Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Can your potential mate do these 2 things?

Amerie released a song a few years ago called “1 Thing”. It is a jam and I love it (Especially the video...she is a hottie!!). I wish there was a male version called “2 Things”. I don’t ask too much from a woman. I don’t ask for sex or presents. I do not ask for money or for her to pay any of my bills. I do not ask a lady to let me borrow her car or for her to come to my house and clean it for me. I won’t ever ask for those things because I can take care of myself. Isn’t that what a man is supposed to do? Isn’t that what a responsible adult (notwithstanding gender) is supposed to do?

I have read many descriptions to illustrate a woman as being “good”. I am sure we have all heard the spill that she or he may say that she or he is “good”. They will say “I am a good woman/man!” These individuals will swear up, down, left, right, north-northwest, south-southeast that they are “good”. It is from my experience that these self indulged “good” men and women are stating and living a farce. I only ask a woman for 2 things in a relationship…time and honesty!

Allow me the time to get to know a lady and spend time with her. How do we inter-act when we are alone or our in public? Is her attitude the same or does it switch? I feel that the time aspect is important. IS the person that you want to consider someone as your mate a person that will willingly give of their time when you ask them to? This goes beyond the “booty call” hours of the night and early morning. Think about that the next time you ask a potential mate to go out, chill, or hang out.

Some people do not ask for honesty and they wonder why they are fooled or not clear as to where they stand in a courtship or relationship. Ask for honesty! There is nothing worse than going into the situation of getting to know someone and the reason why something did not work out is because YOU did not ask for the person to be honest. That also means that YOU must be honest. Do not ask for something in a courtship or relationship that you do not bring to the state of affairs.

IF these self-righteous “good” men and women are so “good” why can’t they do two simple things that I ask for? Why can’t they do the two simple requests that I am sure that THEY ask for? Is it because they do not have the fiber to ask for something that they think since they are so “good”, they do it anyway? Are they more in love with the thought of being so “good” that others who try to mate with them will automatically think they bring the time and honesty aspect to the forefront? I am not sure what it is, but I know for a fact that “good” people do not have to prove how “good” they are. It is obvious! No questions have to be asked…but it is always good to make sure you are asking for what you want, rather than to ask for what you expect!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!


  1. I think alot of us aren't honest with ourselves. I'll use myself for instance. I know that I'm a genuinely "good" woman. I rarely, if ever, cultivate this goodness. I just wear it as a badge of honor--I'm a "good woman"! It just so happens I was raised by two parents that taught me well, and developed this personality and these habits. One thing I constantly have to remind myself is that you need to personalize your approach--and what works for one person might not work for another. You can be a "good" man or woman all you want, but everyone has their things. The old Lisa might say, Clint wants time and honesty...I can give him honesty, but I dont have alot of time. He should still want me because I'm a good woman! New Lisa knows she's a "good" woman, but recognizes that Clint wants honesty and time, and has to decide whether or not she will give him that. If she is willing to do that, then she would be a "good" woman to Clint...otherwise, not so much.

  2. Your blog was written from such a fantastic point of view. It says to me that within you CHIVALRY still lives on. That you look deeper within a person. That you actually want to take the time out to get to know a woman and let a woman get to know you. That is simply beautiful. I wish it was not so hard to find in the days that we live in.