Thursday, February 25, 2010

If you want to continue to live in America...You might want to read this!!

You work (hopefully you are employed if you are reading this), I work, most of us work in this country and as a result we pay income taxes, sales tax, gas tax, cell phone tax, property tax, land tax, and so on...and thus we are entitled something when you work...the ability to take care of ailments. Moreover, the ability to take care of nagging sickness that may come from time to time. I will add that the only exception to rule will be those who use their bodies to make a living such as professional wrestlers, football, basketball, baseball athletes, and etc. In the grand scheme of things they also work to make sure that their family will have the ability to have their nagging aches and pains, infections and colds, and God forbid diseases and detrimental illnesses. It is not just a privilege to work to receive medical insurance coverage for these ailments but it is a human right!

Today is a very important day in my eyes and possibly the basis for me either residing in this country or moving somewhere else (like Canada) that will actually take care and provide quality health care for ALL AMERICANS whether working or not...child or elderly...we have paid the price(in taxes) for years to have health care without question. I have paid taxes all of my working years and that alone should guarantee me health care coverage whether my condition is pre-existing or not. I am a diabetic and I try to take care of my diabetes...but when I was not employed and needed medicine to help control it, I was limited to options of getting those medicines and made a pre-existing condition worse. Think of the parents of children that do not have jobs, and Medicare and Medicaid (yeah those programs are a joke...remember I said QUALITY health care) will not pay for ALL of the bill... and as a result many parents do not even take their children to the doctor for check-ups because of that fact. They use the Emergency Room at a local hospital as the doctor's office and hope to get treatment for their suffering child.

Senior citizens can hardly afford the medicines. I remember when my mother told me she got a cost of living increase in her retirement pension, only to find out later that the cost of her medication, co-pay for doctors visits, and visits to specialists would be increasing...again! This is totally outrageous and today, public officials will meet at the Blair House for a Health Care Summit.

I ask each of you that reads this blog to understand what this Summit means for the future for all Americans. This could be the small building block of either progress OR destruction of the basis of this country...which is CHARITY and yes ALL of our lives. We are always willing to help out others outside of our borders with medical aid, food, clothing, money, military service specialists, weaponry, and FAIL to take care of our OWN citizens! This is not a joke. Egos ought to be set aside in the discussion and think of the long term effects of passing EFFECTIVE health care legislation to take care of and help ALL Americans. I have never heard a Senator or Representative complain about their health care costs, quality of service, the ability to go to ANY hospital for treatment no matter where they might be, choosing a doctor or specialist that is in their insurance company "network", or the damn insurance companies and their pre-existing condition clauses and expensive medicines...especially when their doctors are en route to their offices!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

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