Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Purpose of Prayer

I happen to speak to my friends quite often. Some friends more than others, but I try to keep in contact with all of them. Keep the communication lines open. See what is going on in their lives. Make sure they don’t need anything. Assure that they are not ill and to determine whether or not they need my assistance. In other instances you just miss your buddy and want to chat for awhile so that the longing is satisfied. All in all the relationship is sustained and people know what occurring in each other’s lives. It could be good, bad, tragic, triumph or indifferent. The end result is one of satisfaction most of the time that you were able to speak to your friend and get whatever that was needed out in the open notwithstanding if the contact was initiated by either person or individual. This is the purpose of prayer.

Some people have long conversations and some conduct small talk. I have heard many people in church pray in a fashion that is elaborate, and others that just say what is on their mind to the congregation. Some of my prayers have been long and drawn out. Other prayers have been as short as one sentence; the end result is some variety of satisfaction. I have whispered a prayer, said it aloud, and said it in the shower, lying in bed, on my knees, in the car while driving, at many different times and during many various activities. Once again the end result…satisfaction.

These conversations I have had with God are similar to the conversations that I have had with my friends. I do not call my friends EVERY TIME and ONLY when I want or desire something. On the same token, I do not pray to God EVERY TIME and ONLY when I want or need something. I am simply sustaining a relationship. I am letting Him know how I am doing. He is my friend, so why can’t I call Him and talk to Him whenever I need my friend? As I continue to impose, the purpose of prayer is simple and should end with the same result, although I have been in places and in situations when the result is clear, yet it is not accepted and acted upon.

For example, my good friend Sophia has had it rough the past couple of years. A lot of changes and hardships and let me tell you she is a praying woman, I just noticed that there was a reason that things would not change after she prayed. I had to look at myself and put myself in her situation (I have probably been in most of them myself) and wonder what the problem (that was still present) could be. Then I asked her…”What is the reason of you talking and praying to God when after you are finished, you still worry about the very thing you prayed about?” I let her know that she has to stop worrying after the “AMEN” is said and let Him handle it. I cited examples of things that she had a worry about in the past, finding a job, health, bad roommates, bills, getting a car, her living situation, etc. and when she stopped making it an overarching topic of her mind that things changed. My advice is the same to you… stop worrying about what you prayed about and for just let it go and He will make change come to pass. The end result …satisfaction.

The next time you call, text, e-mail, Facetime, Instant Message, your friends remember the purpose of prayers that you send up. Remind yourself of the feeling that you receive when you end those conversations. Some may say, “See ya!”, “Talk to you later!”, “I’ll holla!”, “Later!”, “Peace!”, “Good bye!”, etc. when then conversation has ended and all is said, done, and satisfied. Do the same after you say “Amen!” to complete your discussion with God. Be satisfied and stop worrying! That is the purpose of prayer!

I Love You But, God Loves You More!!

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  1. Saying Amen is your way of saying you are in agreement with God over what you have asked him to do in your life--it's your way of saying "it is so". If you truly believe he is going to do what you asked him, you will not worry! If you are going to worry about something, don't bother to pray about it, and if you are going to pray about it, you can not worry! I pray often--all throughout the day. Home, work, on the bus, walking down the street, driving in the car, at the gym--wherever I am. It's been such a blessing on my life, having that type of relationship with Him. He truly is my best friends. And prayer works.