can be heard walking)...naw this is my blog...fuck her too! LOL!

So here we go folks, the countdown is about to be up soon...I am ready to get in my new spot..and well when I think about it, I suppose a lot of new things are happening. I will be coming out of retirement at the lab and teaching 5 days in July and 5 days in August...I hope I can use my vacation time...or at least get paid for my services by the lab...yes it is about the money, the kids will be fine! I am still in awe that I am a master! My mommy has that title and she deserves it. She is a master of that craft and I never thought I would ever teach nor be regarded as a master teacher...wowserz! She has taught me very well.

Well it is time to hang up the lab coat and place the safety glasses back on the bench top...until later!!

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  1. "I suppose I always look at the things that could happen that I lose sight of what is happening..."

    Not exact wording, but that sounds mighty familiar to me.

    Who are you teaching in July and August?