Friday, February 12, 2010

First it was D' it is Sade!

It is funny how history repeats itself! I remember vividly it was February of 2000...on a Tuesday morning during my last semester of undergrad when my college roommate and I went after a snowstorm to purchase D'angelo's Voodoo CD. Yeah the roads were awful but I drove to the music shop and sure enough got that CD. I must say it was worth it because that CD is still in heavy rotation in my music collection.

Moving on 10 years later. I find myself on a Tuesday morning driving after a snowstorm...with the roads messy...full of snow and ice...going to Wally World to get another CD. Yes Sade's Solider of Love disc is all of that! It is a classic and I will be pretty upset if she doesn't not earn a Grammy for her work!

I guess in some ways it is worth putting my life on the line for music...hey it is my life you know!

I Love You But, God Love's You More!

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