Monday, February 1, 2010

What You Eat Don't Make Me Shyt!

I step in the lab and I am not mad, pissed, or upset. I just find that lately I am less tolerant...more apt to say how I feel at ALL costs. I have not had tact for a long time and I surely do not need it now. I find that I am less stressed than others and that I am stubborn enough to know that God will do what He wants to do and for me to understand that He will make sure it works out in my favor. That is a good kind of stubborn! I am amazed at how some folks are stressing over the little things that do not the thoughts and opinions of others. Who cares what they think. You keep living the best way you know how and have some ideals and morals.

For example, a female told me that I didn't make enough money for her...and her 2 kids...and she complains about her job everyday! She complains about how men are and how she will date people to fill a particular need and when they meet it she sticks around...if they don't she dips! That was all I needed to hear and I just made a mental note to say forget her! The number one reason I do not talk to her anymore is because of her greed, lack of ability to work for success and not receive a hand out, and of course...I don't make enough money for her and her 2 kids and since I only make enough for me I do not want to burden her with my chump change. I do not want to bother her at all...sure she is pretty, but hell looks are not everything. I'll let someone else make enough money for her! LOL!

I have been criticized for down sizing in automobiles, to the way I look, to what I say, how I dress, on and so forth and I do not care. It is a point I feel you have to reach, that point that with all I have endured (or anyone)...who the hell cares what others think or say? If they are not providing for you and if they are not someone who will provide for you...tell them to step and move the hell on! It is quite easy for me to do me...I guess because I am in my own world so much, those who enter it either fit or don't fit. Get in where you fit in...and if you don't fit in where I dwell...DEUCES!!!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

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