Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Christmas in July...Throwing the Wrapping Paper Away!


In a few days (July 19th to be specific) my mother would have celebrated her 64th birthday, and as some of you know I was not able to see my mother on her birthday because of my work in New York at the lab. In addition, I would always try to purchase a gift for her that she did not already have. A couple of years ago (before her death) it was a spa treatment. Then it was 2 dozen long stem roses, some money, and a card. I was getting a little perplexed as to what I should give her. In 2009 I was going to get her tickets to see The Color Purple at the Kennedy Center, but since she was going to have surgery and the time of recovery was a slight issue, I still had that plan...and then the lab called and asked me to come, and well them mom died and thus we have what we have now.

I want to give her a gift that she didn't know too much about and that's my writing. I suppose she did know with all of the notebooks I had stacked on my desk in high school, but nevertheless... this year I will write something that is inspired by Eshe. She and my mother happen to have a great love for Christmas. I do hope you and mommy enjoy!!

Christmas in July...The Wrapping Paper

I can’t deny that I love to receive gifts. I am sure everyone does. In that appreciation of the gift we often times are in a rush to see what is inside and we tear away the wrapping paper rapidly and carefree to get to the goodies that might be inside. When we get to it, we feel one of two things...joy or disappointment. The individuals in our lives have become...either a joy or a disappointment.

While tearing open that gift we usually forget the way the wrapping paper looked that surrounded the present. The folds and tape are carefully hidden so that no flaws are noticed. Most do not care about how the wrapping paper was chosen to tantalize the eyes, to show the importance and possibility of beauty inside. The wrapping paper (whether chosen at random or specifically) for the special occasion to warrant the gift seems to be a non-concern considering that folks are yearning for the glorious present inside... we don’t view people in that fashion. If their wrapping paper is not up to par, they are discarded out of their lives, and their gift goes unnoticed.

We look for the wrapping paper that is easy on the eyes...the sight that would make the hormones jump and scream in our heads that we must have this person. Isn't it odd we ask about the appearance of the “wrapping paper” the looks of the individual, their aesthetics, body type, skin complexion…before we ask someone about their, humbleness, kind nature, good heart, honesty, values, morals, truthfulness, their “gifts”? We inquire about the “wrapping paper” on an individual before you really get to know them...on the inside. Isn’t that the objective?

Did you keep the “gift’ because the “wrapping paper” was attractive? If so, then why not keep the outside cover and throw the gift away?

All of us try to take care of our wrapping paper to the point that we go to the gym, the surgeon, the weight loss counter, dermatologist, nail salon, spa, health club, cosmetologist, barber, and so on and so forth to make sure that the wrapping paper is ready to go and be received like no other! In some respects there are very good reasons to do that. I am not harping on the reasons behind doing that, especially if it is an issue of health both mental and physical.

A great number of ladies reading this (and also those that have seen me either in person or with photos) may not like or be attracted to my outer wrapping. The nice and politically correct way that I have heard it said to me were such phrases as,

"I'm not attracted to you Clint”.


"You're not my type, Clint".


“Clint, I don’t think I can like you like that!”

Some ladies might not say anything at all. That is fine with me. No harm done! In fact, I like that many women did not like my wrapping paper...because it is thrown away when you get your gifts right? Some of those same ladies would say, “You don't save the wrapping paper do you?” They are right. The paper-it gets old...it doesn't look the same and perfect way after time goes on. The wrapping paper will not fit the gift anymore because it has been used, the tape doesn't stick like it used to. So knowing this...you, me, we happen to throw the wrapping paper away...the same way judgmental people throw others away because someone wasn’t attractive, they were alright, but not their type, just didn't strike as someone to be interested in. I can hear some of those folks say (with an attitude), “pass on that one”!

That was the same and exact way many men treated my mother in her dating life. She wasn't the best looking woman. Some men made a mistake and passed her by because they looked at her wrapping paper and decided that they would rather pass on the gift inside because the paper wasn't the right look for them. I am sure she can admit that some mistakes and choices were made because she looked at the wrapping paper of the men in her past relationships. Sufficed to say, that my mom and I did not happen to be born with the most elegant wrapping paper that covers the outside of our gifts, but I am sure that what is inside will not disappoint.

To bring it to a more relevant level, I recall (from Biblical tales) that Jesus was wrapped in old clothes when he was born, but did that stop anyone from serving or praising Him? Acknowledging Him as the author and finisher of your faith? Did that stop judgmental individuals (that includes all of us) from thanking Him for what He has done and WILL continue to do? He does all this knowing that some of us have above par and gorgeous wrapping paper, but less than stellar gifts inside that disappoint and let down others as well as Him all of the time.

I am proud to say that my mother was a gift. She did finally find a man that loved her for her and not just for the features of her wrapping paper. Not for what she looked like on the outside, but the joy and comfort she brought to him and others on the inside. I might not be the best looking guy. Grant it that I have lost a lot of weight and more in shape that I was years ago, but that has not changed what I have inside of me. Mommy taught me what to do to make sure a woman feels like a queen! I can admit that I have made some mistakes along the way, but my gifts have always been inside of me, and waiting for one that finally recognizes it. My mother and I had/have gifts inside...that no one is able to throw away, that would not disappoint, that would make our mates happy, that make others happy, that made her happy, that made me happy...that is all that matters!

My mother shed her wrapping paper when she was called home to be with the Lord...so that she could see His face and know that she might not have been able to see His wrapping paper...but the gift He gave to all of us fills us with joy and gladness...until we are able to hold the gift...I’ll see you again one day!!

Thanks mommy and happy birthday! I hope you enjoying your gift up there in heaven! I miss you... I really do!!! Please don't stop helping me work on my gifts!

I Love You...But God Loves You More!!

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