Friday, October 16, 2009

The Battle You Do Not Want To Fight

I am a Chemist. I take pride in being in the field of science but not when you are called a Neo-Nazi, Baby/Infant Killer, War-Monger, and the most controversial of things before any of these aforementioned in my opinion, an ATHEIST! I will say I have battled this for years, the ability to keep my religious views and faith in God intact while staying true to my factual and quantitative scientific training. If you have no idea about this please let me help you to understand.

I was taught long before anything that God created the heaven and the earth and that He created everything. On the flip side I was taught that the Big Bang Theory was the reason that life was created and that particles fused during this expansion to create what we know today as our solar system. From the fusing of protons during this expansion we create atoms of different kinds to form elements, and that the main elements that helped to create life through amino acids and proteins were Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Nitrogen.

See the conflict that one may have. So people then question God since you can not see Him nor have any idea that He is really around. We can see atoms and detect particles and create new elements and compounds.

God created everything and when I say everything I mean everything. He allowed the Big Bang to happen and thus create the atoms and particles that we use to quantify creation.

I was taught that God moves in ways to help people advance and that "Intelligent Design" meaning that we can explain the that the "evolution" of animals including humans came from another means...God! In essence it is a modern form of the traditional theleological argument for the existence of God, but one which avoids specifying the nature or identity of the designer. Tt is a refuting of evolution made famous by Darwin and his theories that are taught universally, and "intelligent design" is for the most part banned! I know of some professors based in the D.C. area that have been fired from even mentioning "intelligent design" in their classes, journals, or scientific conferences.

On the scientific side of things we are taught that it is natural selection which species will be able to survive due to mutations within their genetic codes. Darwin's theories have made the headway for this and is accepted today. It is commonly taught that ancient man evolved from and ape-like creature into what he is today. Furthermore, it is also taught by academia that particular animals are related to each other by analogous structures found in ancient fossils and connections from one animal genre to another.

God made these animals different ways, shapes, forms, and kinds. These animals He thought would be an addition to our inquisitive minds and so He left traces of them through the fossil record and other means using Carbon-14 dating and well you get the idea. So there are no dinosaurs around because they are not alive and around today but imagine if they were? There are no apes that will be evolving into men anymore so imagine if they were still around? If you notice that all of these animals dead. alive, endangered, extinct, and so on had hearts, eyes, ate food, pooped their food waste products on and so forth.

The latter two scenarios are just the tip of the iceberg for a scientist to remain within their faith and still remain true to their love of science. I have had this battle for years and I had to make a choice. Yes I do believe in God and will not reject that faith. In addition, I am also a scientist that has worked with several factions of study and happen to have verifiable proof of what is and what isn't...BUT there are some things I can not explain and other scientists can not explain for the most part such as:

Why did the Big Bang happen?
How can a brown cow eat green grass and produce white milk?
Air combined is made of extremely flammable substances, why does it not ignite when heated and kill all mankind?

The questions can go on and on..only God knows. So I will take solace in what I know to be fact and leave the rest to Him!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

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