Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Winter Boo Sweepstakes!!

The fall season is soon approaching and the weather will twirl from hot, to comfortable, to chilly, and then to cold! We all know in the dating world and dating scene what that means. It is time for…”The Winter Boo Sweepstakes”!

When the summer flavor approaches its end, there is always an influx of men and women that want to get their cuddle on as well as their guaranteed Thanksgiving feast, Christmas gift, and New Year’s Eve “Box Spring Boogie”. It is not a surprise (at least to me) that those men and ladies that were not as attractive in the warmer months become the sexy trigger in the colder months. I find it fascinating. Why does this happen? Why is it the same cycle every year, every season, the same occurrence?

What say you?

I Love You, But God Loves You More!


  1. Ahhhh...boo season!! People want to run the streets and see who they can bag all summer long--then they either choose the summer's MVP to bun up with for the winter, or try and find someone new before the end of October or so. I think its absolutely ridiculous--but never fail--around this time of year, dudes that weren't checkin for me earlier in the year start sniffing around. I do what any self respecting woman would do--tell them I have a man, how wonderful he is, and make him grovel a little...before I tell him to kick rocks. I'm the same woman now that I was a few months ago. If you weren't feeling it then, I'm not feeling you now. All's fair in love and war.

  2. lol...i become very seclusive in the winter...reading and what not...yea, that used to be me as well...needing the warmth of another body...but after the blizzard earlier this year, i fell in love with myself all over again....