Sunday, May 17, 2009

Strip Club Mentality

I step into the lab tonight/morning with a lot of wonder. Like I wonder if she knows I am thinking about her. I wonder if she thinks about me. Not in the sweet and sensual ways right now...I mean in the intense sense of love making. I do mean very intense. I am not one that happens to think in the realm of fantasy, but for some reason tonight...yes I am sober..I am thinking about her and what I want to do with her. I am thinking about her body, how sexy it is to me and how much I want to be deep inside of her. Her skin and how it is so smooth and I just want to rub my hands all over her. Her sexy attitude that i sometimes long cool my hyper ass down! I may get a little graphic but, this is my blog so I can be as explicit as I please. It has been a long while since I have made real good love...alright had some good ass sex! Damn good sex, and I think that if we did get together it would be quite amazing. No one has ever turned me out and made me come back and beg for more, but I think she could! I just have this in my mind from the conversations we have had that she has got something that I will never ever forget, and that she probably has made some other men go to their corner and cry!

It is stuff like this that I don't fantasize about a lady and what I want to do to her. It is not in my realistic and practical mind, but I have wanted her lately, and I don't think she knows it. In some ways I don't want her to know, in other ways I do. But she will find out! No more fantasies.

This reminds me of the strip club! I never liked the strip club. I have been 4 times in my life and although there are some nice looking ladies there with incredible bodies...for lack of saying anything about the ladies who don't or used to...I just don't like the fantasy. If a woman will be dancing seductive on my lap and licking my ear for the sole purpose of turning me on... and I pay her for that...HELL NO!! If my lady dances for me...then I know I will have some for that night and not have to pay for her services. She dances for me and I get the spoils with her.

This relates to my fantasizing about her...I just want her right now, but I have to wait. I know for sure that it will time! Leaving the lab now!


  1. There's nothing rong with fantasizing. Fantasies are dreams you want to happen. The fun in it is getting to find out whether or not your fantasy can come true. :)

  2. Fantasies are good to have- leaves room for imagination to transform into reality- I feel that once you have a mate (husband/wife) you should leave things to your imagination- this will allow things not to become a routine- hey why not by a retractable pole from Spencers and place in the room for your man- why not by a wig- like Dwele's song- I'm cheating on my girl with my girl- Fantasies are just fine- especially when its with someone you love-