Thursday, October 1, 2009

Solo Groove...Lost In Your Song

I know tried to do this all myself
Playing by ear gives me no help
It leads to our confusion and nothing else
That’s when I decided to step aside and admit
I’m lost in your song
I can’t keep grooving along trying to be in sync with you
I’m looking to sing your song but I can’t find which chords to use
I truly don’t know what instrument to choose
There is no rhyme to your lyrics…no rhythm to sooth my soul
The manuscript does me no justice
I’m lost in your song
What’s the tempo of your heart
Which segment of the beat do I anticipate the syncopated start
I just want to practice and play my part
Tell me what key that I need to tune
I’m lost in your song
When will we end playing solo and be able to perform
Some way and some how this parted ensemble will be joined
I don’t mind standing off stage from the audience and allowing you to conduct
I’m lost in your song

I Love You But God Loves You More!

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