Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sexual Maturity!

Remember when the acts of sex weren’t confusing? We have all had the conversations when we were advancing in age and then wanting to explore the experience of sex. Come on now I am sure you do have a recollection of what was said and often times done!

Remember when it was asked whether or not you have “done it”… and those who answered yes said, “Yes I have “done it”!” and that was all that was needed to be known. Then another instance you were asked could you “do it” and he or she said, “Yeah I can do it”. Then you would find a place (the dark creep spot… in school or out of school…when the ‘rents weren’t home…or in the movies, way in the back… meet up, and “do it”. Simple and easy right?

Then you and the sexual questions mature…he or she would ask, “Can you do it and do it good?”…he or she would say, “Yeah I can do it and do it good!”….then you would find a spot (any that were mentioned previously) meet up, and “do it and do it good!” Not too bad. That is still pretty simple and easy!

Things from this point on would progress sexually. Now she would ask… “Can you do it, do it good, and lick downtown?” (I hate that SWV...Sistas With Vaginas…song called Downtown) and he would reply, “Yeah I can do it, do it good, and no I don't do that!” She would then say, “Well you not going to get any of this!” The dude would then tell the fellas, “Hey man she wants me to go down there and lick the la-la!” The fellas would then reply, “Naw man you can't do that. Go find a “do it’ or a “do it and do it good” chick!”

The girl would tell her girlfriends, “He won't go down and lick the la-la!” The girlfriends would reply, “Girl, you need to find you a “do it and do it good” dude who will lick the la-la!” So then finally after knowing that he will not get any sexual pleasure he concedes and finally licks down there.

The entire sexually maturity process does not end there! You then have a woman who asks, “Can you “do it and do it good” and can you “lick it and lick it good?” The guy responds, “I can “do it and do it good” and I do “lick it” but not that often. But hell yeah I can “lick it” good!” So you pick a spot, (as I mentioned before) meet up, and “do it”, “do it good”, “lick it” and “lick it good.”

Whoa what a change from the apathy of licking and tasting to the love of “doing it” and making one a novice to an expert in 1 episode. Now let’s take a look at how things get really crazy!

The men now ask the questions after the lady asks, “Can you “do it” and ‘do it good”, “lick it” and “lick it good?” He then replies, “Yeah! But do you “suck it”?” The lady has many options to answer that question…she either will say, “No I don't do that!” or “No I don't do that with a guy I just met…it has to be a long term relationship.” Or, “No I don't like doing that it makes me feel like I am a _______ !” (You fill in the blank!) or the wonderful, “Yes I do, but only after a guy licks my la-la!”

So then everything goes straight to confusion. People want to bring in toys, chains, whips, poop, pee, videos, clothing, food items, positions, medicines, places, things, people, money, I-pods, crutches, candy, paint, vegetable oil, bacon, I don't know all hell is loose I tell you. You really just grow up quick with the sexual participation process!

People what has happened to good, old fashioned, freaky, rug burn, circus sex? Man I tell you I love that old stuff! Sex so good makes ya leg quiver and shake when you think about it.

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

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