Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Total Package

I was told that I have it going on...I've got the "total package" and that I should be dating someone or have a wife and some children by now. On those notions I said thank you,smiled,laughed,and walked away. I know that for some ladies it seems that a guy that has education, moderate good looks, independent, no children, drug free, alcohol free, and so on and so forth should be at the top of a woman's list to date. That is not always the case. Many ladies DO NOT want a successful man. Yes you read correctly! It is not that we are not wanted, it is that we are not needed. Most women I have come in contact with are either at my level, or slightly below. Okay I will not lie and say that some are not even near my level, and in some cases it matters and in other cases it doesn' some men. As for does matter, but I digress.

Many ladies want a man they can control...and with this control they have the upper hand. They will take a man that has a roommate and living with siblings and put that man in her household...stating as a reason that she doesn't want him in "that' environment. Whatever "that" means! She will also take a look at the education and skills he may or many not have and put him on to a new job or schooling that will lead into a career...she doesn't want that man to appear inferior especially when she tells her friends what he does for a living(provided if she has told her friends the juicy details of her new interest). In addition, she will even discard of the old wardrobe that man has and start fresh and new. Making sure the fragrances matches the body chemistry he may have. Coordinating the colors he may wear to his skin tone. Selecting pieces that bring out features she would like to accentuate from the flat front or pleated pants to a single breasted or double breasted sports jacket. Moreover a woman may even take the time to work on table manners by saying subtle things such as,"Don't smack sweetie." or "I can see all of the food you are chewing honey, please!" it can continue to minute things to how to taste wine, to eating at fine restaurants, to having a nice looking wallet and time piece, to taking a man for a manicure and the list can go on and on. This may sound like a long shot but believe me I have seen it for myself when out on double dates and from what some of my friends both female and male have told me.

Then when this man has been created and is unleashed, this women thinks that this man will stick around. The outer appearance, the table manners, the style of clothing, the career, you might be able to change, but the mind is a different matter that only the man can change. So when a lady has put her time and effort into this man...don't think that other ladies don't see this and want to try their hand at this new man that you "created"! He is living off of what you did from your good will and not get too upset if your creation turns on you and is not taking the directions of it's "creator" or "master"! He gets full of himself due to your actions and realizes that he can find better than his "master" or "creator"! Just because the sex might be good...that is not going to make him stay!!

All of a sudden when this TYPE of scenario plays out the ladies then want an already established and independent fellow that has the "total package".

Me having the "total package" doesn't mean much to me. I was raised to be a man and take care of my own and have my own. I do not need to depend on a woman for anything and I should not date a woman that is not taking care of her own as well. So I will take my place in the line of those guys that have the total package, but ladies do not think I am obligated to share it with you...because I am not! You can get your own package and be proud of how you got there. DO NOT use others to carry out your own wishes and dreams, you might be standing there with an open package and you just holding a a bag lady!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

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