Friday, February 26, 2010

PISSITIVITY...3RD EDITION! (Tongue tricks!)

I have been holding my peace on this edition of "Pissitivity" for awhile and I guess I should let it out now before my head hurts and the pain becomes unbearable! LOL!
I am sick of people playing tongue tricks....(and you know who you are!) To those who are wondering what I mean by tongue tricks, it the ability to say something out of your mouth and then either...

1. Don't live up to what that person was going to say or already said!
2. Don't have the common courtesy to say they can't do something knowing that the other party has asked them to confirm or back out of the activity or whatever was planned.
3. Using a language that is filled heavily with semantics so they can never promise or own up to anything by using words like "might", "could", "possibly", "I guess", or by not saying anything at all.
4. Try to avoid the topic and never apologize for their mistake in you wasting your time and resources!

This of course leads to a lack of trust and yields into other things that I am sure you know what I am speaking of. When and if the individual or people who practice tongue tricks ever speak to you after they have screwed you over they will begin to combat you with a litany of stupidity and excuses to why they did not do what they said or agreed to...if you speak about it first! The combating has to be done carefully because the person who is using the tongue trick will try to turn the situation around and not accept any of the responsibility for their apathy of respect toward you. You might hear such phrases as...

1. "Why are you so bitter?" Bitter is a word they love to are not bitter at all, but you do feel wronged and have every right to let their trifling ass know!!
2. "Well I never said...(you fill in the blank)." Oh yeah they did say! How would you have reserved time and resources if they didn't...and when you tried to confirm...they are like a damn ghost or can't speak! They like to use semantics so look out for that!
3. "I never got your message." We know that one is a lie because the phone and voicemail was working all other times, but all of a sudden when it is time to live up to what you said you wanted to do or agree to...nothing works?
4. "I was going to call you but I got so caught up...". That's another lie! If you were so damn busy and caught up why did you accept the invitation in the first damn place?
5. "Why are you overreacting?" Now this is said when you have become irritated because they have not apologized or said a word to you and when you have had enough. Be very careful of never want to hear it said because that means you have overreacted and become a little hostile. To overcome this say something like..."You would be a little upset as well if someone cancelled on you or didn't follow through on what they said they would do. Moreover it is not acceptable when people do not acknowledge when they have shown themselves not to be trustworthy or hold up to their word!" They shut up usually after that is will hear nothing but crickets!

There might be countless other things that are said but just remember they are the person that wronged you! They may act like all is well in their lives but trust isn't! If they have the audacity to stand you up or lie to you without the courtesy of apologizing...they have a pretty fucked up life!

The smile that they exclaim to you is not a real smile and of course you can't trust them as far as they can breathe! I am sure others have been a victim of tongue tricks and burns you up! Just remember that if you do not say anything to them...they will not say anything to you! People who owe you money (in most instances) will not speak to you ever again or even ask you for more money because they owe you money!

These people know they have done you wrong and should give you an apology and a lot more for wasting your time. If you do decide to say something to them just tread lightly and see what they will say. These individuals won't say much, but when you are done saying what you have to say...cross them out, delete them, forget about them! If they were on the side of the road, and they were on fire, and no water was around, don't even waste your precious urine on their lying ass carcass!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!!

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