Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Things A Black Woman Won't Do! Volume 6...If He Won't Lick...She Won't Take That D%$k!

The time has come for it to happen. No holding back for the both of them. The date is over and she invites the man in for another after date drink. She knows what is on her mind and he has earned enough of her trust to be able to embark upon an exciting night that will now result into the releasing of lots of frisky tension. She is just making sure and hopes that he knows how to behave and bottle in the anticipation. He has to know how to play it cool.

He has a seat on the couch and she serves a very strong libation. She knows they both need something to loosen them up just a little bit more so that the experience from the box spring boogie is worth it –mutually satisfying. Suddenly, and with a subtle smoothness, he has to adjust his trousers because he realizes that she is sending a vibe that is making her see his thoughts and he is not ready for her to see the exhalation. Too late for him, she already knows it. If only he could see what was going on in between her thighs, the humidity has definitely increased. She leans into him. She wants to smell is fragrance again. The chills are visible upon her arms.

She slides the hand that is free from holding the drink upon his thigh and slides it downward toward the area of the source of visual thought. He feels it and a slight brush of her hair upon his neck tickles him with delight. They slowly and finally with passion lean towards each other-embrace and engage in a passionate kiss. A few moments afterward they realize it might be time to put their drinks down to continue the exchange of passion. The view imagined can be documented in staccato scenes of a Viewmaster. Click! The desire behind and the meaning of the kisses shared simply…undeniable. Click! The unfastening of clothing! Click! Pants. Click! Dress. Click! Stilettos. Click! Shirt. Click!

Mouths open from heavy breathing, and then the instant when flesh finally touches flesh. She is curious and wants even more affection from him. Before the box spring boogie, she needs to know how bad he wants it. She lays her naked honey brown, chocolate body down parallel to the couch. He takes the cue and gently kisses and licks her neck, her breasts, her stomach, her thighs, her legs, her toes, and every part of her that he can see her squirm and exclaim in delight. Gently, she pulls him upward and whispers softly into his ear...”Baby, I want you to taste my love”! He moves towards her ear and whispers, “Baby, I don’t do that’! The delight upon her face transforms, contorts, transmogrifies, into shock, disdain, pissed-ness, disbelief, and utter disappointment.

She tells him with a smile as she is looking to find every stitch of her clothing…”I see. Well I think you should go. It was a mistake for us to go this far”. Sufficed to say, he is visibly shocked and tries to explain his way back into good graces with her. It is too late. When the slow jams have been turned off and the lighting has increased in illumination…yeah it is over! He should have known if you are interested in having a sexual need fulfilled with a Black woman that…If you are not lickin’, you will not be stickin’!

This is a controversial topic, and yet as this may not be true for all Black women, it is true for most. (Don’t ask me how I know…I just know!) Many men have an understanding that Black women will not allow a man to have relations of the sexual type unless he is willing to go as SWV would say “Downtown”! Notwithstanding the man’s ethnic origin, he knows this. (Don’t ask them how they know, they just know!) It is a privilege and honor to be in a glorious circumstance in which you are able to possibly make love to a Black woman. All of the usual things you may have done with other ladies of other ethnicities might not work for the Black woman! Black women do not take the ability for a man to eat her sweetness lightly and they want the most for their time. Many men will find that Black women have a sexual swagger that is unparallel. They mention their positive attitude about their sexual skills in songs, that you may hear them sing such as…

“My Neck, My Back, Eat my….”


“Put it in your mouth…”


“Giving him something he can feel…”


“Climb up on the ladder, honey… What I got is better than money…”

I could name more, but I am sure that the point has been made. Many Black women have this amazing mindset that when it is time to do the box spring boogie, the man that does his “job” and does it well, will be well compensated for "being a good boy” and delighting her erogenous zone with oral action. Those that do not even attempt to taste the “olive garden” will be presented (with a smile) to a one way trip to the door in which they entered. In some aspects, the woman will leave the place where the action was supposed to take pace and go to someone who will do his “job” and do it the way she likes it. This is not to say that all Black women want oral delight for every sexual encounter, but you can best believe that if the man does not attempt or exclaims that he does not venture to the “love packet of goodness and flavor” that he will not have the opportunity for any type of release with that Black woman or even Black women period.

There is the issue of what a woman can do for a man and I am not going to speak on that. I am not going to focus on it and we all know why. A woman does not actually have to do that action to please a man. However, if a man happens to do his duty with excellence and majesty, he just might get the excitement and release from oral pleasure via the Black woman. I could go many places with this topic, and I am tempted to but will not. Just keep in mind that the Black woman is adventurous and is arguably the most sexually adventurous of all women from any ethnic background, simply because of the following reasons:

1. The Black woman will reciprocate what is given to her.

2. The Black woman is willing to try something new, but not without being assured there is nothing too weird, too painful, too grotesque, too expensive, too nasty, too damaging to her hair (yeah I did add that) too disgusting, and too criminal.

3. The Black woman is a challenge to please and if you succeed in pleasing her, she will succeed in pleasing her man.

4. The Black woman is serious about her sex, and if she can’t make a man release his sexual frustration she will take it personal.

5. The Black woman knows what she has to give and what she can do, and will not stop until a man recognizes that what she has he can’t get from any other woman, that also includes other Black women!

So just make sure the next time you think you want to “get it on” with a Black woman that you had better have those taste buds ready! If not, the member in your jeans will stay there…if you want to have a sexual encounter with a Black woman!

I Love You But, God Loves You More!

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