Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hell Is Not Hot Enough For You!

It has a dreary architecture...their soul does. I do not wish bad things on people or take delight when horrid instances invade the lives of others but Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson have proven themselves to be less than a human being...a simple blob of distorted humanity that just happens to be living.

Two days ago a very poor country of Haiti (that is surrounded by affluent countries in the Western Hemisphere)was struck by an earthquake that was accounted for by those who predict life changing world events and also by fellow scientists. The buildings in this country may be beautiful...but they are not built with beauty in mind...they are just built to enclose and protect. To have a roof over their heads. To have a place for their children and elderly to lay their thoughts down in comfort and feel somewhat secure. Their homes are humble abodes and the country of Haiti has been trying for years to have the same opportunities and lifestyle as their neighboring finally secure the antithesis of poverty! just a stupid tone and thought process Pat Robertson (who I regret lives in my hometown in the 757 area code) made some dumb comments stating that this earthquake was a result of the Haitian citizens making a "deal with Satan" long ago and that they deserved this. Mr. Robertson...did you know if it was not for the Haitian war against the French for their independence that there would not have been a Louisiana Purchase for the United States? Did you know that imperialism does not work...thus the reason why the U.S. broke away from England. Did you know that your message of preaching the Gospel (which means good news) is to preach the Gospel and not backbiting gibberish that hurts others? Your comments were extremely stupid and I am also shocked at the idiot female that was sitting next you and did not have the guts to reject the comments that came out of your mouth! It is wrong and your senile carcass does not belong in a pulpit! I hope Jesus has mercy on you and that you ask for some severe and prompt forgiveness! admitted racist (in my eyes) Rush Limbaugh had made light of the situation in Haiti saying that the aid to Haiti has already been paid in the medium called the "U.S. Income Tax" and that the aid should cease. In addition, Limbaugh said that Obama will "play up his "compassionate" and "humanitarian" credentials, and that the President will use this crisis to "boost his credibility with the black community". Well Mr. Limbaugh when you were struggling with your addiction to pain killers were people compassionate to you? Or was that played up? Were people who tried to help you get over the addiction "playing up" their humanitarian fiber in their heart or was that just a farce? When you were sick recently and needed health care were the medical professionals compassionate to you with genuine concern or was that "played up"? Did any of the aforementioned questions play a part in the advancement of the white community? The rich people with health care community? The radio talk show host community? The republican community? Has your credibility increased because of your misfortune? I do not think so!

Both of these men have some serious problems and I suppose if the earthquake happened in a rich, affluent, white country that all bets are off. The sympathy from them would be enormous...and they would make Obama look like a racist man and would say he is not doing enough. Whatever the situation might be is not the actual. OUR ( not just black and white) brothers and sisters are in desperate need and we ought to look past their color, look past their economic status,look past their appearance in general and be compassionate and be humanitarians! I suppose that if Robertson and Limbaugh were in the same position they would go and beat their heads in with a rock because a black person, or a person with darker skin, or a person from African heritage, or a person who was a sinner, or a person who told the Devil to get behind them, or a person who is just genuine and kind tried to save their life because it does not fit their mental pedigree. Hell is just too nice of a place for you!

I Love You But, God Loves You More!

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