Thursday, February 4, 2010

Baby Clocks!

I have encountered many ladies in the past few months that are in their 30's and do not have any children. In addition, they are single and looking for that "right man", but just the mention of them being single and without children is great for me...then the big bomb explodes...the rush to get married...and then have that first child! It seems that the biological clock is ticking and the rush to have that family is priority. It is frustrating to both men and women...I am not in a rush to get married (knowing that it is not meant for me anyway) plus most men that I know aren't in a rush either... and the child thing (will only happen if I get none for me). One the other hand a lady aspires to get married (I guess it is that one day that they feel like they are in a fairy tale and the prince will finally be hers) and to have a family as soon as possible because the biological clock is ticking to the point that it is almost a desperate attempt to hurry up and find that man before her ovaries disappear or no more eggs can be produced. I don't know maybe it is the non-emotional side to me, or that side that just really is indifferent about it either way...but that clock is ticking for many women and the closer the hour and minute hand get to that buzzer or expiration date...the more frantic the lady becomes. It is something to watch and ponder. Why is the need to have a child so paramount to a woman?

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

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