Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Play...GOOGLE A CLUE!!

I am not a cliche' person and often rebuke the cliche's individuals use to try to make a point such as: "History repeats itself." wrong...people repeat history, or "Actions speak louder than words." wrong again...your actions and words should match! So here on Valentine's Play individuals come around and on this "holiday" okay "holiplay" and express to you how much they "love" you! Folks you have not heard from in ages, send you messages and e-mails claiming how much they "love" and "care" about you! Oh boy, now that is a problem for me!

Do I appreciate the "love"? If expressed and shown at other times of the year and not just today...sure! But to wait until EVERYBODY wants to express the risk of looking bad...or the risk of being thrown into the proverbial doghouse...or to tarnish their reputation if they don't...or to do it because of the "spirit" of the day...SPARE ME THE BULLSHIT!

You should express your love (or whatever you call it) ALL of the time (or as much as you can) and not base it's expression on a day...or base it upon what others are doing. I don't celebrate Valentine's Play...I might give a card...which I haven't this year...but I have never really had an interest in it. If you are celebrating the "play" today... and you are married...great for you! If you are celebrating it for your kids or for your family members...great for you too. Other than that is it really that serious? (Yeah I left out relationships/engaged people because if you are not married it is not "legal love"!)

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

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