Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's October...Let the excitement begin!

So I have made it to the first day of the month. This month means a lot to me...many instances of change have occurred in this month. Octobers have usually started an incline in my life experiences. On this day back in 1991 at 9:30am, my grandfather died. It is significant for me because we do share the same name...although the first and middle names are interchanged while the last name is the same, but it was the time in which death was real to me and I started to grow to understand more concerning the cycles of life. I will say that it did not hit me hard until later on in life like my freshman year of college but it has been the start of things in a month that is usually exciting for me. A lot was brought to closure in the October's of my life from relationships, to new jobs, to new opportunities, to a copious amount of new experiences and it got a real large kick off yesterday concerning the house and my lawsuit. I think I am starting to smile as bright and wide as I was back in March and April. I will soon see what is about to happen...because as many surprises as this month brings, I have some surprises of my own!

I Love You But God Loves You More!

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