Friday, October 23, 2009

I Am...The Sideline Guy!

Alright I must admit that she is sexy! I don’t know if it is her disposition or mystery she possesses, but she is damn sexy to me. She has beautiful skin…smooth near mocha perfection, honey brown complexion…yummy indeed (I can only imagine), and well maintain hands and nails…that is very important to me. The catch is that I know what she is in relationship-wise and she does make time for me…yeah I ca admit it and take my role on this team…I am the sideline guy!

It is cool with me though. We have plenty in common with each other. We are both from the 757, both went to Governor’s School for music, and we both know some of the same people. To augment that, we both are only children and ...wait for it…wait for it…she has no children! This goddess that I do not have a nickname for at this time is about 5 or 6 years older than me but hey I can deal with that. It is quite odd because… I know there was a mutual attraction when we first met and we conversed from that point on and she told me the deal. There was no hiding the fact but she wanted me to know that there is a possibility (this does not go against earlier posts about me being alone forever, I still do believe and accept that)… I know I am the sideline guy!

So what is the sideline guy? That is when I or any guy can sit back and chill…do what I want to do with whomever…knowing that she is in a “relationship” (notice not married)! She is in a “relationship”, that is not good and not bad. It is indifferent and since right now I am doing me and what I want to do it works for me. The dangerous thing about being the sideline guy is that you wait for your chance to substitute in the game when the starter can not play, is on injured reserve (he pissed her off), or is removed from playing consideration (she dumps him and wishes him well in his future endeavors). I like that she has let me know this and we communicate in an open and honest fashion. We chill when we can and that is all that is needed. She is doing her thing and I will do mine, but when we chill together, it is just about us.

I have never been this excited and elated about being on the sideline, but I do recognize that a lot could happen. One of us (not me) could catch feelings and want more, knowing that it is not possible at that time. I might just want to stay on the sideline and not have any other role. Hell she might have many on the sideline and I am not the only one…it is possible. I just say that the sideline guy is looked upon in a bad way, but remember in any event whether in real life or on the sports field…you get paid either way! Notice though I am not on the bench!

I Love You But, God Loves You More!

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